Fun With Headlines, Boys-2-Boys Edition

11 11 2011

Daily Caller:  Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

In related news, a store is having a sale on an item that was already free.

KCNC-CBS-4 Denver:   Man Threatens To Blow Up Store When Video Game Not In Stock

Hello journalism?  When did you start calling overgrown little boys who have yet to grow up “men?”

FNC:  Jamie Lynn Spears Resurfacing As a Country Music Singer

Single teenage mother, sister is a pop tart.  Sure, her life really makes for credible country music lyrics.  Except country music has fallen so far that they just might.

Burlington (Vt.) Free Press:  Future of Occupy Burlington encampment uncertain after police clear City Hall Park to investigate man’s death

Shooting at an Occutard hovel?  I thought they didn’t believe in guns.

PJ Tatler:  Murder at #OccupyOakland

Naw, that was probably just plain ole regular Oakland.




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