You Scratch My Back

27 12 2011

Daily Mail:

Obama condemned for rewriting online gambling rules – and announcing it at Christmas so no one notices

A move by the government that clears the way for the legalisation of online poker and other gambling has been condemned as ‘outrageous’.

A Justice Department opinion dated September – but only made public on Friday – reinterprets a decades-old policy which saw civil and criminal charges against operators of some of the most popular online poker sites.

It is a switch that could spur web-based gambling – and which critics fear will only deepen families’ spiraling debts.

‘I think the notion that the government – during these economic times – is working even harder to increase personal debt goes against the very purpose of what government is supposed to do,’ Les Bernal, executive director of Stop Predatory Gambling, told MailOnline.


The Wire Act of 1961 barred gambling over telecommunications that crossed state lines or international borders – thus including online wages.

But now the Justice Department has claimed the Act applies only to bets on a ‘sporting event or contest’.

The reinterpretation means a state’s use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets to adults within its borders or abroad is permitted.


‘The United States Department of Justice has given the online gaming community a big, big present,’ said I. Nelson Rose, a gaming law expert at Whittier Law School.


The department’s opinion, written by Assistant Attorney General Virginia Seitz, said the law’s legislative history showed Congress’s overriding goal had been to halt wire communications for sports gambling.

Seriously?  You can’t figure this out?

Two words:  Harry Reid.

The casino owners and unions put up a successful eleventh-hour fight to save his ass, because the Senate Majority Leader is a really good friend to have.  Nevada’s Hispanic vote helped make the difference, too.  (In some instances, they overlap.)  It didn’t matter who the Republican opponent was, Harry Reid was going to win anyway.  Now, this is how they get paid back.  We all knew Reid would be nothing but gambling and Hispanics going forward.



One response

28 12 2011
r j p (@seedymedia)

At this point, the more established sites have a better position in the market, and it was my understanding that Nevada casinos didn’t want online gambling to go through as it hurt their franchises.

Unless the big brands (Harrahs, Sands, etc) have secretly been investing in the website operators, it looks like a losing bet for the most part.

The only benefit I could see is the extension of the real casino operators rewards programs to the home computers of infrequent visitors but frequent online gamblers.

I wrote about this a few years ago, the big operators have been losing market share to the regional operators for years. I don’t think this will help them recoup it, might only help to stregthen loyies to the regional operators if they run sites as well ……. which I am sure they will.

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