Sunday Wrap-Up

8 01 2012


The homicide tally in Kansas City in 2011 was higher than any of the previous three calendar years.  Domestic and family homicides are to blame, but I think that’s a cop-out, especially since this problem is said to have “appeared” all of a sudden and out of nowhere.

“Mexican man.”  We can’t just come right out and say “illegal alien?”

EdSec Arne Duncan is worried about the KCPS, but stopped short of coming out for Mayor Sly James’s proposal of a full mayoral takeover.

Does it really matter who runs the schools?  What really matters is the quality of the students.  Will the Mayor as opposed to a regular superintendent and school board running the KCPS make a difference in teaching second graders the multiplication tables, eighth graders the Bill of Rights and high school seniors about the Battle of Tours?  Though I’m probably overestimating the academic chops of the typical KCPS 2nd, 8th and 12 grader just a bit.

Yeah, security guards.  Who is the personnel manager who thought these two would make good security guards?

*  I don’t know why, but I have always been uncomfortable with using the free/reduced lunch rate as a proxy for poor academic achievement.  Aside from the correlation without causation problems, some school districts are in a paranoid frenzy that the increase in that rate means that their school’s academic chops are about to fall through the floor, when the rate increase is probably nothing more than a function of the current and lingering severe recession.

*  P-D runs a long spread speculating that the mandatory cash-only bonds for those arrested on certain weapons violations in St. Louis City, especially those of a certain age range (17-25), and by deduction, a certain race and gender combo (black men), is very much responsible for a sharp drop in the city’s homicide tally since its implementation.  But, since the article plasters the name of damned near every judge in the 22nd within it body, no link.

The people over at SLPOA Cop Talk don’t seem to be buying it.

I think it deserves some credit, because the kind of black man in St. Louis City in the 17-25 age range that is cooling his heels in the city can because they’re actually making him come up with all of $30G or more and can’t is indeed the homicidal type.  Since he’s in there, he can’t be out here killing people.  And to clear up another bromide that the defense lawyers of the suspects use, that these young men are merely engaged in self defense:  We have a CCW process, and the minimum age is now 21.  In most instances, 17-25 yo young black men in the city aren’t carrying for self-defense.  If they are, they’re trying to defend themselves against shit they helped cause to begin with.


*  Last night’s debate:  Brought to you by birth control pills.

Daily Caller:

Stephanopoulos also made a point of hammering Texas congressman Ron Paul about decades-old newsletters, published under Paul’s name, which contained racially sensitive statements.

Paul responded that “it’s been explained many times, and everything was written 20 years ago, approximately, that I did not write.”

Paul also claimed Martin Luther King was one of his personal heroes, and insisted that he was “the only one up here … that understands true racism in this country is in the judicial system. And it has to do with enforcing the drug laws.”

“Look at the percentages,” he continued. “The percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately. They’re prosecuted and imprisoned way disproportionately … How many times have you seen a white rich person get the electric chair or get, you know, execution?”

I’d really be yanking your chains right now, Ron Paul, if I thought you were actually serious about this.  Seriously, you don’t need me to debunk the drug disparity thing again, do you?

I don’t think Jon Huntsman is hiding anything.  He would be like our current President and several before him — Free trade and open borders with China, but free in one direction only.

Someone responds to Reuab Yrag (read it backwards) and his “Emergency Committee for Israel” slander against Ron Paul.  I have a few knit picks with this response, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that I’m sure that Israelis in Israel, or Jewish advocates for Israel in the United States, or even anti-Zionist American Jews, really love the fact that some fundagelical munchkin troll like Reuab Yrag is “pro-Israel.”  (Note the sarcasm).

By the way, Reuab Yrag, how did you do when you ran for President?  If I recall, your best finish was something like 8th place in Oklahoma.

“Emergency Committee for Israel.”  Yeah, right.  Sounds like a giant money laundering scam to prop up the finances of the Meekly Standard.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Assistant U.S. Attorneys who prosecuted this scam were themselves Jewish?

“When” Ron Paul is President.  The Pentagon press corps is more sure of Ron Paul’s chances than is Ron Paul himself!


Speed limits:  Only for the little people.  Methinks Tim Murray is a distant relative of Jon Corzine?  You and I do 108 in a 65 zone and we’re getting the cuffs for reckless driving.

*  Involves “machete” and “Somalia,” but it didn’t happen in Mogadishu.

Repeat after me:  Our diversity is our strength.

He just turned a G-rated movie into an NC-17.  Maybe he’s gay, and he thought it was Chippendale, not Chipmunk.

*  All this “Islamophobia” in New York City?  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Everyone is falling all over themselves to ask why.  Duh, it says it right here — She gave a fake name that just happened to be that of a Colombian illegal alien, so she was deported (actually deported) back to Colombia.  And the ICE fingerprinting wouldn’t have done any good if she was never fingerprinted before, and the article implies that she had no prior arrests.

*  Of course.  No black crime can ever be the fault of black people if they can find some way to pin it on a white person.

*  Surprise:  Liberals demanded and got a piece of legislation in North Carolina (the one that effectively ended the death penalty) based on phony pretenses.  See also:  Glow-BULL (not) Warming.  That’s the important nugget here, not the liberal histrionics at the end.

*  Pay before you pump is still better.  With this system, someone who would have “pumped and ran” before will simply steal someone else’s driver’s license, he or she will be the one that gets in trouble for the pumping and running, not the actual pumper and runner.

A scary drill, but it was just a training exercise.  Nobody in Florida is going to take out after the Social Security office.

California high speed rail is falling apart for the pipe dream that it was all along.

Question for environmentalists:  Buying 24 extra feet of right of way for one more lane in each direction on the highways is too much for you, that would ruin the environment.  But acquiring several hundred foot wide right of way corridors for high speed rail, plus the extra space you’ll need for noise mitigation, plus the extra coal it will take to produce the electricity to power these high speed choo choo trains, that doesn’t affect the environment?  Wouldn’t the endangered snail darters in the high desert be hurt more by high speed rail than two extra highway lanes?  Believe me, there is no windmill or solar panel on Earth that will power a 200 mph train.

*  Two burglars break into a house threaten a woman’s life, so she shoots one of the two, and the other one runs off.  Amazingly, the dumbass that ran off called the cops thinking he could snitch on her, but he found out differently — He is now on the hook for a murder rap, because it was his co-criminality which was the proximate causation for his buddy being killed.  I’ve told you before here about more and more states having laws like these, and Oklahoma is one of them.

*  I thought at the time when the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke that half the faculty members on his own campus probably find nothing wrong with what he allegedly did, while they do find society’s hostility toward man-boy sex to be “intolerant” and “religious” and “backward.”


Clinton’s first Surgeon General agrees with this view.

Someone named “Vinod Khosla” plays heavily into this narrative.  Surprised?

Mexicans giving money to other Mexicans in Mexico?  Well, that’s the Mexican way, isn’t it?

Various Mexican state governments are encouraging this.

“The streets of Harlem are being run by baby-faced gun-toting kids who aren’t afraid to pull the trigger and leave a bloody trail of bodies in a new independent film that’s quickly making the rounds uptown.”

But if you’re a Marine or a housewife for another state, don’t you dare think your CCW permit is somehow good in New York City.  For they don’t tolerate guns.

*  I have been hearing these “whoa is the black politicians because of Hispanic immigration” stories for a long time, and have actually contributed to the paranoia.  But if all this Hispanic immigration will end the careers of Congressional Black Caucus members, why hasn’t it already started to a big degree?  Maxine Waters’s district has to be heavily Hispanic by now, yet she keeps winning election after election.  If Hispanic immigration is going to doom the CBC, why are CBC members still open borders loudmouths?

The reality is that Hispanics have not yet realized the power of the franchise and voting that blacks have understood for a long time.  Most Hispanics that vote will vote for the Democrat no matter what, and in fact, yield to that Democrat even if it’s a non-Hispanic Democrat.  Just as during the civil rights days, it was discovered that a political jurisdiction needs to be 65% black and 35% white for the voters to be half white and half blacks, I think that in a jurisdiction with only blacks and Hispanics, that it might need to be 80% Hispanic before the Hispanics think about toppling the black Congressman.  Sure, they might demand and get superficial measures of racial replacement, like changing Martin Luther King street/school to Cesar Chavez, but I don’t think they grok real political power and activism yet.

The shark is complaining about the water being wet:

The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), a component of the Department of Justice (DOJ), reported that Mexican drug trafficking organizations are threatening law enforcement in Arizona in an effort to “deter their enforcement activities.”

Mexican drug trafficking organizations “have begun to threaten local police officers to deter their enforcement activities,” revealed  the DOJ’s 2011 Drug Market Analysis for Arizona. “Violent criminal groups often referred to as border bandits, rip crews, or bajadores, operate along trafficking corridors in remote locations, preying upon law enforcement officers and smugglers who transit their territories.”

Well, the NDIC is under the DOJ, and the DOJ’s leader, one Eric “My People” Holder, and his underling for civil rights, Thomas Perez, have done nothing but slander Arizona law enforcement and the immigration laws they are bound to enforce, pending Federal judicial review.  In fact, I think Holder and Perez deliberately want the Hispanic drug gangs to assassinate Arizona’s cops, with Joe Arpaio being first on the hit list.  What do you think their eliminationist rhetoric is all about?

*  Speaking of Arizona SB 1070, one of the provisions that the Justice Department wanted the Federal courts to enjoin, but they have refused to do so, (IOW — That part of SB 1070 is extant and enforceable), is the provision about cram jamming a lot of people into a passenger vehicle in an unsafe fashion, illegal aliens or not.  Of course, it was put in SB 1070 because smugglers like to cram a lot of illegal aliens in a van, and the enforcement verve is more against the smuggler than the cram-jammed illegals.

Well, gadzooks.  Looks like the law works.

*  For now, they’re enforcing the law.  But read all the names — Demography is destiny, and that part of southwest Arizona might as well be Mexico already.  Though the Hispanic woman that was the Mayor of Yuma as late as the late 1990s was very much against amnesty and open borders.  So much so that he was interested in joining the Council of Conservative Citizens.

A state making immigration policy?  What about pre-emption?

*  It might be gossip, but sometimes, gossip is right.  Rahm didn’t want Blackie O into high level meetings of WH senior staffers.

Why not?  She wasn’t elected to anything, and the person who was didn’t hire her as part of his staff.

You now need photo ID to buy drain cleaner in Illinois.

Won’t this have a disparate impact on elderly black women and out of state students at Illinois universities?  My suggestion is that you not vote and buy drain cleaner during the same trip.

Stereotyping is wrong, stereotyping is wrong…

*  Looks like MSNBC has had enough of PJB — His most recent book was the crossed Rubicon in their eyes.

I never figured out why PJB and MSNBC were ever a good fit.  Only reason I can come up with is that PJB often criticized other Republicans, and that was music to the libs that run it.

*  Don’t say “better late than never.”  Do say that this is “closing the barn door after the cows got out.”

Preacher man has a bit of trouble with the “rendering unto Caesar” part.


Malmo becoming gangland Sweden.  It’s the favorite town of “migrating” Africans.  Notice the “official” solution is “more gun laws” that Swedish prosecutors will be too chicken shit and “anti-racist” to enforce against the Africans they love so much.

“Britons” caught with AKs in Kabul.  Sure, I bet these “Britons” looked a lot like John, Paul, George and Ringo.

*  Really?  Who are you white racist Britons to be doubting black science and spirituality?

If you’re an “anti-racist,” to this degree, you really need to get a life.

The Sydney suburb of Lakemba is now officially Muslim enough for Shari’ah Law.  You watch:  It will apply to non-Muslims.

Just another day for you and me in Austriastan.

The NDAA madness is spreading.


What would the portmanteau of “Google” and “payola” be?

SOPA/PIPA copywrong extremists are lying about money lost and jobs saved?  What a shock.

*  Time and technology marches on.  Kodak couldn’t make the transition from film to digital, and it looks like it’s headed to bankruptcy and dissolution.  Apple and Google seem to be most interested in its patent portfolio, mainly I think as a hammer to use against the other in the smartphone wars.  Remember, almost all smartphones can take still images.

Hey, Wired:  Paul Kersey and/or Hunter Wallace have a better term for this:  Mahogany Mob.


Here is one book I won’t read much less review.  Like I have said before, alternate history is snake oil because there are too many variables to process.  Not even the biggest fastest supercomputer ever made, even all supercomputers linked together, couldn’t process them all.

“Oh, but Stephen King consulted with Doris Kearns Goodwin!”  You mean the plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin?  “Consulted with Doris Kearns Goodwin.”  Yeah, that and five bucks gets you a Latte from Starbucks.  And even if she was the world’s best historian, I still wouldn’t put any faith into any of her alternate history hypotheses.  Snake oil is still snake oil whether a street corner huckster or a person with an advanced degree in medicine tries to sell it to you.

These are among the first color images of some of the world’s most important landmarks.  One of these photos has a PG rating for sure.


A lot of good it did, they lost 70-33.

*  “But it was just one game.”  So is the Super Bowl.

White 28, Black 24.  Ball don’t lie.

Sorry, wrong sport.

*  The sad part — It’s the last sentence in the seventh paragraph.  Can’t even make a regular paper map of America in America anymore.




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