Sunday Wrap-Up

5 02 2012


No discrimination against the GLBTQMIALOLPLPLTHWTFXYZ community in the Missouri Democrat Party.  Good for them, for after this year, the only elected Democrats in state government will be blacks and white liberals from the heavily urban cores of St. Louis and Kansas City, and Governor Nixon.

The New Bromide.  To explain, well, you know.

*  Dude, you busted your ass to lose weight, and now you’re going to waste it all by enlisting in the U.S. Army?  Now you’ll either get killed for no reason, or you’ll be a career enlisted man while minority after minority gets promoted ahead of you.  I guess you already are who you’re ever going to be.

Rock Bridge HS in Columbia has both a Young Democrats Club and a Young Socialists Club.  How I despise redundancies.  They’re both cleaning up the land around the school, so wouldn’t it be ironic if they were cleaning the Occutards’ mess?

Another one that needs to hire some good PR people.  Yeah, he can.  But there’s a difference between “can” and “should.”  What did he think would happen when he stood in his front yard holding an AK at noon on a weekday?

Shorpy Does St. Louis.  Anyone have a clue where this was photographed?  I’m guessing the Mill Creek tenements, or maybe somewhere along the midtown railroad depression.

*  Remember, there is no such thing as race, and certainly no such thing as innate biological-based racial differences.  That’s the party line from this university’s Hilltop campus.  The Med School?  Different tune.


*  Tee Hee.  Michelle Obama’s credit card funds the Ron Paul campaign.

Maybe PayPal is coming around?  Now, we should have a talk about PayPal’s politically correct jihad against non-PC race groups.

*  “African Americans for Obama?”  Redundant as “Fish for Water.”  What’s going on here?  Are Obama’s political beancounters worried about a not-as-jazzed black turnout this year?  If they are, then they’re worried about nothing — Black voters aren’t just going to sit around and let some pasty white generic Republican take the Presidency away from the first black President.  Hell, my worry is that a generic Republican nominee (we’re about to get one) will lose his stones and become too scared to campaign effectively against Obama because he’s too scared to take the Presidency away from the first black President.


Scary thought of the day:  Not only is she sworn to defend our Constitution, she is one-ninth of the body which has the ultimate power to interpret our Constitution.

Read between the lines.  You’ll find a whole lot of the racial taboo.  Why?  DDG said it best.

*  She didn’t want the kids she had, dumped them on the streets, and then mere hours later, she engages in behavior indicative of having more kids.

If you ask me, Krispy Christie is the same kind of numb nuts.

Russell Pearce is back in politics.  I bet Jerry Lewis’s days in politics are very short numbered.

CBO projects that Federal revenue as percentage of GDP will rise from 15% in FY 2011 to 20% in FY 2014.  Believe me, they’re not going to get it from either Warren Buffett or his secretary.

Nashville:  The New Mogadishu.

*  Joy.  Another piece of technology to tell us what we already know but Official America is too scared to say publicly?

I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for Jatiek Reed.  He has probably been a perpetrator of these same kind of mass beatdowns, so when he’s the victim of one…crybaby.

Dear Phillip Mol:  Get a life.

Would you expect anything less from this DHS run by this President and this HLS Secretary?

Bullets that don’t miss.  Imagine the ghetto applications.

A Mahogany Mob in Syracuse.  The video isn’t clear, but this one looks like a salt-and-pepper Mahogany Mob.

The notion that EBT cards shouldn’t be used at boobie bars?  The R-word wasn’t formally hauled out, but it sure was implied.

Should RNC credit cards be used at boobie bars, comma, Michael Steele?

*  Caveat:  Even the ones that faced “consequences” really didn’t face consequences.

Heath Shuler falls on his sword.  I think for two reasons:  One, which they say, that his new district won’t contain Asheville, and a lot of reliable Democrat voters, and two, which they don’t say, that Pelosi is still hanging around in House Democrat leadership.  I don’t think he wants his membership in the House to accrue to the benefit of Nancy Pelosi.  On top of that, since he’s a blue dog, I think the Democrats in North Carolina are throwing him to the wolves in the redistricting process.

We have a President who says that Jesus told him to push for certain legislation.

When did Pat Robertson become President?

*  A DREAMer, a high school senior, says that America can’t be great without all these illegal alien children of illegal alien border jumpers.  But note the postscript of this article — Mr. Alarcón couldn’t give the NYT a thousand-word sob story in English.  Someone had to translate so that all the gringos could read it.

Not a doctor, but I always thought Asperger’s was a geek/nerd affliction.

*  What do you expect elementary school students who are subject to “comprehensive sex education” to do but apply their knowledge to school yard games?


*  When I said that Mexican drug gangs have gotten so powerful that they de facto have conscription power, I had the right melody but the wrong lyrics.


*  “Don’t approve of racial profiling.”  But you should.  You would be a fool not to.

My new favorite hardware store.  Too bad it’s nowhere around here.

*  Kids do say the damnest things, but this kind of comedic timing is beyond the typical prepuber.  That and there are no eight-year olds thinking about their future sex life.  I bet most of them just spouted something like they heard at home.




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