Tuesday’s Tidbits

22 11 2011


Nothing.  Chilly, cloudy, rainy, November, St. Louis.  Ergo, no interesting news.


This latest flash rob will probably get a lot of coverage here in the race blogs and forums.

First off, don’t look for the doers to be punished.  This is the People’s Republic of Maryland we’re talking about.

Second, you’ll notice at the end of the video that some parents are calling for a U18 curfew.  Which will be enforced as well as and work as well as laws against shoplifting.

*  Voter fraud in Milwaukee.  Guess what it looks like.

*  Good, but the real scandal is that Dodge County, Nebraska is 10% Hispanic.

Politico is getting a bit too hopeful for its own good.  The open borders issue isn’t as important to most Hispanic voters as they would like to think.  The best it could do is get the Hispanic vote in 2012 for Obama back to the same percentages and turnout as it was in 2008.  But then there are the rust belt white voters.  I’m sure Obama would rather have Pennsylvania and Ohio than Nevada and Colorado.

*  SMH.  Occutards take out after Ron Paul?  The only Republican Presidential candidate who agrees with them on a few of their (and my) pet issues?  These Occutards are nuttier than a fruitcake.

*  Is the third suspect the mother of the teenage girl?  If so, then this one is really interesting case — I bet mom and dad are in the process of a divorce, and mom wants the judge to give her custody of their daughter, and wants to use dad’s “dangerous crime ridden neighborhood” as grounds.  So in order to make the neighborhood “seem” dangerous, mom hires a couple of black ghetto thugs to kidnap her own daughter, coincidentally just as she’s out the door and on her way to school, at 6:30 AM, a time when most gang banger types are asleep and will be until noon.

As you can read, it all backfired (no pun intended) on her.

Talk about All Luck.  Once he gets over the trauma, this stepfather should have a talk with his stepdaughter about talking to strange men.

Sometimes, the law DOES work.  Not often, though.

BTW, since almost every “regular” college does everything it can to admit as many blacks as possible, why do we even have HBCUs anymore?


This one might be a keeper.  I’d respect him a lot more if he was in the BNP.

*  Dutch???  Looks like they’ve got ’em over there, too.  Actually, I knew that already.  The one soccer game every four years that I’ll watch from start to finish is the World Cup final, and last year’s final was between Spain and The Netherlands.  The Dutch team had a lot of rude loutish black players, so that’s why I was happy that Spain won.

In a slight ironic twist, Halman is a native of Haarlem, the namesake of the Harlem neighborhood of that former Dutch colony.


Uh, because women read more, and their intelligence is skewed toward the verbal?

Something to think about in the near future, should we ever get in a trade war with Beijing.


If you still don’t grok the Penn State scandal after this video, then you’re hopeless.  I only wish NextMedia would have made the boy black, to reflect what I think is a taboo reality of this whole scandal.




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