Sunday Wrap-Up

15 01 2012


*  Remember the “Budweiser” trademark controversy?  It’s all over now.  It’s just too bad five years from now, it won’t matter, as nary a drop of Budweiser will be brewed here.  Yeah, still waiting on that shoe to drop.

Look at what “Dez-wa” done did.  It’s a good thing he covered up his phony re-enlistments with phony discharge documents, otherwise the Pentagon would have been knocking on their doors asking them why they’re not at Camp Lost-in-the-Woods doing push-ups in the middle of the night…off to Leavenworth with you for going AWOL.

This mentions the house on WestminsterThree and a half years ago, it went on the market, but there wasn’t a peep about it locally.  I had to hear about it on one of the paleocon blogs I read every day.


*  Sure, Newt.  This is what we call “fishing in a fully stocked lake.”  See this and this.  Wonder why his SC numbers are tanking?  The media will never tell you why, but this black pandering is precisely the reason.

*  Even though President Obama was the only candidate on the ballot in the New Hampshire Democrat Primary this past Tuesday, people still had the ability to write in candidates.  And 2,273 Democrats did just that, by writing in Ron Paul, which made him the most popular write-in candidate among Dems.  This reminds me a little of Lou Barletta’s re-election campaign for Hazleton, Penn. Mayor in 2007:  He won his own party’s primary but he also won the Democrat Primary on the same day with write-in votes against a former Democrat Mayor who was a named candidate on the ballot.

Rare NR sanity:  David French tries to talk all the neos, lamers and unregistered lobbyists off the ledge, giving rhyme and reason to why Ron Paul gets more campaign contributions from current military members than all other candidates combined, Obama included.  Where the reasoning falls down is that it totally misses immigration:  We would never be “over there” (either in modes 1, 2 or 3) if we wouldn’t let “over there” legally immigrate “over here.”

PJB praises RP, and mentions his much maligned investment portfolio in passing.  One thing that really impresses me about it is that he has a lot of stock holdings in a lot of hard metal mining companies.  That is smart, because if you want some of your assets in the paper system, fearful of another FDR-style seizure of gold and other heavy metal assets, the companies that mine the gold and silver are set for big time growth and profitability.  WWOTS, I have always recoiled at the notion that Ron Paul 2012 = Pat Buchanan 1996, but other than reminding people that the entire left-center-right Republocrat establishment were gunning for PJB in ’96, while the eliminationist hatred of RP is only coming from neo-cons and lamer cons here in 2012, I was at a loss for reasoning.  This writer at V-Dare took the words that my mouth couldn’t quite form.

*  Yeah, polling states now that RP would get 18% in a third party three-way matchup between himself, Obama and Romney.  Polling late in 1999 also showed that PJB would get 18% in Arizona in a three way between himself, a generic Republican and a generic Democrat.  In reality, he got 0.81% in Arizona versus the “real human beings” George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Still think Ron Paul is running third party?

Kris Kobach is endorsing Romney.  Purely as a matter of the least bad of all remaining horrible options, I guess.


Me, on April 29 of last year:

There’s a good reason why Presidents and Governors have the absolute power of pardon and commutation, because sometimes prosecutors and juries screw up, or get it wrong, or are just plain devious and evil.  Sometimes, the law is an ass.  Sometimes, the law is arcane.  (Frank Sinatra was once arrested for “carrying on with a married woman.”  The charges were dropped because the prosecutors didn’t think they could prove that Sinatra knew the woman was married.)  Sometimes, we just want to forgive.

However, I think that a pardon or commutation that results in someone being released from incarceration should be treated differently than pardoning someone whose conviction was long ago and punishment was served long ago.  Personally, I think a pardon or commutation that results in a release from incarceration should be approved by the relevant legislative body before happening.  The U.S. Congress if it’s a Presidential pardon, the state legislature if it’s a gubernatorial pardon.

Re-read the second paragraph.  Two words:  Haley Barbour.

UPDATE:  The Mississippi legislature must be reading this space.

This is a really curious way to treat a country that will soon be an adversarial superpower.

*  Gadzooks, Jan Brewer was right.

Dispatches from the “economic recovery.”  I think the last time the military was the top employer of Americans under 30 was during WWII.  Not even in the 1950s and 1960s, when we had a peacetime draft, was this the case.

Love weed smoke, but hate cigarette smoke?

You should expect nothing less from the liberal hypocrites we know and love so much.

Don’t blame me.  I would have voted for Mike Cox.

*  Synagogues in northern New Jersey are being firebombed, yet there is little indignation from either the media or the “poverty” and “defamation” outfits.  That probably means the doers aren’t short-haired white men with bent crosses tattooed on their backs.  That probably means the doers are politically protected practitioners of the official religion of the American public school system, the one that so many terrorists misunderstand.

*  Speaking of the “poverty” outfit, I haven’t read its name in the news for awhile.  But now they’re back.

Part of the SPLC’s complaint is that “while the school system contracts with law-enforcement agencies, including the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, to patrol selected campuses and to detain, question, search and arrest school children when necessary, officers are not trained to work in a school setting and are typically armed with guns, tasers, batons and handcuffs.

Cops have guns, tasers, batons and handcuffs?  No shit, Sherlock.  What do you think they should have?  Cookies and ice cream?  Stop in the name of the law or I’ll throw this Moon Pie at you.

Probably just the typical Obama off-teleprompter malapropism, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised.

BTW, equal pay for equal work has been a reality in America for almost as long as I have been alive, probably longer than that.  What that means is that the last time that gender pay disparity was a problem, one “Barry Obama” was low on the depth chart on the Punahou H.S. varsity basketball team.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  This is how the “official” unemployment stats are decreasing, because the official beancounters are pushing more and more people out of existence, at least on paper.  Except those people are still in existence, and still can vote.

More and more non-Somalian Muslim-Americans are running over to Somalia to join its terroristical boogie woogie Jihad groups.

Why Detroit is broke.  Other than the obvious reason.


*  Haitians are so bad that not even Brazil and its near-Marxist incumbent government wants them.

The Queen of the Netherlands wears a head scarf in Oman.  The “conservative” British media are more upset that Geert Wilders has made an issue of it than the actual racial-religious pandering on the part of Queen herself.

*  Haven’t heard about Jobbik in awhile.  I’m glad to see that they’re still in existence and still sane, and fighting the good fight.


*  We already knew Foxconn plants were meat grinders slash suicide mills.  But I did not know until now that they also make Microsoft X-Box gaming consoles, the entire finished product.

Clausewitz has just been made obsolete.  Thanks to good ole American-German ingenuity.

Yes, the good guys were first to deploy real submarine technology.  Unfortunately, as we know, the Yankees quickly caught up.




2 responses

15 01 2012

“The XM25, as the new gun is known, weighs about 6kg (13lb)” – that is too heavy.

15 01 2012

As the article says, the next version of this thing wants to use 40mm rounds, so the XM40, as it might be called, will be even heavier.

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