Middle School Confidential

10 02 2012

In passing about Kentucky registering its public school students’ BMI:

In a nod to the growing problem of childhood obesity, the state Board of Education recently approved a proposal that would require schools to calculate and record a child’s body mass index, which relates to body fat. At the same time, the proposal also eliminates a decades-long practice of checking middle-school students for signs of the spine condition scoliosis.

“Scoliosis,” you said?  When you say “scoliosis,” it brings back memories of the sixth grade.  I remember the gym teacher ending class early that day and telling us not to get back into our clothes so quickly once we got out of the showers.  That’s because some gray-haired old man wanted to check out our spines, (and incidentally, if he was a perv getting his rocks off by looking at a bunch of naked prepubescent or barely pubescent 11- and 12-year old boys stand straight then bend over then stand straight again then bend over again, who were we to deprive him of his fun?), to see if any of us had that “Scoli-Oli” thing or whatever they called it.

Repeat in 7th and 8th grade.

Now that scoliosis fears are out and obesity fears are in, thank you Michelle Obama, I guess the new middle school tradition will be weighing in naked, a la the boxer/wrestler/MMAer trying to make weight, to get your BMI is as low as possible.




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10 02 2012

In WV, one doctor usually has the contract to do the team physicals for athletics participants in a county. I always assumed it was the most perverted doctor who would want to do this since who else would want to take a pulse and blood pressure, feel under some kid’s sack, and then hold the kid’s balls when he coughed, for 20-50 kids at a half dozen schools for each sport every year? How did the ball check become a standard requirement for participation?

I’ll bet the doctor’s wife was the happiest doctor’s wife in town on ball-check-day night ….. lol. I know, sick.

10 02 2012

Hey, don’t blame yourself for telling the truth. You know, it’s a damned wonder I was never raped as a child and a young man, considering how often I was naked around what I now think were questionable men.

BTW, have you been following this “gang sign poster” controversy? Second City Cop is all over it like white on rice.

11 02 2012

It’s been on the news and pretty quickly quieted down here. I like that the national media has picked it up.

I thought I emailed you about it when it hit.

Anyways, one of the first thing I did when the story came out was try to go to the kid’s Facebook page but it was already deleted.

The kid attends Lawrence Hall. Which is not a place good kids go, so you wonder what got him in the system and sent there.

As for Second City Cop, sometimes he has some good posts, but I stopped reading regularly when they were bitching about raises and entitlement. Half this country had to take pay cuts or not get expected raises or expected bonuses; and city, county, states, and federal employees are still trying to extract more. That’s when he lost a lot of credibility with me. But thanks for the tip to visit it — boatload of facts the media isn’t revealing.

11 02 2012

Looked up Lawrence Hall, and its website still has this PDF press release up:


I also found out the kid’s father is a big time gang banger:


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