Of Carrots and No Sticks (White Skin Privilege At Work)

13 02 2012

WOIO-CBS-19 Cleveland:

Cincinnati High School Paying Students To Come To School

CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A Cincinnati high school is paying its students to come to school.

The Dohn Community High School has launched a $40,000 incentive program to get students to come to class.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, students will get Visa gift cards for showing up everyday for school, being on time for class and not getting into trouble. Seniors would get $25 while underclassmen would get $10.

The school would also put $5 into a savings account for the student that earns a gift card.


The school is trying out this new idea after the Ohio Department of Education designated the school an “academic emergency” on its report card. About 14 percent of students graduated from Dohn during the 2010-2011 school year.

Yep, 95% black, according to that website that will soon be denounced as a hate crime against humanity, GreatSchools.com.

Wait until these students get into the real world, there there are no bonuses for showing up on time and every day and being civil on the job.  It’s instead thought of as a minimum standard of professional behavior.  Then again, stamping out license plates in prison and collecting welfare aren’t really “jobs” per se.




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