Thursday’s Toestubs

1 12 2011


I’ll take it.  This city needed the good news, even if it’s fake news.

We got heroin’s mugshot, but none of any of the suspects.  Doesn’t matter — With nicknames like “Tez,” “Lil Don,” “Lil Red,” and “Pops,” we can fill in the blacks…er, blanks, on our own.

*  Don’t get on his case too much.  He’s only here to do the statutory sodomy Americans won’t do.

*  Jim Hoft (“Gateway Pundit”) tells the Breitbart world about the clusterfuck that is CD-2.

Here’s the problem — Why is Ed Kardashian bothering with smears on Ann Wagner when he now wants to run for Governor?

*  As late as two weeks ago, I heard a radio ad for the Williams Pharmacies.  Now, three of their four locations are now property of the Wal-Martinez of the pharmacy world.

*  Au contraire, Mr. Gauen.  I’m not laughing.  It will happen before I turn 50.


The WaPo says that Mitt Romney is having trouble coming up with a way to combat the Newt surge.  Well, Willard, Ron Paul just showed you how it’s done.

Problem is, Newt’s problems are also Romney’s problems.

I think Ron Paul has a special axe to grind against Gingrich, because Gingrich is taking credit for Ron Paul’s ideas, ideas Gingrich called “nutty” as late as a baker’s dozen years ago.  And, as it turns out, Newt tried to block Ron Paul’s re-entry to Congress in 1996.

Paul the Younger vs Richardweed over the detainee amendment.

I’m mostly with Rand, but again, as usual, it will be up to be to point out the white elephant in the room — Race.  The reason why the Yankee government wants to power to round up “citizens” for “terrorism” is because the Yankee government gives citizenship to anything on two legs, as long as it dutifully hates America and is not white.

* DIYDDIYD.  HLS:  You’re a terrorist if you prepare, a fool if you don’t.

Sure, Rickroller.  We believe you.  That’s because we know how to read fine print.  We know that “deport” in governmentese means begin the bureaucratic paperwork process for a deportation.  That rarely ends up with an actual physical deportation.

*  “Everybody makes a mistake.”  I agree, Sheriff.  But some Rickrollers keep on making those mistakes, to the point where you wonder when and where gullibility ends and complicity begins.  Well, you might wonder, but I already have my mind made up.

Sure, Megan.  I can really see the Democrats denying Maxine Waters here.

I was being sarcastic, ICYMI.

Strangely, I agree with Barney Frank on this point.  After all, these mortgages only happened because no down payment mortgages were the sine qua non of the subprime mortgage tragedy and eventually the financial crisis, and those only happened because of President Bush’s demand for NDP mortgages for down payments being “soft bigotry” blah blah.

He done made himself a Frankenstein.

*  Do this in private industry?  It’s called a felony.  Do it in government?  It’s called saving the world.

You know who’s sweating this move more than anyone?  Western Union.

You’ll have to listen to the audio to find out his “solution,” but that’s why you turn to me.  His solution is really nothing more than public officials getting on their hands and knees and begging habitual violent thugs to behave pretty please with a cherry on top.

The only church in America that’s worth your time.

*  It’s not just a culture.  As the article admits, it’s a black thang.  Understand?

Why?  In a lot of Europe, horse meat is passed off as inexpensive steaks.  At the rate we’re going, we better acquire a taste for horse.

*  Were you expecting some calendars in the mail?  You won’t be getting them.  A San Jose man’s unusual exercise routine combined with our collective paranoia about things that blow up and go boom means they’re in calendar heaven.

Politicians and media conglomerates upset that foster children are getting way too many psychotropic drugs for their own good?  Who do you think buys so many politicians and so many network TV spots?  Remember this the next time you see a Zoloft ad on DWTS.

*  If you think that nog tastes a little funny, there’s probably a very good reason.

*  First I’m finding out about this — The NYPD cop involved in the Sean Bell tragedy is also black.

I would say it, too.  Only I wouldn’t mean it sarcastically.

Duh, stupid.  John Boehner can’t make anyone do anything.  I have already explained why.

*  Obama:  Ignore those Muslims behind the curtain.  I am the great Oz!

Suburbs:  Not dead yet.  The white elephant?  Of course.

Whites are fleeing out more and more outer suburbs and younger whites favor certain parts of central cities (until they have kids, anyway), and blacks are slowly being encouraged to favor older inner suburbs.


*  They’ve been there since the Babylonian Captivity.  But they’re almost gone.

Funny how that works.  We “freed” Iraq, and non-Muslims, including Christians, are almost extinct there.  That “evil” Saddam Hussein seemed to have a lot of religious tolerance.  I hear a lot of people riding their hobby horses about “zog” and “the Jews made us go into Iraq.”  If they did, they must be the dumbest “Jews” on the face of the Earth.

They might have a bit of a point.  I’m sure they dread when Israelis marry American Jews and bring them back to Israel, then their new found partners start screaming the same “our diversity is our strength” canard they did back in The States.  Really helpful when there’s a hateful brown lumpenproletariat on the other side of that wall gnawing on your ass.

BTW, if you have not yet done so, and you have a bit of extra time, download “The Ashkenazi Revolution” from Jew Among You’s blog.  If you thought you knew it all about Jewish and Israeli culture, society and politics, that book will quickly cure you of that notion.  If you were, like me, someone who thought he knew a little bit but was willing to concede that there’s a lot about which you were and probably always will be befuddled and lost, then you’ll be a total know-nothing by Chapter Seven.  What you will figure out is that gentile politics regarding Jews and Israel are totally banal at best and condescending at worst.

*  Yet, dad looks like he hasn’t done without meat in a meal for quite a long time.

*  In spite of what we would call felonious conduct, an aspiring rapper can still aspire to be a rapper, and avoids real punishment because of his aspirations.

Yet another African success story.  Yay!

Twelve days.  Wow.  Methinks Morgan has Kris Humphries on speed dial.

They showed you pictures.  But here, you didn’t need them.  I didn’t even need to know that this happened in “Brixton” or “South London,” code words for black ghetto.  What other kind of people would get into fatal fights over line-jumping at McDonalds?


Behind the curve.  It is well established that FDR knew.  The “Day of Infamy” speech was prepared before the actual attack at Pearl.  It is now so conceded by professional historians that FDR knew and furthermore that FDR wanted to provoke the Japanese to attack some American interest, (because Hitler wouldn’t, and the Germans weren’t falling for a Lusitania trick twice), that they no longer bother trying to dismiss the allegations and now try to excuse or justify FDR’s conduct — “Somebody needed to do something to get us into this war.”

Depressing.  Why?  Watch Apollo 13.  Most of the math was done on paper and pencil, and with slide rules.  Yet we can’t go back to the moon with everyone running around these days with more computing power in their pocket than was available in a whole Apollo mission room in the late 1960s and early 1970s?


*  “Gates believed in open products.”  Bull fucking shit.

*  Michael Robertson once predicted that Microsoft would release Office for Linux.  They almost have done just that.

*  Windows 7’s minimum and recommended hardware requirements were exactly the same as Vista’s, mainly because 7 was Vista done “right” (inasmuch as MSFT can do anything right).  Windows 8’s minimum and recommended system specs will actually be lower than Windows 7/Vista.

If you needed proof that the computing word is headed toward mobile devices, here ye be.

The good news, as Paul Thurrott says here, is that more people can keep more traditional desktop/laptop hardware useful for longer.

And yet, most of those same people say “oh no, no photo ID to vote.”

Worried?  Not I.  One word:  CyanogenMod.  UPDATE:  Use this to find out whether your Android phone has this particular infection.

This didn’t come in time to help the ungulates that stampede all over the big boxers on Black Friday.  But, as Cubs fans say every year, there’s always next year.

I didn’t need this news to figure intuitively that any “grassroots” efforts in support of the Censor-The-Internet bill was really astroturf.  After all, what grassroots person would support such a thing?


How long will it be before ravens officially become the second most intelligent species on Earth?


*  Hmm.  This could get really interesting right around shower time.  It would have been more interesting quite a few decades ago when swim teams and meets were all nude.

Nice hobby he’s got, (not kidding), but maybe he should have waited until the thumb healed.  After all, our opposable thumbs are that crucial to our being functional.  They’re his career.

*  It doesn’t look like they’re wearing tattered shoes, and it doesn’t look like there’s ten feet of snow.  And I doubt their trek was twenty miles one way.  But your grandparents did get part of that story correct.

Now they want to integrate f’n FICTION~!

He showered.  For all his fault, that makes him more worthy than most Occutards.




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