Christmas Wrap-Up

23 12 2011

This is most likely my last blog post before Christmas.  Have a merry one, and remember, always assume that the nog bowls and pitchers designated for grown ups has been dialed up.  Hopefully with bourbon.


Pevely won’t turn their water on.  They’ll get wet anyway.

*  P-D essentially asks:  Is our children be learning?

Some Afrocentric mumbo jumbo might not survive a large black urban school district’s budget problems.  It’s literally a Kwanzaa Miracle.


We’ve been through this before.  The reason the left is “Johnny Come Lately” to this cause is because the Occutards have been at the receiving end of some of this.

*  I’m shocked, surprised.  Mumia hearts Occutards.

*  No shit, Sherlock.  The denominator is bigger, ergo the percentages will be smaller.  If you have $2 and get $1 richer, your net worth goes up 50%.  If you have $1 billion and get $1 million richer, your net worth has only gone up 0.1%.  Which person is happier?

Just ask Ezra Klein.  It’s so old that it’s more than a hundred years old!

*  IRONY ALERT:  NYT CEO gets golden parachute.

*  It’s too soon to say for sure, but this could be one tell-tale sign of the end of BRA.

I wonder why they’re going to these measures, when California is almost all Democrat anyway.  Why steal milk when someone will give you the cow for free?  Solyndra was nothing more than a smokescreen for laundering Federal appropriations to the California Democrat Party, yet they really didn’t need to spend a dime of it, as 2010 proved.  People with power who want power get paranoid about retaining it.

It is projected that Democrats will come out 6-7 House seats ahead in relative terms.  That will be offset and then some in other states whose state legislative chambers were already in Republican hands or became Republican last year.

Birds of a feather…

Duh, the “legacy media” supports SOPA, because much of the “legacy media” is owned by media conglomerate firms that also own labels and studios.

*  GoDaddy supports SOPA, its customers are “feet don’t fail me now” to the exits.  Danika Patrick’s honkers sometimes have a dear price.  There isn’t a set of boobs on earth worth more than freedom.

The real scandal?  There are California high schools graduating people in the top third of their graduating classes that need remedial work at or before they enter a Cal State campus.  The Cal State system isn’t exactly Berkeley.

*  No, that city doesn’t have immigration issues, open borders lobby tells us.

Au contraire, look at where this suspect lives.  Start of paragraph three, if you need a hint.

*  Be all that you can be, in a turban, hijab or burqua.

And if the airline didn’t let him on?  (“Him” being “Hot Pants” aka “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”)  The Feds would have sued them for some sort of race profiling.


*  London, you have my apologies.

We have inflicted Jesse Jackson on you.

*  And just how are Jesse Jackson’s favorite Londoners doing?  Well, try this and this.

The New Emma West.  Too bad the real Emma West couldn’t play soccer.

*  The only time I ever watch soccer is the quadrennial World Cup.  I was so happy that Spain beat The Netherlands in the championship game, because the “Dutch” team is full of thuggy blacks whose goon mentality has infected some of the whites on the squad.

Therefore, this does not surprise me.

Kim Jong-Un released his school records.  Now, when will Barack H. Obama II?  Kim is said to have lethargic grades and loved basketball.  Sounds like another wannabe dictator.

General Butt Naked “redeeming himself,” which probably means he discovered clothes.

I wonder how these PBS people can get through this report without laughing.  Except I do know how:  They’re such the slaves of their anthropological egalitarianism that they take the black/juvenile antics that were the life and times of “General Butt Naked” seriously.  Normal people would roll around on the floor laughing out loud.  Except that normal people are “racists,” PBS anchors are truly the enlightened among us.

The money laundering schemes of Mexican and Latin American drug gangs are getting more and more sophisticated.

While I want a new drug policy because the current one wrecks the proper relationship between citizen and state, and the Constitution in general, the argument that legalizing drugs borks the cartels is now out the window, for the cartels now have their hands in so many “legit” businesses that they’ll migrate to those if the drug trade ever stops being lucrative.

*  Remember, President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the NYT, the ADL, AJC, CAIR, (probably) the SPLC, and a lot of other groups, thinks that this is a jolly good idea for the United States of America.  Chopping off hands and feet is tolerance, don’t you know.

*  When Santa said he would give you a lump of coal in your stocking, I didn’t know he meant it that way.


*  IBM:  Mind-reading machines within five years.

By then, I’ll be on the vestibule of 40, but still, all it will find in my mind is beer, sex, meat and snark.

I’m guessing Cabana Jack’s doesn’t have the “No Shirt No Service” sign on its door.

By the way, the audience here is not above criticism.  It’s karaoke — Awful singing is par for the course.  You don’t go to karaoke night to hear Reba McEntire.  You don’t boo karaoke singers for being bad, because they’re always bad.

*  Michael Jordan is yesterday’s news.  He’s so yesterday’s news that he took the owner’s side in the most recent labor strife, because he is a team owner.  Yet, people are still rioting over his shoes.  I don’t imagine these shoes are cheap, and where people who can’t afford rent or food or school lunches can find the money for these shoes is beyond me.

*  Thankfully, most common criminals are stupid.  There’s stupid, and then there’s Facebook stupid.

I don’t get the point of the whole shirtless bit.  Why?  You want us to see that you’ve got abs?  Yeah, big deal.  Too bad those abs are attached to a wee little brain.  Your abs didn’t get you that money, it was your ill-gotten illegally possessed gun.  I’ve never heard of someone getting robbed because the robber lifted up his shirt to show his victim his six-, eight- or ten-pack.  “You wouldn’t throw a man with abs in prison, would you?”  Or, “you know what they do to guys with abs in jail?”  Sure, that will impress the judge.

I’m surprised these ones didn’t try to eat the money.



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