Sunday Wrap-Up

20 11 2011


*  I’m surprised Kinloch had any public money left to steal.  Damned if someone wasn’t able to find any.

Agree.  One of the other problems they face is that their college campuses are full of hateful big mouth loud mouth anti-military kooks and leftist goofballs.

*  Katherine Dunham once went on a hunger strike about Haiti.  Well, she probably could have waited just a little longer and lived a few more years, to see her very own East St. Louis become Haiti.

*  We’re in a severe recession, yet St. Louis University Hospital wants to expand.

How does that work?

Oh, I know.  More imprisoned pimps must need health care.

SLPD thinks Occtuards broke into the old Muni Courts building.  One guess is all I need — They were trying to erase their own rap sheets.

*  I wonder if Channel 4’s reporters have ever been to Madison County, Illinois.  I doubt they have, for they can’t tell the difference between the Chain of Rocks Bridge and the Canal Bridge.  This project is about the latter.  The real big ticket item is the former.


*  Oh, wow.  He might have to be in juvie jail until he’s 18.  If he does that much time, it will be a surprise to me.

The about-to-be 13-year old is described as the “baddest boy in the building.”  We’ll see how long he stays the “baddest” once some 16-year old hardened thug goes all Sandusky on him.

*  A black man in his twenties, an inch shorter than six feet, is described as a “sex fiend.”

Hello, EVERY man in his twenties is a sex fiend.  It’s just that not every man in his twenties acts out his fiendish desires in felonious ways.

*  “Uvo Ologboride.”  Nice ideal name for an American nurse.

BTW, why is a regular hospital storing a lethal injection drug?

*  If you’re a young man in or around Charlottesville, Virginia, I would give up sleeping naked for awhile, at least until this perv is in the can.

Two CPD Officers were caught with their hands in the Latin Kings cookie jar.

Their names?  You’ll be shocked, utterly shocked.

Gerry McCarthy makes a “boo hoo whoa is us” appearance in this story.  Why should he think any of this is wrong?  After all, he’s against racism and for diversity.  Isn’t that the most important thing?  You do have to break a few eggs on order to make an omelet.

The consequences of the browning of California continue to metasasize.  Said one parent:

“It’s demeaning,” Michelle Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School, wrote to her daughter’s teacher. “I’m sure you can appreciate the inappropriateness of asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis), or members of any other racial minority group who has struggled in our nation’s history.”

I have read stories recently about grade school teachers making their students dress up as slaves, in order to experience the horrors of slavery.

None of this news should be surprising anymore.  It has become perfectly apparent that Second Mile was nothing more than an escort/prostitution service for old perverted pederasts to hook up with vulnerable young (mostly black) prepubescent and barely pubescent boys.  Where there are tricks arranged and turned, there by definition must be a whore house.  Why do you think Second Mile paid Penn State for the use of facilities?  The shower rooms were the flop houses.

*  “We are the 99%”…that use the 0.01% of New York City hotel accommodations.

ACLU suing over the denial of a certain type of vanity license plate.  Unfortunately, it’s not in Texas.

*  Executive Summary:  Iowa is up for grabs, but Romney probably won’t win it.


*  African piracy:  Now on the other side of the continent.

Britain’s diverse teenagers don’t want to read Shakespeare and Chaucer and Milton and Byron?  No shit, Arthur Conan.

*  Why is everyone so surprised?  Yes, he’s a child rapist, but he’s also diverse.  And that’s the most important thing.  His very presence makes Britain stronger.

I would be offended, too.  Why must every decent human habit be justified in terms of the favored religion du jour?  Why can’t something be good and decent just because it’s good and decent?  Or, to put it another way, if Allah said it was okay to be a litterbug, does this mean that Official Britain wouldn’t care about a clean environment?

The new Prime Minister of Spain looks a lot like man my mother once dated.  He too had a Spanish surname but a German-sounding first name, and it was at his house was where I saw my very first home computer.  We’re talking like 1982 or so.  He worked for the Defense Mapping Agency in St. Louis.

What Lizz Brown conveniently left out about Ghana.


No, not the end.

This only demonstrates what I’ve always suspicioned, that the official story about the physical assassination, that someone could fire the given rifle from the given location at the given target, was/is possible.  It doesn’t actually prove that it happened.  And even if there was proof that that part of the official story is true, it still doesn’t address Oswald’s motive, if he had any external sugar daddies, and what motives they might have had for wanting to see the person of John Fitzgerald Kennedy dead.

Nick Clegg’s mother was imprisoned in a Japanese POW camp during WWII.

Yet, as brutally as she was treated, and as brutal as the Japanese were to POWs overall, she has “no resentment towards the Japanese.”

And her son leads a political party that calls itself “Liberal Democrat.”

Illiberalism is indeed a mental disorder.


*  We might soon be asked to march into Syria to “liberate” its people from the repressive regime.  Guess who is helping that repressive regime get away with its repression.

Old Apple ads.  I’m just old enough to have used cassette tapes to load programs onto computers, namely Commodores.  The only good that came of that is that it makes me be thankful that every other newer method was a lot faster.  It’s all a matter of knowing what you have because you never always had it.


*  There is hope for society after all, when 31,000 people are cheering a man who is helping to sequence the genome of a long extinct hominid species, and those 31,000 people aren’t in some open air temple dedicated to worshiping men wearing spandex, pads and helmets.


No, they’re not kidding.  I expect this to be the start of a fad in the ghetto.

St. John’s (New York City) University basketball team, BTW.

*  Are you a man considering tertiary education?  Cross Jacksonville State University off your list.

Is it even possible to enforce this policy?  What will JSU do?  Collect the gizz from the plumbing nadirs of the shower drainage systems, sequence its DNA, then ask for hair samples of every man in the dorm?

For the sake of gender fairness, I wonder if there are any such signs in the women’s showers.

Kinda puts a monkey wrench in the whole “random evolution” thing, doesn’t it?

This isn’t happening in the ghetto, or near an Occutard hovel.  How can you tell?  For one, they got a lot of money for playing songs with a cello, banjo and clarinet, and two, the money is still there.

*  I must be the world’s only man who has ever spent any appreciable amount of time in Arizona and never rented a Harley to drive around the state.

This is what happens when certain people with too much self-esteem get told “No” for the first time in their lives.




One response

21 11 2011
The Friendly Grizzly

Regarding the “lethal injection drug”: read the article. It is used also as a med administered to folks being intubated. Just not in amounts to kill.

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