Saturday Post-Roadtrip Wrap-Up

31 12 2011

Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping all your positive hopes and dreams for yourself and everyone around you come to pass in 2012.


*  The Bible states that ye cannot worship both God and Mammon.  The people that run Catholic schools didn’t get the memo.  Catholic schools are probably the most anal-retentive legal institution on Earth about making you pay up.

*  Pardon me, but wasn’t deseg supposed to be winding down?

They stole a safe from a store with “Dollar” in its title.  Don’t steal, but if you’re going to steal a safe from a store, pick something a little more upscale than a “Dollar” store.

This is a national story, but I’m putting it in the local section because it’s almost a spot-on match for the Willie Reed saga at SLU.

*  Speaking of SLU, the P-D profiles their theology education program for state prisoners.  I wouldn’t have a problem with this, and what I’m about to say shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that I do, but the problem with a big majority of diplomas and degrees earned in prison is that they were earned in prison.  An employer ordinarily thinks that, ceteris paribus, a diploma earned by a free person is better than one earned by someone in prison, because the person in prison didn’t have the self-control to earn the same diploma while he was free.  IOW, it’s easy for him to have earned a degree while in prison because his physical circumstances are heavily controlled, while on the outside, he has definitely proven at least once (and he probably will again) that without a guard or warden screaming in his face all the time and iron bars around his bedroom, he just doesn’t have the ambition in the real world to make it.

Agreed.  But this map is wrong — Missouri is like Illinois, no ID required.  Nixon vetoed the bill that would have put Missouri in the same league as Arizona.

*  Jeanette Mott Oxford, a Democrat who will soon be TLed out of H-59, seems to want to mount a head-on primary challenge to Robin Wright-Jones (Virvus Jones’s daughter) in S-5.  It states here that “social justice advocates” want Oxford to run.

My, questioning the social justice chops of the incumbent left-wing Democrat black woman State Senator, are we?  That’s (five six seven eight…) RACIST~!  How un-social justicey of you.  I can just see the debates between these two — They’ll both scream at each other that “I’m more social justicey than you!,” or, “my social justice is more social justicey than your social justice.”

Real smart, Missouri Republican Party.  Ignore the plebiscite of Republican voters in a swing state.  It might behoove you to know that Nixon and Mrs. Antolinez have indicated that they’re ready to convert this news into a pro-Obama statewide media buy in the fall.

Rundown of the new laws in Illinois starting at midnight tonight.  Second to the last is most interesting.  It is basically establishing mandatory prison time for felons in possession.  I doubt every felon caught in possession in Illinois will be going to prison, but it will probably become a useful sword of Damocles with which to extract snitching.

*  And, considering what else has gone on around and inside McDonalds, and the quality of their food, naked people in the drive-through lane seems to be the least of their worries.


*  HARK!  They have discovered a new kind of racism:  Infrastructural Racism.

*  I was just waiting for this:  Shoe riots are now Nike’s fault for charging too much.  Now, Nike isn’t blameless here, because of the slave Chinese labor it uses, plus letting its corporate image being married with the basketball and hip-hop culture.

But some of these “Jordan” shoes are being turned right around and hawked on EBay for $500, when they cost $180 at retail.  This means that in pure economic terms, Nike is actually UNDER-pricing these things.

If these “activist” clowns are upset about the “exploitation” of retailers charging $180 for shoes to “people who can least afford them,” then maybe these people should develop different cultural appetites for footwear.  On my feet right now?  A pair of $50 New Balance, manufactured in the USA or Britain, never endorsed by any “bassetball” player or any “afawete.”

NOW Eric Holder is worried about illicit guns being used to kill cops and LEOs?  Hello, Eric?  Brian Terry?

Now you know why I’ll vote even for Jon Huntsman over Obama, to get this thing and Thomas Perez out of town.

Only reason the GDP seems to be increasing is because the medium of exchange which measures GDP is being made less and less valuable.

*  Federal money means Federal control.  I’ve been saying it for years, and finally, it’s starting to sink in.

*  Disagree with something?  Compare it to the KKK.  That’s how we roll in the USA circa the eve of 2012.

*  Feds upset at Maricopa County, Arizona for being “too tough” on illegal aliens, but they’re not blaming Crook County, Illinois for covering up immigration offenses.  Clear cut OOJ to me.

SV Titans weren’t big into the Occutard movement.  Why?  Maybe because they’re the 1% of the 1%.

*  Shit-Pot-Le:  The Official Restaurant of Illegal Aliens and Philo-Semitic Cowards Everywhere.

*  Fancy.  Some of the same crud-mouthed neo- and lamestream con bloggers who hate Ron Paul are now up in arms against SOPA/PIPA.  Ron in the House and Rand in the Senate have been the most notable and strident opponents to SOPA/PIPA the longest, even though bigger names are now on their side, Johnny come lately style.

*  As I suspected, this noise about “we Dems can take back the House in 2012 riding on Obama’s coattails as he trounces a schmuck Republican” is just noise.  Why are veteran House Democrats, who would be in line for commmittee chairmanships, retiring?  2010 saw the defeat of a lot of long time incumbents, such as Spratt, Oberstar, Kanjorski, Skelton.  House Democrats lost half of their previously reprsented land mass and 430 combined years of tenure in November 2010, and thanks to these “voluntary” retirements, are losing a lot more aggregate experience.

*  Ron Paul tried to be nice to the Occutards.  No good deed goes unpunished.

*  Somebody else has finally picked up on Michael Savage’s instability, even if it is Alex Jones.

One comment to this story suggests that Ron Paul is the most popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters on the East and West coasts.  Any polling data to back that up?

More proof that Bachmann is birddogging for Romney.

*  How to get the “youth” vote back int Obama’s column?  The writer acknowledges that barely more than half of Americans ages 16 to 29 are employed, (and even fewer than that are employed in real jobs that can sustain a household and are indicative of family formation), notes that the jobs issue is paramount, but then proposes three bullet points that all have to do with student loans.  Can’t pay a student loan back without a job!

*  America 2012 Eve:  E Unus Pluribum.

*  This only goes to show, you can’t go hope again.

Romney hearts VAT.  You know, there was once a day when Republicans were proposing Social Security payroll tax decreases and Democrats were proposing that the IRS have even more powers to attain more taxation vectors.

*  Newt cries.  What is it with Republican House speakers and their water works?  HRC cried and won NH four years ago, doubt it’ll work for Gingrich.

Yard signs mean nothing.  I found out the hard way.  Realize that many people without yard signs can and do vote.  And, for a contested Republican Primary and an uncontested one, there would be nothing but Republican yard signs everywhere.

*  Iraq was too dangerous, so they were “resettled” into Oakland.


*  Manhattan Beach:  80%+ White, and SWPL-type Whites.  Bell Gardens:  Heavily (90%+ in some census tracts) Hispanic.  Any questions?

Two usual suspects combined with one unusual one.  And please, kindly avert your eyes if you read the actual text.

How Colorado turned blue:  Don’t count on Red Scare (one of the very worst anti-Ron Paul eliminationist media) or Assrick Assholrickson to tell you the real reason:  Electing a new people with Hispanic immigration.  No, Red Scare is too busy trying to whip up so much vitriol and hate against Ron Paul in the hopes that some lone nut pops out from the woodwork to assassinate him.  If HUAC were still in operation, and stocked with sane committee members, they would be subpoenaing Red Scare’s financial records to see if those that stand to benefit from a war with Iran or are benefiting from our current farcical Middle Eastern adventurism are funding Red Scare and their attempt to have Ron Paul assassinated.

*  Huron, South Dakota:  Mexico’s Newest Colony?  I’m waiting for the cultural sensitivity politburo to march in and lecutre us about how “it’s their culture, we have to understand, you can’t be so bigoted.”

*  I wonder:  Is it time to move the 9/11 memorials out of New York City?  I also wonder how many young men from Tennessee have died over in Crapistan because of what some Crapistanis did to a good chunk of lower Manhattan, with their eternal reward being that their sisters and mothers get popped with New York City’s Rube Goldberg gun laws when they visit said memorial.  If New York City doesn’t want to be part of the United States anymore, then fine.  GTFO, and become the last Soviet Socialist Republic.


Dear Hugo:  It’s a black thang.  You wouldn’t understand.

Kanye West is going to London.  Michael Savage still can’t.

Methinks the Chinese immigration system displays an acute lack of tolerance for diversity and multiculturalism.

Lost in translation.  First off, because of the higher cost of living even controlling for the exchange rate, $67 in Germany goes nowhere near twice as far as $33 in the United States.  Second, German taxes are somewhat higher.  Third, that $67 is whatever they’re paid translated into American dollars using the current exchange rate, which at the moment is realtively favorable for a strong Euro versus our buck.

*  Because rap math worked out so well, now we have rap anti-terrorism.

*  The opiate of the convicted masses — British inmate transport vans soon to get teles.

This has far more to do than sticking to American beverage makers than combatting obesity.  Don’t doubt me.


*  LOL!  I actually remember watching this.  This was in May 1992, Johnny Carson’s last month, so I watched every Tonight show that month.

Even Jerry Brown gets a mention here.

Has Kwanzaa done kwanzaaed out?  My theory is that the reason that Kwanzaa is now a fringe holiday among blacks is because it’s mostly fringe radical blacks that celebrate it.

I don’t know if I agree with this blanket prohibition, but it would be a good idea to prohibit those who committed felonies in Second Life from owning virtual guns.

Charles Babbage was so far ahead of his time, that with a little more money from a few more people and a slight few changes in circumstance, the computer age would have started about a century before it actually did.

Think that’s crazy?  I had a Western Civ Prof who made the case that very similar conditions existed in and at the height of the Hellenistic/Alexandrian Empire that also existed in 18th Century Britain, such that the Industrial Revolution could have sprouted well before the Birth of Christ.  Talk about moving up history — If that would have happened, humans would be halfway to Alpha Centauri by now.

If we’ll soon be able to shoot lasers out of our eyes, then that means it will soon be a crime to look at an airplane in flight.

The Barack H. Obama Indefinite Detention Center.  So true.  You’ll get a Koran and be made it read it even if you’re not Muslim.  Hell, that will be the point!

*  If you see something, say something.  At a hockey game?  What would we ever see?  Except that I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out.

It’s a wonder any NBA player ever follows the whims of any referee.

*  I would like to meet the moron who thought it was a good idea for athletes to give themselves frostbite.  Oh, I know — He works for the same company that merged the marketing of athletic shoes with the hip-hop culture a generation ago.

*  Android smartphones were the hot family Christmas gift this year among my relatives and near-relatives.  According to Google’s stats, they were a hot gift for a lot of other families, too.

Next year, if there’s a glut of inexpensive Android tablets, those will probably be the hot gift.

*  In similar news…this person is crying that she’s the only person on Earth who didn’t get an iCabal MaxiPad for Christmas.  If you ask me, this means that someone must really love her a whole lot.  To say that she didn’t get an iPad is like saying that she didn’t get an STD.

Speaking of whining about Christmas gifts…

The census of digital data at the end of 2011 stand at about 1.8 zettabytes spanning 500 quadrillion files.  That’s 1.8 trillion trillion bytes (binary) within the containers of 500 thousand trillion files (decimal).  Yottabyte is a thousand zettabytes, so once we’ve blown through 999 zettabytes, we’ll soon roll over the odometer to a foll yottabyte.  After yottabyte, there is no official naming scheme, except this chart will give us headroom aplenty.


Blocking Back

29 12 2011

E.J. Dionne in the WaPo hints around at an interesting theory:

New Hampshire looks like Romney’s granite fortress

No matter what happens in Iowa, Mitt Romney has a safety net in New Hampshire.

And that could rank as the year’s most perilous sentence. Why shouldn’t Romney be surprised in the state that temporarily derailed Barack Obama’s supposedly rapid march toward nomination four years ago? Hillary Clinton humbled many a pundit here in 2008, reason enough to challenge the rapidly jelling conventional wisdom about the Republican presidential campaign.

In just a few weeks, Romney has been transformed from an embattled and weak front-runner into the real thing. He has a chance of winning the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday as his dazed opponents scratch at each other trying to emerge as the leading non-Romney.

Libertarian Ron Paul, who will never be nominated, now looks to be Romney’s main competition in Iowa. Paul is doing a fine job as Romney’s blocking back, preventing anyone else from emerging early enough to give Romney a stiff race.

Is Dionne trying to say that Ron Paul is really birddogging for Romney?  If that’s true to any extent, I think it’s because Ron Paul would obviously like to win Iowa, but if it’s not him, he would much rather have Romney than Gingrich win, because Paul probably despises Gingrich on a personal level far more than he does Romney.  Then-Speaker Gingrich unsuccessfully tried to torpedo Paul’s return to Congress in 1996, called most of his ideas “kooky,” then years later constructs policy proposals around the results of the partial audit of the Federal Reserve, one of those ideas that was “kooky” as late as the late 1990s.

Or, to put it another way:  Ron Paul might know he’s long term damaged goods (I wish it weren’t so), but he’s using his short term political capital to prevent any of the others from being a viable “Not Romney.”

Adult Behavior

29 12 2011

Blogmeister echo syndrome:  Reuters thinks it’s all over if Romney wins Iowa.  I agree, mainly because he isn’t really trying to win Iowa.  If Romney wins IA which he could and NH which he will, Gingrich’s SC firewall falls apart, because SC’s Republican Primaries have almost always been rubber stamps for the Republican establishment.

No way I’m voting for him in the primaries, because I know his record and I know the kind of establishmentarians with whom he is surrounding himself, but I’ve been saying all along here that Romney is winning this nomination because he’s the only person in this race who can stick his index finger on his nose and walk ten feet in a straight line.  In other words, he’s pissing off the fewest number of people the least often.

He came out yesterday and said that he would vote Ron Paul over Obama if Ron Paul were the nominee.  Now, that’s a pretty convenient and politically un-risky thing to say for someone who lives in a world where he is on the vestibule of winning the nomination and Ron Paul is still a long shot – If it were the other way around, I doubt Romney would be saying this.  However, Mitt Romney, unlike his competitors, is at least demonstrating measured adult diplomacy toward Ron Paul.  Now, if he wanted to finish off Ron Paul, he would slowly, bit by bit, piece by piece, adopt the most popular or necessary parts of the Ron Paul agenda, including taking a war with Iran off the table (“even though a nuclear Iran is intolerable”), promise a new paradigm on drug policy (“to re-balance the proper relationship between citizen and state, though full-on legalization is a bad idea”), run to Ron Paul’s right on immigration (Ron Paul has an F grade from Numbers USA, shouldn’t be hard to do), and hint that the Federal Reserve shouldn’t live to see its hundredth birthday late next year.  Suggest that Rand Paul is on his short list of running mates.

Now, he doesn’t have to mean any of it, because I know he doesn’t, but all he has to do is say it or dog whistle his way around it.

In related news, the very same newspaper which endorsed PJB in 1992 and 1996 for many of these same reasons now rips Ron Paul a new one.  This is not a piece of history lost on some commenters to this NHUL story.

McPaper has a candidate match game.  To show you how screwy these things always are, I filled it out, and my top three matches were, 1. Bachmann, 2. Santorum, and 3. Obama.  Huh?  WTF?  Sure, I started this season for Bachmann, changed to Paul when her campaign became a conduit for Romney after the Rickroller’s own candidacy made hers superfluous, and Ron Paul met with Marine Le Pen, but I don’t know what kind of algorithm would direct me to Santorum and BARACK F’N OBAMA~!  A really fucked up one.

Shot the Sheriff

28 12 2011

I don’t often cross-post my AR comments to my own blog, but this might be a point so important that it needs to be in both places.

Me, in AR yesterday:

This article makes a good point:

How does the percentage of wrongful arrests of Latinos compare with that of non-Latinos? The DOJ doesn’t say. How does the record of the sheriff’s office compare with that of other Valley law-enforcement agencies with respect to wrongful arrests? The DOJ doesn’t say.

This is more profound than its author might know. Most of the population of the Phoenix area, Maricopa County, is in an incorporated municipality, and therefore, served by that city’s police department, e.g. Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and many others. I don’t know if [Joe Arpaio’s] MCSO really operates inside any municipality, it might only regularly enforce the law in unincorporated Maricopa County, while providing para-law enforcement activities (court house security, inmate transport, etc.) at the county court house in Phoenix.

Those valley cities’ PDs might have 287g or Secure Communities authority, except some of them might not want it, because their city governments are full of amnesty kooks. But if they do have it and continue to have it, then all we can conclude that Obama/Holder/Perez have a vendetta out on Arpaio, as the open borders lobby is on a rampage after SB 1070.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me?

The situation might be different in Arizona, but generally in Missouri, county sheriff’s departments generally only do law enforcment in either the unincorporated areas of the county, or in municipalities that don’t have their own PDs.  Even if the county seat is an incorporated municipality with its own PD, the sheriff’s office will do the court house security, court room bailiffs, operate and staff the county jail, and inmate transport, and also process CCW applications.  St. Louis County doesn’t have a sheriff’s office, but it does have a county PD, which might do the same thing.  St. Louis City, which is legally both a city and a county, has both a PD and a sheriff’s office, and the city sheriff does the para-law enforcement duties I just described.

Nothing But Time

28 12 2011

Charlotte Observer:

Guns in public and out of sight – and some of them are in the wrong hands


In about half of the felony convictions, the authorities failed to revoke or suspend the holder’s permit, including for cases of murder, rape and kidnapping. The apparent oversights are especially worrisome in North Carolina, one of about 20 states where anyone with a valid concealed handgun permit can buy firearms without the federally mandated criminal background check. (Under federal law, felons lose the right to own guns.)

John Lott has already done the math, and that is a microscopically small percentage of all permit holders.  However, one would assume that someone convicted of murder, rape or kidnapping is going to do quite a bit of time in prison.  Even if the state doesn’t revoke their permit right away, they have plenty of time — They’re in prison.  The state has quite a few years to hit Delete on their CCW file before they’re turned loose.


28 12 2011


Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support


The white supremacists, survivalists and anti-Zionists who have rallied behind his candidacy have not exactly been warmly welcomed. “I wouldn’t be happy with that,” Mr. Paul said in an interview Friday when asked about getting help from volunteers with anti-Jewish or anti-black views.

But he did not disavow their support. “If they want to endorse me, they’re endorsing what I do or say — it has nothing to do with endorsing what they say,” said Mr. Paul, who is now running strong in Iowa for the Republican nomination.

This is basically almost a word-for-word reprise of how Reagan reacted in 1980 to some “fanatical” group cutting his campaign a check — “They’re buying into my ideas, I’m not buying into theirs.”

Let Freedom Ring (Go On Deaf Ears)

28 12 2011

The Diplomat:

To the casual eye, China’s social media landscape might look diverse and lively. But the social media clones are careful to follow Communist Party censorship.

As the showdown escalated between Chinese security forces and residents of Wukan, where villagers revolted against the Chinese Communist Party, you didn’t find as much discussion of the incident in Chinese social media as you might expect. And it wasn’t only because the internet was shut off in the town.

It was also a result of China’s development of a set of “social media clones” that ably mimic the functions of the most popular, internationally recognized social media applications, such as Facebook and Twitter. The replicas, however, come with a major catch: they systematically comply with the Chinese Communist Party’s strict censorship requirements.

This innovative approach embraces, rather than resists, technological advances. It satisfies the growing demand of hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens for social media tools, reducing incentives for them to circumvent the “Great Firewall,” while still enabling the Communist Party to control what they say to each other on matters of political consequence.

This point can’t be understood well enough or widely enough.  The Chinese really don’t want freedom, and never did.  What they wanted were the superficial and ephemeral social and economic by-products of freedom and free societies, but their ant-like psyches and collective/collectivist sociology doesn’t and might never grok the real gestalt of liberty.