Blue Skies

9 01 2012

Arizona went from eight to nine Congressional districts for the 2010 reapportionment, and this is creating an opportunity that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu wants to take.

Utah went from three to four, but when you see who wants to run for those blue skies, you’ll give up your lunch.

Guess which person will be a Tea Party speaker first.



4 responses

9 01 2012
Tim Hargis

Great work Arizona. And wanting to give up your lunch is a really good way of putting it when it comes to Utah and their moves.

10 01 2012
r j p (@seedymedia)

Tea Party loves blacks more than even SPWLs.

Trust me, she might talk conservative now …… RINO at best, she’s Haitian and can never be trusted.
I also beleive she is in the Mormon Church’s pro-interracial marriage ads that were reviewed on Anti White Media.
Husband probably had to move her to Utah to keep her from bedding every Haitian gb’er on the Eastern seabord.

10 01 2012

Let’s say she wins, and boatloads full of Haitians are on their way to Florida. What do you think she’s going to say and do?

10 01 2012
r j p (@seedymedia)

Hold out her hand and say “Welcome to America, I recommend living in Utah, where there are plenty of white girls there for your raping pleasure”.

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