Proving the Futility

8 02 2012


St. Louis man carrying petition forms for A Safer Missouri is fatally shot

ST. LOUIS • A man who was found shot multiple times and carrying petitions to support A Safer Missouri’s local control ballot initiative Tuesday night has died, according to police.

Police found 55-year-old Darryl Winston of the 4400 block of Anderson Avenue in an alley between Holly and Clarence avenues near Carter Avenue just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. He was taken to a hospital, where he died at about 11 a.m. today.

Queue irony in front of more irony.  If you needed a good reason not to sign his petitions, as if you weren’t already convinced, this is it.


Throw Down

8 02 2012

Front of Drudge right now:  RICK ROLLS.

To wit, MUSIC:

That’s just what Rick Santorum did yesterday.  All three states yesterday were major embarrassments to Romney, but in different ways.


I’ll start on the home front.

Every county.  Majority vote statewide.

Yeah, it was a beauty contest, one where Gingrich wasn’t on the ballot.  (That didn’t prevent both my mother and the only other voter who was in my precinct when I voted yesterday morning from writing him in.)  But, Newt was the only one who spent any money in Missouri, so the Santorum-Romney-Ron Paul battle was a straight up ceteris paribus battle in a swing state.

The results?  Again, Santorum won a majority of the vote and also won every county.  He won 75% in the county south of Hannibal (Ralls).

Don’t think that that message won’t resonate.

Ron Paul slightly improved his raw vote and almost tripled his percentage over four years ago.  Overall, turnout was less than half of what it was four years ago, because of the “beauty contest” angle.  Statewide overall turnout was 8%, and frankly, I’m surprised it was that high.

RP finished over 20% in Daviess, Mercer (north central), McDonald (southwest) and the City of St. Louis.

Mitt Romney is supposed to be inevitable because it’s “his turn” and he has all the money and name rec.  Yet, he can only get 25% in one of the swingiest of swing states.  Now, Gingrich not being on the ballot helped Santorum, but his being on the ballot didn’t preclude Santorum from winning MN and CO.  I bet that even if Gingrich were on the ballot here, Santorum would have still won the state and most counties.

Missouri four years ago was a tight three-way between McCain, Huckabee and Romney, finishing in that order.


As late as a week ago, this was in the bag for Romney.

He won MN four years ago with a big margin over John McCain, 41% to 23%.

Yesterday?  Third place, 17%, ten back of second-place finisher Ron Paul.  Romney won no counties.  Santorum’s 45% first place finish was won on the backs of most counties.  Ron Paul won three, tied Santorum in a fourth, and five counties are still outstanding.  RP’s 27%/13k/2nd was an improvement in the Gopher State over four years ago, but it wasn’t a drastic improvement because MN was one of his better states in 2008.  But 27% in MN was Ron Paul’s best percentage take so far this season, and his second second-place finish.

And it’s a major embarrassment to Romney.

Overall turnout was significantly down over four years ago.


A lot of Mormons.  Easy win for Romney, right?

It was in 2008, with 60% of the vote when McCain and Huckabee were still vital.

Yesterday?  Sinks to 35% and second place.  Santorum won with 40%.

Again, Ron Paul improved raw total and percentage, but still finished in fourth place compared to 2008.  Part of the reason why his  improvement in CO was limited was the same as NV — Hispandering and his weak immigration record.

Romney’s strength yesterday was generally the Denver area and northwestern rural counties full of ski resorts, plus a few Mormon-heavy counties in the southern part of the state.  Santorum did well everywhere else.  Newt Gingrich won one county in the eastern part of the state.  However, Romney’s margins over Santorum in the vote-heavy Denver counties were somewhat lame, and definitely weren’t enough to topple Santorum’s big wins in most rural counties and in Colorado Springs.


Anyone else feeling a brokered convention?