Separated At Birth

17 11 2011

One is the Occutard who threatened to enhance Macy’s with a Molotov Cocktail, (even though he probably thinks that’s an alcoholic beverage).  The other is Lamont Sanford (Demond Wilson) from Sanford and Son.  Both “Big Dummies.”

Can you tell which one is which?


Thursday’s Toestubs

17 11 2011


*  “Operation Royal Flush.”  It sure hauled in a lot of spades.  But it wasn’t quite a straight flush.

*  City Police recruits:  Doing the job that city teachers can’t or won’t.

One day in the near future, we’ll read about a cop arresting someone who was once his or her literacy tutoree.

*  Auspiciously, St. Louis’s public transit won’t allow CCW.  Behold the consequences.


*  In spite of Jan Brewer going a bit flaky in her politics during her first full year in office after winning a term as Arizona Governor in her own right, compared to the alternatives, Arizonans still made the right choice.

Thanks a lot, Occutards.  And this is an establishment where one goes to drink beverages at that.

*  Oh, look.  They took away the “No Shirt No Shoes No Service” signs away from the New York City subway system.

*  Speaking of NYC subways…My money is on another protected minority being the “doer.”  This is Brooklyn, after all.

Uh, a joke and a prank?  The campus cops should find something better to do, like, for instance, making sure that football coaches don’t rape prepubescent boys in the showers over at the athletic complex.  And be mindful of the fact that this was an anti-white prank on the part of some minority.  It’s still just a prank.

The decline and fall of “higher education.”  The pull paragraph:

Thanks to the new restrictionists, we have become familiar with worrying statistics on the surprisingly lax requirements of college today. On average, students socialize more than 40 hours a week but attend and prepare for class only 26 or 27. Only half of the sophomores in a recent study said they had had a class during the last term that required them to write 20 pages or more during the term, and one-third said they had taken no class that required them to read as much as 40 pages a week. Even among English majors in the University of California, half say they do less than 80 percent of the assigned reading in their courses. If English majors do not read, what can we expect of business or communications majors? The answer is, not much. Nearly two-thirds of all UC students said they do less than 80 percent of the reading for their classes.

Hell, my World History class in sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL had almost that much reading and writing homework.  My English Literature and Western Civilization classes during my Senior Year of High School each had more work than listed in this paragraph.  And I’m not that f’n old!

*  Spaz.  The Feds are probably going to get involved, too, because he used a telecom network to negotiate a deal in Federally-controlled illicit schedule substances.  I remember a relatively famous NFL running back about ten years ago went to Federal prison for little more than a year, officially for that charge, (though he really did a lot more), and it was an intra-state dope deal, too.


(The other) Football:  The opiate of the (European) white man.


Life was a bit different in 1918.  Couldn’t get away with this kind of propaganda poster today.  Too stereotypical.  That and I doubt it’s reflective of any sort of reality any longer.

Life was a bit different in 1922.  Morris Dees would probably sue the pilot.


A bit ironic, considering Mike Tyson’s brother-in-law in Michael Steele.


*  Boys and girls, we call this “Moore’s Law.”

It’s Just a Little Pot

17 11 2011


A little pot is trouble in NYC: 50k busts a year

NEW YORK (AP) — As the nation’s biggest city deals with threats of terrorism and a variety of violent crimes, carrying a little bit of marijuana is still a big deal.

There are more arrests for low-level pot possession in New York City — about 50,000 a year — than any other crime, accounting for about one of every seven cases that turn up in criminal courts.

It’s a phenomenon that has persisted despite more leniency toward marijuana use — the state loosened its marijuana-possession laws more than 30 years ago.

Critics say the deluge has been driven in part by the New York Police Department’s strategy of stopping people and frisking those whom police say meet crime suspects’ descriptions. More than a half a million people, mostly black and Hispanic men, were stopped last year — unfair targets, critics say. About 10 percent of stops result in arrests.


But many New Yorkers, mostly black and Hispanic men, say they’re being targeted in the name of keeping the city safe.

Duh, Sherlock.  That’s the point.  Maybe there’s a reason why black and Hispanic men are targeted in order to make the city safe.

Gabriel Sayegh, the New York director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a group critical of the national war on drugs, said the department benefits from the arrests.

“Every year, they’re bringing 50,000 people into their system,” he said. “A significant portion of whom have not been arrested before.

Even if the cases ultimately get dismissed, as most first-time marijuana-possession arrests do, police net names, fingerprints and other information for law-enforcement databases, he noted.

Also, I would bet that a fair percentage of people frisked for small amounts of pot have warrants for more serious offenses.  And, even if the pot is all they have, I’m sure their fingerprints will come in handy eventually.  Nail N’Deshawntavious for “just a little pot” at 17, and you have his prints on file for when he commits his first murder at 19 and there are fingerprints on the gun that the NYPD retrieves.  Just a few minutes of computer work nets them a suspect.

Earlier this week, a Chicago politician proposed to make possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana a summary offense, like a parking ticket, with a potential $200 fine, rather than a misdemeanor that carries possible jail time.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy didn’t endorse the ordinance but has signaled he’s open to it.

“With minor possession, it would be in everybody’s interests to free up officers,” said department spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton.

Yeah, “free up officers” to pick on the REAL criminals in Chicago, Tea Partiers, legal handgun owners and people who have given money to Sarah Palin PAC.

Fun With the C-U-B

17 11 2011

NYP:  Casey Anthony movie

Lemme guess.  Lifetime or OWN.

CNS:  Maxine Waters on Deaths and Crimes at Occupy Protests: ‘That’s Life and It Happens’

Yeah, it happens in her ‘hood.

Daily Mail:  Channeling Santa? More like the Grinch! Teen burglar breaking into a house through the chimney gets stuck for 10 hours

Someone got a big ole lump of coal in their stockings a little early.

Gateway Pundit:  Obama Thinks Hawaii Is in Asia

Go to Honolulu and look around.  It might as well be.

Verum Serum:  OWS Protester: In a Few Days You’re Going to See What a Molotov Cocktail Can Do to Macy’s

Though you should still avoid Macy’s, I don’t take the mouthing off of a Lamont Sanford look-alike too seriously.

SI:  Cubs eye a pair of Cuban defectors

Cubs and Cubans.  The story would be a lot better if Mark Cuban would have bought the Cubs.