Either Some Laywers Are Really Dumb, Or Some Defendants Don’t Have a Good Defense

5 12 2011

Jury:  Mario Coleman did it.

In spite of this stellar defense from his attorney:

His lawyer, Dramon Marcellus Foster, conceded in closing arguments earlier today that his client and an accomplice robbed the home in the LaSalle Park neighborhood where Stallis was staying with family on Oct. 5, 2009.

But Foster described the shooting as reckless, occurring during a chaotic scene after the officer, Isabella Lovadina, lunged at one of the intruders in an attempt to stop them. And the lawyer insisted it was not Coleman who pulled the trigger, as the prosecution asserted, but his accomplice, LeDale Nathan Jr., 18.

“This is nothing more than a robbery gone wrong, period,” Foster told the jurors.

So, Coleman’s armed accomplice had to defend both their lives against this unarmed woman who was lunging after them as they were robbing her in her own home.


This being a city jury with four minorities, according to Channel 2’s Chris Hayes, I’m surprised that defense didn’t work.

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One response

9 12 2011
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[…] writes at St. Louis Cop Talk: According to the Post-Dispatch “Prosecutors insisted that Coleman, now 24, pulled the trigger in a crime worthy of a first-degree murder charge and its automatic […]

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