Candy Coated Acid Test

6 02 2012

Liberals are in a hurry to prohibit fatty and sugary snacks in school for the sake of “childhood obesity.”

I’m curious to see how they’ll react to this news:

Bill: No sweets with food stamps

Cookies, cakes, more would be banned from Florida program

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. –  A Florida lawmaker is pushing a bill that would ban the use of food stamps to purchase snacks and sweets, such as cookies and cakes.

Republican State Sen. Ronda Storms, of Valrico, says her goal is to stop a small percentage of recipients who misuse food stamps.

Her bill would also require food stamp recipients to take state-run classes on healthy eating and how making your own baked goods is cheaper than store-made sweets.

The bill is moving through state committees in Tallahassee.

Critics say the government shouldn’t be telling people what to eat.

Democratic Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, of Pompano Beach, also says the educational provision is demeaning to minorities and the poor by implying they aren’t smart enough to make their own choices.

Of course.  RACISM.

Ronda Storms should paint herself black and change her name to Michelle Obama.  Maybe then her bill will have a chance of passing.




2 responses

6 02 2012

I’m all for minorities and the poor making their own choices. With their own money.

6 02 2012

I’m all for the minorities making their own decisions on how they spend my money as long as they are required to swallow the chicken bones instead of throwing them on the ground at bus stops that are in my neighborhood but go to theirs.

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