Siri: Be Fruitful and Multiply (Today’s Headlines)

2 12 2011

UK Telegraph:  Apple iPhone search Siri helps users find prostitutes and Viagra but not an abortion

You think Siri is going to precude the birth of another future Apple customer?  Anyone who can afford Viagra can also afford an iPhone.

Steve Patterson:  The Homeless Don’t Drink Bottled Samuel Adams

That’s my job.

The Blaze:  Cain Speech Interrupted By Hecklers: ‘Sexual Abuse Is Not Acceptable’

Cain should have said in response, “Comma, Bill Clinton”

WLKY-TV Louisville:  Mother Beaten By Son Over Kool-Aid, Police Say

A little too old for Kool-Aid, aren’t we?

Arizona Daily Star:  Camera network will focus on jaguars

They should also be concerned about coyotes.

MEMRI:  Iranian Cleric: U.S., Europe Will Become Islamist in Another Few Decades; Most American Women Would Rather Have a Dog and a Toyota than a Husband

Because dogs and Toyotas are more reliable than husbands.

NYP:  Kim Kardashian on Aussie watch list

This endears me to the Gillard government for all time.

5:  What’s trendy in baby names? Lists help

Watching “Twilight” also helps.

CNS:  Debt for First 11 Months of ‘11: $1.1 Trillion

Hit the craps tables while our luck with snake eyes is running.

The Blaze:  Is Your Butt Calling 9-1-1? In Evanston, IL They Are

Evanston is truly the asshole of Chicagoland.




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