18 11 2011

It’s official.

I take this to mean that the conventional wisdom is that Nixon is a shoo-in for a second term.

I’m now old enough — I would run for Governor now if I were independently wealthy.  And I’m not joking around.  I would have mounted a campaign within the Republican Party even if KinderCare stayed in the race.  But I’m not about to whore my ass out to the special interests to which one must in order to raise the coin to fund a statewide campaign.  Therefore, my political season next year will be limited to being a foot soldier for Todd Akin’s Senate campaign.

In case you’re new here, and you’re wondering what is my big problem with KinderCare?  It’s a two word phrase, the second word is “lover.”  He panders to blacks something terrible.


The Yin and the Yang of Tim Tebow

18 11 2011

I’m going to address a couple of Tomm Looney’s hobby horses in regard to one Timothy Richard Tebow.

First, he thinks the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad was in bad taste because it was a matter of someone who was still living at home and financially dependent on his parents “preaching” to adult women about an important “choice” that they must often make.

See the ad for yourself:

What I see is a middle aged self-sufficient adult woman talking about the difficult choice she had to made when she was a younger woman.  It just so happens the consequence of that choice was, at the time, on the vestibule of a professional football career.

Second, Looney thinks that Tebow would be liked a lot more if not for his evangelical verve in public.

The problem with that theory is that he would actually be liked less, but also hated less.  Tebow’s supporters and detractors dynamically feed off each other.  People who like Tebow like him precisely because they despise the people who sneer at him, and on the other side of the coin, people who don’t like Tebow don’t like him because they have contempt for the kind of people that like him.  Tebow is almost an innocent actor in this play, who just happens to be in the middle of a societal tug of war.  He is a polarizing figure, but I don’t think he’s deliberately provocative.  He is exactly who he is and wants to be.

You can’t have a yin without the yang, and you can’t have a yang without the yin.

Fun with Friday Headlines

18 11 2011

TMZ:  Richest Bankrupt Dude EVER!!!

People talk about “N***a Rich,” well Vick is “N***a Bankrupt.”

ABC:  Al Qaeda Head: My Fond Memories of Bin Laden

Recalling OBL’s softer side, when he only despised the infidels, instead of his normal attitude of wanting to kill them all.

Politico:  VP’s closed-door transparency chat

That can only mean he’s fixin’ to say something stupid.  Which of course goes in the same drawer as “sun rises in east.”

Reuters:  Anti-Wall Street protesters snarl Los Angeles freeways

How can you tell?

Daily Mail:  Double whammy: Dinosaurs wiped out by one-two death punch delivered by colossal volcanic eruptions AND meteorite impacts

I thought “double whammy” was George Michael’s long lost twin brother.

Smoking Gun:  Tennessee Man, 37, Arrested For Assaulting His Mother With A Ham

Shame on him, he cut a slice off of himself and threw it at his mother.

Friday’s Frolicks

18 11 2011


Leftist hypocrisy alert.  What, pray tell, is this “threat” to Wash U’s students from the immediate north?

Oh yeah, it’s that diversity which Wash U claims is such a strength.

Don’t they know that fences solve nothing?  They hurt the environment, and they’re indicative of the old, antiquated, passe, and frankly fascist notions of borders and countries and nations.  They also enhance the “I-Thou” relationship which Martin Buber and Martin Luther King denounced.

*  St. Louis:  Still going strong, in the STD department.  The highlights:  2nd in chalmydia, 3rd in gonrrhea.  Nine of ten new cases of those infections are among black St. Louisans.

Official St. Louis is blaming the internet.  Well, the internet is just as there (in fact, more so, the left keeps reminding us) for whites, yet we don’t seem to have that kind of STD problem by and large.  I wonder what this news will do to the movement that wants to “bridge the digital divide,” if doing so will only lead to STDs and flash mobs.

Jane Cunningham is up to her old tricks again.

In passing, we find out that Mayor Slay admits that the “glass ceiling” to white yuppification of the city is the almost all black public school system.  Once yuppies fall in love, (possibly) marry and then procreate, they look around at the public schools in the city, then it’s back to the same ole “feet don’t fail me now” mode of the last generation to two.

Remember the name “Booker Ford.”  For we will soon reach a point where Official St. Louis will never let us forget.  “Oh the professional career he would have have but for those bells ringing in Forest Park.”


There’s a fancy phrase for this:

For black American adults, perceived racism may cause mental health symptoms similar to trauma and could lead to some physical health disparities between blacks and other populations in the United States, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.

Persecution complex.

*  Not like Herman Cain matters any longer, but his sucking up to Kissinger is moot in my mind, because any Republican other than Ron Paul and possibly Michele Bachmann would appoint a Kissingerite as Secretary of State.

*  As for the current Secretary of State, well, I think she’s fixed for eggs for quite awhile.  Funny, I thought the world was going to love us again.  Turns out that people in one of our allied countries don’t even like us.

*  Oh, Willard.  Did you learn nothing from Watergate?  The cover-up is worse than the crime.

“Bud Light” being a double entendre here?

*  “Thousands Standing Around.”  Good one, Paul.

*  Hey, cops.  How do you like Obama now?

Remember, you’re only a prop when Obama wants to spend a lot of money or pass some sort of legislation.

Come to think of it, now I know why Obama wants more cops on the street, so his DOJ can have more “racial profiling” targets.

*  As if there’s not already a glut of lawyers who haven’t committed a felony:  NAACP wants felons to be lawyers.

Someone I follow on Twitter has this clever suggestion:

Fill a stadium with inmates. Put all convicted sex offenders on the field. Strip the coaching staff nude and have them run end zone to end zone. Whoever can walk out of the stadium on his own two feet gets to keep their job after serving one life sentence per offense.  Now that is a football game worth tuning into.


*  If you didn’t already figure out cui bono from the European Union, this news should do it.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that one of these employers seems to be hiring white South Africans.

*  Duh stupid.  Not a good idea to be uploading videos of yourself to YT showing you playing with guns in a menacing fashion when you live in an anti-gun country.

For them, the good news is that they won’t do as many months in prison as their number of years given to them as sentences.  After all, they are diverse, so they’ll need to be back out on the streets soon to make Bristol, England stronger.

*  It’s a Catholic school.  Shouldn’t it want the parents of prospective students to act Catholicy?

Unfortunately, some think it shouldn’t.  And yes, it’s that big white elephant in the room.

Start at paragraph nine.  I suppose “social justice” means something different in England than it does here.  Our social justicey crowd would be making the polar opposite argument.

*  Yep, and you’re going to keep having these problems until the civilized world institutes a naval blockade on Somalia.

Afrocentric, All-Girls, All-Boys, and Sports-focused.

When and where will the Eurocentric school open in Toronto?

Oh, pardon me.  I was so foolish as to think that Canada actually cares about its majority population.


The (somewhat) good guys are fighting back.

What seems to me to be happening is that we have some odd bedfellows for a common devious purpose:  The leftist censorbuggerbears, who normally despise the copywrong extremists with a passion, are latching onto the “copyright” angle in order to get their hooks into Ye Olde Internets.

Olympus =  Enron + La Cosa Nostra.  That nets it out for you.

The last standalone digital camera I purchased was an Olympus, and since digital camera functionality is gradually being sucked into the smartphone singularity, that one is probably the last standalone digital camera I’ll ever buy.

While Everyone Was Distracted

18 11 2011

Shooting something up in the last few days?

You think I must be talking about the Hispanic nut case from Idaho with an Israel tattoo, the one who thinks he’s Jesus and Obama is the Anti-Christ.  (Well, one out of three ain’t bad.)

No, I’m not.

While everyone was focused on him, there was another shoot-em-up, this one near Chicago.

Chicago Tribune:

Ex-employee opens fire at FedEx building in Bedford Park

A former employee ran into a FedEx facility in Bedford Park this morning and opened fire while yelling his wife’s name, sending workers scrambling for cover before he turned the gun on himself, police said.

Benyamin Robinson, 28, entered the building at 5151 W. 73rd St. shortly before 8 a.m. and jumped into a truck and started firing, police said. About an hour later, with SWAT teams stationed outside, Robinson shot and killed himself, police and witnesses said.

He was found dead inside a truck in the building, a gunshot wound to the head, according to Bedford Park Police Chief Daniel Godfrey. No one else was injured.

And who was Benyamin Robinson?

Let ABC’s Chicago affiliate’s newsroom answer that one for ya:

Just a few years ago, Benyamin Robinson was a blue-chip high school basketball player with a promising future. How did Robinson get to this point?

His friends called him “Yam” and he was 28 years old. Thursday morning, when he showed up at FedEx in Bedford Park, his wife was the target of his rage.

Kenyatta Kensey was not hurt, and when the violence ended, only “Yam” Robinson was dead — by his own gun — the end of a life that at one time not long ago seemed to be going places.

Robinson and his wife both grew up in the tough South Side housing project called Robert Taylor Homes. Both of their social media accounts include pictures and other references to the CHA complex.


The 6’6″ forward was recruited and signed to play for a small downstate university near St. Louis. A spokesman tells the I-Team that Robinson dropped out after one week.


And yes, there is a video.  And yes, to that other question.

Did I Slightly Misread Sarah Palin?

18 11 2011

She still has immigration hypocrisy for which to answer, but maybe I pegged her wrong on foreign policy and similar matters.

Not long after she announced she wasn’t running for President, she essentially agreed with Ron Paul on Libya:

She had this WSJ op-ed yesterday in reaction to the Congressional insider trading scandal.  The author of the book which launched that row, Throw Them All Out, one Peter Schweizer, is also an employee of Sarah Palin’s PAC, as a foreign policy adviser.  Presumably, he would have FoPo authority in a Sarah Palin White House.  I don’t know if she literally coined it, but Palin seems to be credited for popularizing the phrase “crony capitalism.”

Schweizer is also a Breitbartista, and in fact, edits the Big Peace blog in the Breitbart empire.  Yesterday, there was an interesting blog post at Big Peace, not by Schweizer, but obviously he must approve of the content if he allowed it.  Its author, Ned May, defends the English Defence League (EDL), and denounces the anarcho-tyrannical nature of “anti terrorism” laws:

That’s what happens whenever anti-terrorism laws are passed. Their provisions are so sweeping that invoking them for domestic political reasons becomes all but irresistible for the ruling class. The same is true of the Patriot Act here in the USA — all those rumblings about “right-wing extremists” began long before Obama, during the administration of a supposedly conservative president.

Where did all those “rumblings about ‘right-wing extremists'” begin after 9/11 and before Obama:  I’ll give you a hint:  Montgomery, Alabama, and New York, New York.

Stay tuned, this could get interesting.  If the Breitbart types formally break with the neo-cons, the carnage will be worth the price of admission.

Pound Foolish

18 11 2011


Eight Arrested in Wilson Ramos Kidnapping

Days after popular Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was rescued from a carefully planned abduction in Venezuela, eight men have been arrested in the case.

The men were charged with kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms, using a stolen vehicle and criminal association, prosecutors said in a statement. Those jailed include six men accused of directly participating in the abduction and a 59-year-old woman and 74-year-old man who are charged as accomplices for allegedly providing food to the group.

The 24-year-old baseball player was seized at gunpoint outside his family’s home in the city of Valencia last week and was rescued by police commandos two days later in the mountains of Carabobo state.

Other articles I have read about the Ramos kidnapping have flat out stated that kidnapping wealthy people is a pandemic problem in Latin America.

So why would America’s plutocrats want to import more and more Latin America?  Yeah, they’re benefiting in the short run from cheap labor, but in the long run, they’ll be surrounded by hostile and impoverished masses of the lumpenproletariat.  They’ll be trapped in their gated guarded estates, but even the gates and guards won’t be able to last when they’re up against millions of dirt poor hungry people.  Expropriation, anyone?

In related news…but they won’t say word one about immigration, and indeed, they genuflect to the open borders Occutards here.