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19 02 2012

HBD Chick.  I wish you people that had me on your blogrolls would tell me so I can reciprocate.


Sunday Wrap-Up

19 02 2012


RFT.  Nails it.  (PDF)

Why do St. Louisans get so hung up about high schools?  Ask someone where they went to HS, then work this flowchart in reverse.

Aw, hell no.  What next?  Are they going to say that dead people won’t be allowed to vote?


I’ll send you over to JAY to get the scoop.

Something similar happens in St. Louis once every few years, only it’s black-on-black, and the penetrative weapon is something like an ink pen, marker, or smooth wooden pole.

They should realize that men don’t have a G-spot, in spite of what you read in all those spam e-mails.

Be all you can be, while in the family way.  Don’t we like have an enemy to fight, before men should be made to wear the sympathy belly?

*  “Sherwin Shayegan of Bothell, Wash., a 28-year-old man…

…who won’t grow up.  Either that, or another Jerry Sandusky in the making.

A Queens fifth grade teacher made her students write Christmas cards to the teacher’s kiddy-porn-hearting boyfriend in prison.

After they did, the teacher probably had to send the cards over to the 2nd grade classroom to see if the letters were on those students’ reading level so her boyfriend could read ’em.

*  This is usually a black thing, right down to the rims and tinted windows, but the suspects are described as three white men, two of them blonde.  That probably means “white” is really white, not a PC way of saying “Hispanic.”

*  Paying your taxes on time:  It’s only for the little people.  Sherrod Brown?  Can’t be bothered.

What is the interest that a co-founder of the Esprit clothing label has in “glow-BULL (not) warming” fanaticism?  I bet it’s something business and China related.

The 2020 Census might have questions about how often you shower and have sex.  The 2030 Census might combine the two and ask how often you have sex in the shower.

NYT profiles the growing Rmoney-Paul friendship.  That’s probably why the official Ron Paul camp isn’t screaming bloody murder about Romney stealing Maine.

*  Not good news for Rickroller II:  The King of the Republican Left (who lost to the aforementioned tax scofflaw above in 2006), Mike DeWine, is defecting from Rmoney to Rickroller II.

Unintended consequences:  If the gang bangers in Newark follow through, then these gang leaders that called for this truce could be held criminally responsible for every gang-related crime that happened before now because they didn’t call a truce.  If they have that power, why not call for a permanent truce?  While we’re on that subject…

You have to go deep down into the paragraph count to find out that the first pictured and younger man once worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

*  Of course.  You might be “anti-racist,” but the blacks who run your school and the CPS aren’t.  Their favorite pastime is playing games of whack-a-honkey.

Most expensive cities for car insurance:  Dirt-Rot, Kill-A-Delphia, Chocolate City, New Port-au-Prince, and Whitney Houstonville.

Searching for a commonality.


Here’s your answer, Steven.

If they were serious, the sign should have read, “Impeach Obama.”

Lost the URL, but Obama’s DOA budget lifts the restrictions on Gunrunner-type operations.

*  From the mouths of ‘babes.

That’s how a much more sane society would classify his words.

But it’s not a sane society.  It’s modern day “Anti-Racist” Britain.

Cause?  Incest?

*  The Honduran prison fire has brought light onto the fact that the various gangs bing-banging each other in those prisons started among Houndruans in the United States.  If MS-13 and Mara 18 did start in Southern California, and not Central America, that pretty much borks the theory that those gangs were basically CIA-provoked assets to combat the Soviet Union in the 1980s.


*  The copywrong extremists’ worst nightmare has come true:  Truly decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing.

*  I know you need a lot of money to score an apartment in New York City, but this is ridiculous.

Speaking of…

I think it’s highly possible that the people who wrote this, edited this and approved this didn’t know that “Chink” is a racial slur.  People, especially PC media people, news or sports media, are so wrapped up in their PC non-racist culture and sheltered world that they literally don’t know which words are slurs and pejoratives.  It’s not too dissimilar to what did the Martians in at the end of War of the Worlds.

Pekin (Ill.) H.S. (near Peoria) used to call its sports teams the Chinks, playing off the city’s name alluding to Peking, China.

*  Go seagull!  Too bad the bird didn’t plop a shit at just the right moment.

Now there’s a real Angry Bird.