Fun With The Great Cornholio

13 11 2011

Schlafly:  Colleges Want Students to Major in Diversity

Sure, to be able to get all those good jobs out there that one can get with a degree in Diversity, jobs that pay well enough so that you can pay off your half megabuck student loan debt in 40 years.

5:  Sean Kingston says he’s ‘bounced back’ from crash

Now he’s fully rested and repaired, ready to tour the country and sing his hit.

Daily Mail:  Can you keep a secret, dear? Of course (for 32 minutes at least)

Gender stereotyping, this is.  Name me the woman that can keep a secret for 32 minutes.

WND:  Communists boast of ‘mentoring’ [David] Axelrod

He probably wasn’t a difficult student.

5:  Police probe possible shots fired near White House

Nothing to see here, just move along, our diversity is our strength, hope and change.

CBS Charlotte:  Lack Of Toilet Paper Leads Man To Destroy Charlotte Motel

The suspect (pictured above) kept saying over and over that he needed TP for his bunghole.  But nobody paid attention.




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