In Light of Current Events, It Could Have Been a Lot Worse

15 11 2011

Yahoo Sports:

Wyoming coach resigns after forcing offensive survey on players

A high school football coach in Wyoming has resigned after orchestrating what may be the single-least appropriate motivational tactic in recent years, handing his players a “Hurt Feelings Report” in which students were asked to select from various offensive options to describe why they were upset.

As first reported by the Buffalo Bulletin, Casper Star-Tribune and The Advocate before being circulated throughout the Internet, Buffalo (Wyo.)  High football coach Pat Lynch offered up a questionnaire to his players that offered the following possible reasons for their disappointment, as reported by The Advocate (Warning: Some of the choices are pretty abhorrent).

Read the survey, and you’ll realize that Mr. Lynch had horrible timing, albeit accidentally so.

As long as the anal integrity of the 10-year old boys of Buffalo, Wyoming remains intact, I really don’t see the wisdom in firing him.  After all, high school guys, especially the kind of high school guys that go out for organized football, talk like this and usually worse toward and among each other.

In related news:

Coach under fire for racist ‘future welfare recipient’ comment

A Kansas City basketball coach has been placed on administrative leave after being caught making wildly insensitive remarks on a cell phone video, with the student involved subsequently filing a racial harassment complaint against the coach.

As reported by the Kansas City Star and KCTV News, among other outlets, Marcus Williams Sr. and his son, Marcus Williams Jr., filed a racial harassment suit against the Winnetonka School District after Winnetonka (Kan.) High basketball coach Derek Howard called the younger Williams a “future welfare recipient” while the student was posing for a picture in a school hallway, then repeated the comments while Williams filmed him on his cell phone.

Yes, because we’re really supposed to be sensitive toward the feelings of a group of high school students that call each other the n-word and every cuss word in the book, and call white students every anti-white racial slur ever invented, ditto for Hispanics and Asians.

The article incorrectly states that Winnetonka H.S. is in Kansas.  Actually, it’s in Missouri, in the Northsider (north of the Missouri River) suburbs of Kansas City, and is in fact in Kansas City, Missouri proper.  (Note:  The Northside has a separate school district.)  According to Great Schools, the student body is 74% White, 11% Black, 9% Hispanic and 6% other.  In a normal high school with those racial demographics, the basketball team is at least majority black, if not heavily black, because the coaches have brought into “black master race” theories about athletics.  You can probably bet on Winnetonka H.S’s football team’s running backs, wide receivers and the defensive secondary being almost if not entirely all-black, too.  Just positing a guess here, but methinks Coach Howard actually wanted white students the chance to play basketball at a majority white school, a school in a white flight section of Kansas City.  Maybe his potty mouth act was a Machiavellian measure to discourage blacks from going out for basketball, which worked in one case, which you’ll find out if you read the whole article.




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