The Reports of Mozilla’s Financial Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

20 12 2011

The bzz bzz in the tech media for months has been that GOOG won’t sign another deal with Mozilla for the Google to be the default search engine in Firefox’s search bar, now that Google’s own Chrome Browser is on the vestibule of surpassing Firefox for second-most used in the world.  The obvious implication is that since most of Mozilla’s money comes from that deal with Google, that the end of the deal would be the equivalent of the end of Firefox.  And that’s what GOOG would want, to clear away a competitor,

Well, FAIL that.

Just like I predicted.  Firefox is still 20-25% of the world’s browser share, and web searches are Google’s bread and butter.  GOOG wasn’t going to give up that easy traffic.  Would you turn away 20-25% of the foot traffic at your brick and mortar business?  GOOG couldn’t afford it giving up Mozilla then Mozilla turning around and swinging a deal with MSFT to make Bing the default Firefox search engine, because it can’t afford Bing to get any more credible.




2 responses

21 12 2011
r j p (@seedymedia)

Firefox sucks.

MSIE sucks for heavy Flash embedded pages.

Chrome is the only one that decently handles Flash games, think Facebook games (Zynga). Chrome is used by almost all players anymore, but most still use something else for other internet needs, at least thats my opinion.

21 12 2011

I’m an old Netscape junkie from way back when. Old habits die hard, so I’ll use anything on the Netscape family tree. Pale Moon (Firefox optimized for Windows and newer CPUs) is better than stock Firefox on Windows, and I need several Firefox extensions that aren’t available on Chrome.

But, I won’t trash anyone for using a browser other than IE. Chrome has its good and bad attributes, but its best attribute, other than speed, is that it’s not IE.

I think it’s not necessarily Flash that Chrome handles Flash based media and sites better, I think it has something to do with javascript and style sheets, which is another one of Chrome’s strong suits. Flash is dying anyway, HTML5 is coming and coming fast. Still, as long as Chrome beats everything else in the Javascript and CSS department, it will handle even HTML5-based games better.

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