Fun With The Great Cornholio

13 11 2011

Schlafly:  Colleges Want Students to Major in Diversity

Sure, to be able to get all those good jobs out there that one can get with a degree in Diversity, jobs that pay well enough so that you can pay off your half megabuck student loan debt in 40 years.

5:  Sean Kingston says he’s ‘bounced back’ from crash

Now he’s fully rested and repaired, ready to tour the country and sing his hit.

Daily Mail:  Can you keep a secret, dear? Of course (for 32 minutes at least)

Gender stereotyping, this is.  Name me the woman that can keep a secret for 32 minutes.

WND:  Communists boast of ‘mentoring’ [David] Axelrod

He probably wasn’t a difficult student.

5:  Police probe possible shots fired near White House

Nothing to see here, just move along, our diversity is our strength, hope and change.

CBS Charlotte:  Lack Of Toilet Paper Leads Man To Destroy Charlotte Motel

The suspect (pictured above) kept saying over and over that he needed TP for his bunghole.  But nobody paid attention.


Sunday Wrap-Up

13 11 2011


The Mexicanization of Cherokee Street is not yet complete.

It only seems like they’re “struggling.”  With Tilley out and KinderCare on the rocks, whoever replaces them will be better by definition.


Ohio’s Anti-ObamaCare measure won all 88 counties in the state, and won by a 20-point or more margin in 81 of the 88.  It even got 58% of the vote in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), the bluest county in the state.

Recall that Missouri’s own first-in-the-nation anti-ObamaCare state initiative in August 2010 didn’t win every county.  Even there, while it lost in St. Louis City and Jackson County, some St. Louis City wards voted for it, and it won in the parts of Jackson County that are not part of Kansas City.

There was the problem — Maybe Obama should have spent more time in Arizona.  That way, Russell Pearce would have won.

As it is, I’m hearing credible gossip that Pearce will try to get his Senate seat back next year or run for Congress.  Only registered partisans can vote in Arizona’s partisan primaries, so that row will be a lot easier for him to hoe.

*  College sex scandals:  The Citadel, and Marquette.

Pay close attention to the Marquette story — I think it’s more typical and more “dog bites man” compared to what happened at Penn State and The Citadel.

*  Yeah, “sports build character.”  In this case, it built a character.

I mean, what else can you do when you’re kicked off a sports team but go on a naked rampage?  Oh yeah, move on with your life, like most civilized people.

*  Obama said we need to hire more vets.  Someone must have been paying attention.  Don’t think Obama will much like it, though.

*  The same Texas DMV Board that turned down an SCV license plate on the same day at the same meeting approved one for the Buffalo Soldiers.


*  China is a threat to Australia.  So we’re sending Marines there.  Meanwhile, Australia’s LibLab governments, especially the severe Asianophile Prime Minister in the person of Kevin Rudd, has pretty much rolled out the immigration welcome mat for the Chinese.

WTF is wrong with this picture?

As you can read, American Marines will mainly be stationed at Darwin and at other places in the Northern Territory.  Last I looked, the Chinese weren’t the most acute non-white threat to white Australians in Darwin and the NT — One word:  Abo.

He wants to be the President of Iceland.  Funny, I didn’t think the sun ever got high enough or hot enough in Iceland for the Icelandics to get those sort of dark tans.

Are you surprised?  What will surprise me is if they actually do their full prison bids.  Most of them will be out within a few months.  For there’s one thing I know — While Official Britain hates guns, it loves that well-tanned diversity that gives it so much strength.

*  “He had no right to be in England.”  Well, he was there, mainly because the LibLabCon governments that have run the UK since the last day of Creation have let them in.

*  Why I no longer use nor muse about the term “racism.”  Because it means nothing.  Exhibit number 9 billion.

SWPL, South Africa style.

*  “Bare breasted virgins?”  With all due respect, your majesty, you look like you could use a bra yourself.

Pray tell, how many Swazi women are really still virgins once they start showing definable chest clevage?

*  Costa Ricans are the “happiest people on Earth,” and yet the drug gangs are running buck wild there?

Maybe that’s precisely why CRs are the “happiest people on Earth.”  It’s easy to be happy when you’re high or stoned.

The King’s Speech

13 11 2011

Watched it yesterday, finally.

This movie deserved its Oscars it won.  I doubt I’ll ever see another movie as long as I live that keeps me riveted for almost two hours about a speech impediment.  Then again, I can empathize with George VI; the few of you who know me personally know exactly why.

I wonder if Edward VIII was really as big of a jerkoff and dickhead in real life as he was portrayed in this movie.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her diamond anniversary (60th year on the throne) next year.  That would have never happened if her uncle wasn’t a playboy.