Ten Month Pause

26 12 2011

Several St. Louis radio stations have begun their customary ten-month pause in airing Christmas music.

Did this Christmas season seem to fly by?  Did yesterday not seem so Christmasey to a lot of you?

I’ll be in Kansas City by the time the sun sets.  But I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts before I hit the road:

Yes, I saw the story on Drudge.  I kinda noticed that there must have been some well-promulgated news about Knockout Martin Luther King when I noticed that a lot of people were searching for “Elex Murphy” and coming to my blog posts which mention the prominent St. Louis gentleman.  And, as usual, this article, like almost all of the local MSM articles about KMLK, studiously avoid mentioning race.  Repeating for those needing:  If KMLK isn’t about race, then show me the non-black perpetrators and/or the black victims.  Law of averages, n’est pas?

*  Only Romney and Ron Paul made the ballot in Virginia.  Here’s hoping that Dear Cousin (Merry Christmas, BTW), that practitioner of the inferior variety of snark, likes either one of them.

Newt Gingrich won’t be on the Missouri ballot, and a few other states’ ballots.  Some of the other candidates won’t make the ballot in other states.

This got me to thinking — Are most of these candidates even serious about wanting to be President?  You would think that ballot access would be the first thing they would get wrapped up.  I’ve been saying all along that Romney’s going to win this thing, and so far, he hasn’t had any problems getting on the ballot.  Ron Paul is just as serious, for I haven’t heard him about missing any state deadlines, either — Strange behavior for someone who is too wacky and “out of the lamestream” to win.  Now I get the feeling that if your name isn’t Romney or Paul, then you’re only in this race to pad your resume, triple your speaking fees, or get a job with or show on the Fox Noise Channel.  This thing has been Romney’s all along — The other candidates’ ballot insouciance is proof that they all know it.





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