One’ll Get Ya Three

30 01 2012

Florida GOP will probably redistrict Allen West into a far more difficult CD.

I really don’t have much of a problem with West.  Actually, I should walk that back and say it in a different way — The problems I have with him aren’t necessarily because of race.  I would have disagreed with the disagreeable things he has said just as much if he were white.  For instance, he said that Harry Reid had no right to say “Negro dialect,” he poodled along with Boehner in the phony baloney debt ceiling deal, and then there’s his philo-Semitic pandering.  Believe me, a lot of white Republican Congressmen have engaged in the same idiocy.

No, my big problem with Allen West isn’t Allen West, it’s the white lamestream conservative panderers (won’t mention Dana Loesch, Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham by name) that make him out to be some sort of demigod simply because he’s black and an exciting orator.

What’s really going on in Florida is that the Republicans in the state legislature are going to box up enough blacks and Hispanics as possible in their own little near-uniracial playgrounds, “to comply with VRA ’65,” i.e. to create as many lily white gentile districts as possible, to minimize the effect that 2006 and 2008 style blue waves have on the Florida Congressional delegation.  In doing so, the music stopped before West could find a chair.  I don’t think the “Romney machine” or the “Republican establishment” has a particular vendetta against him, in fact, I think it’s just the opposite, they love the black face.  That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

However, let’s be real and grown up here.  The new Florida map will probably mean one fewer Allen West and three more boring white forty-someting accountants with male pattern baldness being in Congress who will vote almost exactly the same way West has and would have voted.  Votes in Congress are the name of the game, not external pigmentation or soaring oratory.  Lose one to gain three?  Sounds like a plan to me.


RCP confirms my theory.



30 01 2012

Accused of killing his girlfriend’s young child who is not his own.

The new male lion taking over the pride of females and killing all the cubs sired by the previous father.

If this woman had any adolescent sons, he would have pressured her to kick them out of the house, just as the new male pride leader drives out adolescent and young adult males to clear away future challenges to his own leadership.

Proud of My City

30 01 2012

The top of Drudge most of this past weekend is just what this city needed for a morale and reputation boost.

I had to work on Saturday, and work a very long day, (’tis life in the big city during tax season), so I couldn’t go.

Hoft has more photos.  Note the second photo — Cherish it, for this is the only positive publicity that will come out of Beaumont High School in our lifetimes.  Even if they are toy soldiers.

A Breitbartista has even more photos, but also the blockbuster news that Bank of AmeriKa didn’t allow spectators to stand on its property.  That BoA got a TARP bailout I don’t think is a coincidence — New York City won’t have an Iraq parade because Bloomberg said that the Pentagon is advising agaisnt it.  Pentagon = Obama, and BoA = TARP = Obama.

It’s probably a vast stretch to think that Obama personally ordered BoA not to allow people in St. Louis to stand on its property in Downtown St. Louis to watch an Iraq Vets parade.  However, it’s not so crazy to think that BoA did this on their own out of fear of Obama.

Thirty Years Ago

30 01 2012

The famous St. Louis Blizzard of 1982.  Officially, it was under 15 inches, but many spots had two feet.  I was barely taller than the shoveled snow piles in my front and back yards.  I was scared of getting trapped in all that stuff.

With the way this “winter” has gone, I can forgive St. Louisans for not knowing what accumulated snow looks like.

Might As Well Insert Laugh Tracks Here

30 01 2012

You’ll be laughing at the whole thing.

Among the most ridiculous nuggets:

All young children share the gift of an intrinsic desire to learn. Go into any school in the country and you will see children of all backgrounds filled with anticipation.

The key word here is “young.”  Keeping their attention when they get to middle school is the big hang-up.  Most young children can do well in elementary school because elementary school pedagogy is almost entirely concrete.  In middle school, reading becomes less about learning how to read and language mechanics and more about poetry and prose comprehension and literature analysis, math becomes less about simple math with obvious real world applications and more about pure abstract thinking and problem solving.  By the time they get to high school, this transition is complete.

I bring this up because of recent articles that have argued that improving the performance of low-achieving students diminishes opportunities for the most academically talented students. This is the wrong perspective. All students must be challenged to reach their potential. Providing for the academically least and most among us is not an either/or proposition for schools. We can and must succeed on both accounts.

To do this, we must we see all students as gifted and talented. That doesn’t mean all students will be placed in gifted programs or advanced learning situations. But the sooner we share the gifted and talented strategies that embrace student experience, elicit strengths and interests, and engage challenging investigations of real-life issues, the sooner we will cultivate and see the accelerated learning that is both needed and possible.

Oh, I see.  It’s our fault.  All students aren’t gifted and talented because we have refused to classify all students as gifted and talented.

The Lake Wobegon School District will be the first to adopt this strategy.

DOJ: St. Louis Hotels Should Use Racial Profiling and Check ID

30 01 2012

That’s what I’m gleaning from this spread about our high end hotels and their human trafficking code of ethics.

DOJ’s boss’s name is Barack Obama.  Irony, anyone?  Now, if these pimps would stop pimping and start voting, everything would be hunky dory.  No ID required.

Just in case you didn’t think there was a racial angle to trafficking of minors for sex and prostitution rings…

Suhkewritee Gawd Makes Bad

30 01 2012

“Club Elite” on the North Side.  You kinda figured it would end up like this.

Point is, he’s not going to be a Shukewritee Gawd anymore.  Maybe he can be an unarmed bouncer when he gets out of prison, but I wouldn’t want to work any kind of security at a black nightclub unarmed.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to do it armed, either.