What Is This Supposed to Prove?

13 12 2011

Flint (Mich.) Journal:

Black Flint homeowner spraypaints N-word on her home, says she’s trying to send a message

FLINT, Michigan — A black homeowner who said she was victimized by thieves said she put a racial epithet on a sign outside the house because she wants to “wake my people up.”

The woman painted “This house is a reflection of ignorant n—-s” on a piece of plywood covering the front porch window at a home she owns on Chevrolet Avenue near Berkley Street after someone stole windows and a kitchen sink.

“I put that sign up there because I’m disappointed in my people,” said the woman, who declined to give her name. “I did it to wake my people up.”

Not only is this not “white racist” activity, it’s not even a black-perpetrated racial hoax, because her particular version of the N-word is ghetto misspelled.

Dear, it’s going to take a lot more than signs to do the trick.  I bet she votes Democrat almost all the time, including for Obama in 2008 and for him again 2012.  Your sign says one thing, your vote says something else.  Disappointed in your people?  So why would you make one President?

Also, this same paper asks in a poll:  Are you racist?  Because “racism” and “racist” are meaningless words, I didn’t cast a vote.  But it’s damned near 50/50 as I write this blog post.


War on Christmas, Norway Edition

13 12 2011

Let me guess.  Some Somalian was offended.

There’s a place where Somalians can live as whole people without fear of being offended.  It’s called Somalia.

Cry Me a Pacific Ocean

13 12 2011

Boo hoo, American immigration laws are too “strict.”  (WTF?  SV and other tech hubs are full of H-xB visa holders.  No whites need apply to CS/IT careers.)  So we’re going float boats just over the requisite twelve miles off shore in order to exploit the cheap labor we “just need so badly.”

Or, and here’s a crazy idea that just might work — Hire native born white Americans at the kind of salary scales that well educated and accomplished men with families to support expect to be paid.  And you can do that on land!

Otherwise, I’ll just have to pray for a tsunami.

Drug Island

13 12 2011

WSJ wants its Governor to be the Republican running mate, because its economy is so good.

Maybe there’s a reason why its economy is so good.

FNC Latino:

Puerto Rico Government Denies Island Is ‘Narco-State’

The government denied that Puerto Rico has become a “narco-state,” after local economists’ estimates that the illegal drug trade contributes about 20 percent of the Caribbean island’s gross domestic product were released.

Important members of Gov. Luis Fortuño’s administration rejected the characterization of Puerto Rico as a narco-state, a situation being heavily reported in the local media.

Prof. Jose Alameda, an economic professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, told Efe that the figure of $9 billion, or 20 percent of the GDP, that some of his colleagues have estimated as the weight of illegal drugs in the island’s GDP is feasible.

Drug trafficking “tends to insert itself into the governmental framework” and Puerto Rico’s strategic location as a bridge between drug-producing and -receiving countries has contributed toward allowing the illicit activity to flourish on the island, Alameda said.

Since the mid-1980s, Puerto Rico has been heavily linked to the international drug trafficking economy, especially to cocaine, which found a perfect location where it could grow in a society such as the one on the island afflicted by social breakdown and the loss of values, the economist said.

That sound you hear is all the crickets chirping as we anxiously await the WSJ to eat humble pie.

Darwin Award Recipient, or UC Merced Student — You Decide

13 12 2011

Picture 1Picture 2 (see the second photo).

Then again, maybe you don’t have to decide, because it’s not an either/or proposition.

Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go…

13 12 2011

…But do collect $200.  Or whatever Missouri unemployment pays these days.

It’s Official

13 12 2011

Only Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler want Scott Walker tossed out of office.

In related news, the ACLU is dragging Wisconsin’s voter photo ID law into court.  For plaintiffs, it has found:

…a 84-year-old woman without a certified birth certificate to a 52-year-old homeless Army veteran to a 20-year old without a Social Security card to a 19-year-old college student who doesn’t want to give up his California driver’s license — to demonstrate the effect the law could have.

First off, they can vote with yellow provisional ballots if they don’t have requisite photo ID.  If you’re a 20-year old without a SS#, that means you’re either an illegal alien or starting a long life as a marginal vagabond.  And a 19-year old California resident should be voting in California’s elections, not Wisconsin’s.  I highly doubt the other two people don’t have or couldn’t easily attain the requisite ID cards.