Lighter Arm of the Law

29 02 2012

As a Ballwinista, I feel a little more liberated today.  If this wouldn’t have happened, I would have been forced to seek refuge in Ellisville.


In Ballwin, the one-finger salute is now ok

BALLWIN — Extending your arm outside your car window to signal a turn or to make a one-fingered salute to your fellow drivers is now legal in Ballwin.

The Board of Aldermen voted 6-2 Monday to repeal all city ordinances that would ban extending body parts outside a car by the driver or passengers.

Aldermen Frank Fleming and Kathy Kerlagon were opposed, as was Mayor Tim Pogue.

The new ordinance is the result of a lawsuit filed last year after a motorist was cited in a road rage incident in which he made an obscene gesture to another motorist.

In related news from last night, Ballwin voted to change its name to Arnold.



29 02 2012

Chicago Sun-Times:

New six-year tech high schools in Chicago to offer associate degrees

Five technology giants will join forces with Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges to open six-year public high schools that allow students to graduate with an associate’s degree and the expertise they need to qualify for high-tech jobs.

IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola Solutions and Verizon will develop curricula, mentor students, provide summer internships and guarantee every student who completes the program a “first-in-line” job interview after graduation.

Sure, for all those jobs with those companies that only require a junior college degree.  They might be “first in line” for an interview, but they’ll also be first in line for their application to be tossed into File 13.  Unless the “jobs” with these companies aren’t really CSIT-STEM, but Personnel, HR, diversity enforcement, affirmative action dead weight/workfare.  Yeah, that’s more like it.

“We want to hire them all. All they need to do is be able to successfully complete a curriculum through Grade 9 to 14 that’s gonna be their ticket to a good-paying job and to the middle class,” said Stanley Litow, IBM’s vice-president of corporate citizenship and corporate affairs.

Someone look behind Litow’s back to see if his fingers are crossed.

CPS officials later explained that there would be “no selective admissions criteria” for the five new high schools.

Now there’s a cracker jack plan.  They’re expecting every graduate of this institution, a Chicago Public Schools institution, no less, to get a job with a tech firm that most people know by name, yet they have no entrance standards.  I can really see this working out well.

Tuesday Wrap-Up

28 02 2012

A lot of good news backed up in my feed reader while the surgeons were working on my snoot.



Oh well, it’s not like I was the biggest fan of the Federal Reserve anyway.

There’s stupid, and then there’s ESL stupid.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t “sexually arouse” a seven-year old boy.

The suspect had it all wrong.  He could have gotten what he wanted just by coaching football.  Then the boy wouldn’t have been scared and run away, he would have let the Jerry Sandusky of East St. Louis do anything he wanted to him out of fear of his future football career.

*  I guess Russ Carnahan actually believes Dave Drebes’s delusional propaganda, so he’s going to challenge Clay in CD-1-D.  Politico has it wrong, though — Carnahan’s residency is in what is about to be CD-1.  He lives in South City, and all of the city will be in CD-1.  He was thinking about moving to South County to compete as a Democrat in CD-2, though.

Speaking of Clay.  You don’t think the proceeds from those 400 and 500 percent interest rates those rent-to-own joints make don’t go unused, do you?  They can buy quite a few politicians.

Though if “da communitey” were a little more creditworthy, there would be actors in that market charging much better interest rates.

*  Heidi Ho, good news — Deseg Jane about to be aced out of her State Senate district.

*  It’s a white collar crime, for sure.  But he doesn’t much look like Bernie Madoff.

*  Yeah, maybe it’s the bad economy.  But maybe it’s also the realization that St. Louis has plenty of domestic unassimilated Africans, and we don’t need to be importing any more.

Amazingly, there is no objection from the state’s public campi.  The University of California system won’t recognize college credits earned outside of a college environment, such as the AP.  That’s because the more college credits you earn while still in high school, the less tuition money some college or university gets.

What’s going to mess this all up?  If the KCPS is eliminated and the Lee’s Summit district is expanded to take in more of those Kansas City urban geniuses.


Not just black men, it’s any men.  Not only are elementary schools hen houses, any small glimmer of hope that men had to gain inroads in elementary education dimmed to absolute zero and dark thanks to that freak in the LAUSD, whom I am told showed up to work wearing Richard Simmons style clothing in most days, and also according to one of his ex-students, had a jar of vaseline prominently displayed on his desk, and his hands were always busy underneath the desk.

Legal aliens who file false tax returns can be deported, according to SCOTUS.

As if this was controversial?

The good news, Mr. Fish, is that PJB is still living.  He’s still writing columns, maybe has another book left in him, is still a regular on the McLaughlin Group, and the best news of all is that you don’t have to endure MSNBC in order to read or hear his insights.  Though Eleanor Clift can be a little irritating.

*  I don’t know what you think, but I have this Mikey Weinstein figured as a real social outcast when he was in middle and high school.  Now he thinks he’s getting revenge on the rest of the world with his little “no Christianity in the military” goober group.

*  Why do states want to make Shari’ah Law off limits for their legal jurisprudence?  Maybe, just maybe…

*  Not content making money from half the population in a certain age segment from an unnecessary vaccination, Merck now wants to fleece the parents of the other half.

Jealousy.  The opening weekend box office for Act of Valor almost doubled its entire production costs.  Some of the movies that won Oscars on Sunday will never break even, counting the DVD/VOD proceeds.l

*  “Experts said the biggest fear is that these IDs are being bought by people who slipped past border crossings.”

Oh, now they’re worried?  So what?  Why are we worried that they have to procure a fake identity to stay in the country?  Don’t these people bring that much needed diversity we just can’t do without?  Besides, I thought this was all our fault for not enacting comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty and open borders.  It goes like this:  They have no choice to break the law because we bigots won’t exempt them from it.

*  Why I voted for Ron Paul, but I’m going to the wall for Ron Paul.  The picture speaks thousands of words.  And it’s a big time public relations clusterfuck.

*  Funny.  I could read all this internet propaganda that is supposed to be “radicalizing” Muslims, yet it won’t radicalize me.

Try this on for size — The given Muslims were already radical.

People say the most amazing and truthful things when they think nobody is listening.

Rahm is right.  However, his former boss would direct as many Federal educational resources as possible at those students who will never amount to anything, diverting resources away from students who will or could amount to something.

Heavily Hispanic Stockton, California about to go belly-up.

Food stamps being used to buy guns, beer and cigarettes in Ohio, specifically Cleveland.  The investigation focuses on “rogue retailers,” scammy fly-by-night corner store operations.  But according to one of my secret squirrel sources, the mainstream supermarket chain in Arizona, Basha’s, (think:  Schnucks), is allowing food stamps to be used to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

You’ll find in this story that the authorities are worried that two-year olds are going without while their parents have smartphones and expensive purses.  Duh, genius — Where do you think the two-year old came from?  Welfare meal ticket.

*  Vincente Fox said it best.  “Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.”  And where there is Mexico, there are Mexican drug gangs.

First off, he’s wrong.  At least 3 million illegal aliens voted in the November 2000 Presidential election.

Second, of course Democrat Congressmen are going to say that there is no “problem” with illegal aliens voting.  Because to them, illegal alien voting isn’t a problem, it’s a solution.

How it starts:

Eighth-grader Ted Phillips is athletic, artistic and gets good grades. When he grows up, he wants to be an entrepreneur, a football player, a rapper or an artist. He also wants to make enough money to buy his mom a pink truck.

How did it end?  Like it usually does for every 14-year old project dwelling honor roll student that wants to be a rapper or an athlete.

*  His name is Sotomayor, so he must be one of those “wise Latinos.”


Of course cameras really don’t work.  Cameras in the hood?  It’s still the hood.

*  Canada is making progress, but it still has a long way to go.  I fail to see the necessity of giving a father a ball check for his daughter drawing a picture of a gun.

*  Robert Mugabe:  Not on board with the rainbow coalition.


I’m putting this in the history section for a reason.

We tried leaving in 1861, but the Daily Kos people of the day didn’t like the idea.

Stone Age Europeans were on the North American continent perhaps as soon as 26,000 years ago, and perhaps as many as 10,000 years before the first Siberian migration across the icy bridge that once merged what is now Russia and Alaska, that migration being the genesis of the Indoamericans.


You’ll get the gag right away.  If you’re in college and you have a prof who is into this postmodernist bullshit, hope he or she never sees this website.


The Hollies’ hottest record.  Yeah, more people have heard and heard of Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.  Maybe what hurts this record is that the lyrics get lame at certain points.

BRA/Ruin Porn.  No, not those “bras.”

Liberals see this video and blame deindustrialization, not enough public spending, and white racism.  Conservatives see this video and blame big spending government and the “Democrat plantation.”

Sane people see this video and properly blame black social pathology and, as SBPDL puts it, Actual Black Run America.

The Number to Watch

28 02 2012

First off, I had minor surgery yesterday that didn’t turn out to be so minor.  I’m really too weak to be doing any serious blogging, but I wanted to pound the laptop at least for this thing.

Here’s the number to watch in Michigan tonight:  9.24.  That is Romney’s percentage margin of victory over McCain in MI in 2008.  Even if Santorum doesn’t out and outright win MI tonight, if he finishes within 9.24%, it’s a moral victory for Santorum.  Too, Michigan’s delegates are distributed proportionally, so it wouldn’t be just a moral victory.  Why is this important?  Two words:  George Romney.

Romney will win Arizona, mainly because of the strength of its organized Mormon community.  McCain didn’t even win his own state’s primary with a majority in 2008, and his margin of victory over Romney was under 13%.  But for McCain, Romney would have won it easily in 2008.  That, and probably also Gov. Brewer’s endorsement and Kris Kobach being on the Romney team, will be why Romney wins AZ easily tonight.

Fun With Saturday Headlines

25 02 2012

Drudge:  Reagan’s failed assassin laments people don’t see him as artist, musician…

Sure, that’s the way to launch a successful artistic or musical career, try to assassinate a President.

FNC:  Latino Mormons speaking out against Romney over immigration issue

They’re both fuming mad.

5:  Jeremy Lin: No, I’m not dating Kim Kardashian

“I don’t want Kris Humphries’s leftovers.”

WBBM-CBS-2 Chicago:  Toddler Hurt By Falling TV In Aurora

If Chicago would have gotten the 2016 Olympics, throwing TVs out the window could have become a demonstration sport.

Daily Beast:  Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Getting High After Whitney’s Funeral?

Well, I guess the crack doesn’t fall far from the rock.

WCAU-NBC-10 Philly:  Bags of Headless Chickens Found in Cemetery

Don’t worry, it’s just that diversity that makes us so strong.

Washington Examiner:  D.C. Council chairman cracks down on #@&#%!!!

Can’t say “mutha” or “fucka” in a D.C. City Council meeting anymore.  Talk about silent nights.

FNC:  Iran court convicts Christian pastor convert to death

Opposed contraceptives, I bet.

Yahoo:  Asian American Journalists Association releases guidelines on Jeremy Lin media coverage

I guess the nickname “Gooky Gookenstein” is now out of the question.

KHOU-CBS-11 Houston:  Warren Moon’s ex-wife arrested on trail ride, charged with public lewdness

Did she moon somebody?

Daily Mail:  ITV forced to apologise after reporter at PM’s football racism summit calls black players ‘coloured’

And what are white people?  Invisible?

Newt Gingrich:  Gingrich Calls for Creation of Commission on Gold To Examine How to Get Back to Hard Money

Translation:  Newt looking to break up the Romney-Ron Paul silent agreement by wooing Ron Paul voters.

Saturday Wrap-Up

25 02 2012


A 41-year old great uncle of a 10-year old boy.  My, how the generations roll by quickly.

East St. Louis’s Sandusky?  He was a track coach, so there is probably going to be more than just this one vic before all is said and done.

Yes, I’m reading between the lines.  I’m guessing she was a young Can’t Teach for America dingbat, who thought that she was going to be The One that finally got rid of that dastardly achievement gap.

Native St. Louisan who writes for PJ Media sings the praises of Steak-n-Shake.

Count me out.  The prices get higher and the portions get smaller as time goes on.  Not only that, the burgers don’t seem to be as good as they used to be.  I haven’t eaten in one in more than four years.

I referenced this DoR Office a few weeks ago — This is the one with all the fly by night insurance joints operating near it, and now one is operating on the inside.  So this news does not surprise me at all.

I’ll link to it, but I’ll leave the social commentary to James Edwards.  We have this nice division of labor in our segment of the blogosphere:  I get all the political statgeek stories, he gets Chuck-E-Cheese.  I think he came out ahead in that bargain.


*  Chicago:  Sanctuary City for Al Qaeda.

This all sounds so familiar.  Oh yeah, that’s right — 25 years ago, Japanese was the language of the future.

I don’t think the school wanted to suspend her.  It’s just that insurance companies have a mighty painful whip.  As an asthma sufferer, she did the right thing.  Yeah, there was a small chance of her having a negative reaction to that particular inhaler, but on the flip side, it’s more important to be able to breathe.

Sure, John Conyers cares for “dah communitee.”

Blood gold.

Working class whites — They’re the crucial swing demographic.  Almost every time.

Doodling and giggling is probably the worst thing that could have ever happened at the University of Cincinnati.  Meanwhile, the black undertow in the neighborhoods around the University of Cincinnati are so bad that nobody will deliver pizzas to the UC dorms.

Darwin Award winner, for sure.

I have the hunch that the gun was never really his to begin with.

*  In 1978, California voters rejected a referendum, Proposition 6, aka the Briggs Initative, which would have prohibited known homosexuals from teaching in public schools.  Liberals opposed it for obvious reasons, and the the movie Milk portrays the real life Harvey Milk’s opposition.  But one of the underreported stories from that time was that Ronald Reagan, who was a few years away from losing the humdinger to Gerald Ford and a few years before becoming President himself, also opposed Prop 6.  His reasoning (paraphrased) was that enacting Prop 6 into law would empower the culture of J’Accuse, witch hunts, and sticking our noses where they don’t belong.  Reagan’s opposition is probably the singular reason why Prop 6 didn’t even win in Orange County, the home base of the initiative’s best organized support.

Now what was California want to do?  Bring back the culture of J’Accuse, witch hunts, and sticking our noses where they don’t belong.


*  Canada is kinda on a roll.  No more long gun registration, and now no more national “hate speech” laws, (though that won’t automatically reverse the provincial ones, which in some cases are more onerous than the about-to-be repealed national ones).

*  No matter how well the white liberals of New Zealand treat the Maori, they’ll always bitch about “institutional racism.”  If whites ever abandon NZ in one fell swoop, and the conditions for the natives return to what they were before whites arrived, the Maori will still find some way to blame whites.

Britain discovers that the Laffer Curve is real.

*  Here’s a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice to the producers of The Amazing Race on CBS — Next time, you might not want to route the contestants through Missionary Stew country.

*  Obama always did talk about redeployment.  Turns out the redeployment was to Africa

*  Poverty causes terrorism.

Okay, but Hot Pants, aka Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire was one of the wealthiest young men in Nigeria.

*  We’re coming up on a solid week of consecutive days of Afghans (read:  ignorant seventh-century throwback religious fundamentalists) rioting and killing because some Korans were accidentally burned.

How do you like those Three Cups of Tea now, neo-cons?

Muslims in Switzerland are looking to form a parallel government to match their parallel society.  In other words, they’re abjuring the realm.  If and when they ever win the demographic battle, the “alternate” government will become the real one.


“Too Much Man?”  He sure looks like it, though I really don’t want to know what “too much man” means precisely in his case.

One simple application for dating my daughter.  His daughter better be happy with either cellibacy or an arranged marriage.

*  “BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP)—Earvin “Magic” Johnson is launching a basic cable television network targeting black viewers with positive, uplifting images of African Americans.

This network will premier, then an hour later, it will have already showed all those positive, uplifting images.  What happens next?  It can’t show the same hour over and over again 24-7.  After all, it’s not ESPN.

Jon and Liz Eat At Lambert’s Cafe

24 02 2012

See for yourself.

Jon Q. Arbuckle is such a doofus.  If he had any sense, he would have taken Liz to the best restaurant in Sikeston, that being Dexter BBQ.