Seek And Ye Shall Find

19 12 2011


Authorities are still unable to find the motive of the man who killed two of his colleagues and left two others injured in a deadly shooting at Southern California Edison on Friday. Soon after the man shot him self as well and his identity was disclosed as Andre Turner of Norco, 48.

All five people shot worked in the same area of the building in Irwindale and Turner had been working at the place for the past seventeen years. Turner’s death has been ruled as a suicide by the authorities. However, the motive behind the killing remains a mystery. Turner’s real estate agent, Shane Tucker told the media that though he lived in an upscale neighborhood near a golf club, his house was about to be short sold in a few days time, and he was moving to a smaller place with his wife.

“He seemed like a real stand-up guy,” Tucker told KABC-TV while sitting in his car that stood out side Turner’s home. “I know he did put a lot of the money into the house, it’s really nice. I don’t see why short-selling the house would trigger anything negative, so it has to be something else.” However, according to a source, “Turner did not like the management”. He had told some people to quit there jobs but they had refused. The source also said that Turner acted very deliberate about who he shot.

The persons shot included, 53 year old Robert Lindsay and 57 year old Henry Serrano who died on the spot. The injured were Angela Alvarez, 46 and Abhay Pimpale. There’s no word on the condition of Alvarez but Pimplae was discharged from the hospital after being kept under medical observation for one day. The authorities say that they are interviewing the employees to figure out a possible reason for such a deadly shooting, but there are more than 1100 who work at the Edison, and hence the process is taking time.

Today, Dec 18th, 2011, more than 250 employees gathered to give memorial services to remember those who were killed in “one of the most horrific events the company has experiences in its 125-year history.” “We’re like a family. We’re all grieving,” said Lois Pitter Bruce, an Southern California Edison employee. “There is no happiness for us. No matter how much you explain it, you can’t understand it.”

“Still unable to find the motive.”  Translated into English, that means they found a motive, and that is racial enmity on the part of a protected minority.




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