A Fried Chicken Joint on Martin Luther King Highway

21 02 2012

Next best thing to saying “black.”


Has Anyone Asked the National Toy Rifle Association For a Response?

21 02 2012

Detroit…naturally.  A Republican sponsor…surprising.

As for me, they’re going to have to take my toy guns from my cold dead hands.

Perhaps a good compromise in order would be to send those who commit pretend crimes with toy guns to jails made of Construx.

Taco High

21 02 2012

SCOTUS grants cert to an AA case out of the University of Texas for the 2012-3 docket.

This is the Texas’s famous “Top Ten Percent” system, the system that then-Gov. George W. Bush helped implement.  That means that the 5th best student in a graduating class of 40 at a hypothetical Metro High School-style institution in Dallas doesn’t get into the University of Texas at Austin, while the 40th best student in a graduating class of 400 at Taco High School on the formerly “American” side of the sewage canal does get in.

I think this will be a very tough nut to crack for our side.  Honestly, if I were on SCOTUS, I would probably have to rule for the state, because I can’t think of any good Federal Constitutional grounds on which to knock it down.  Even though I know the racial perfidy of it all, and believe me, I would acknowledge that in bold-italics-underline with my written opinion.

This might end up being a 9-0 for Texas.  Here’s the rub:  We know the libs will rule for Texas.  But because there are no real legitimate Federal Constitutional grounds to knock it down, none of the four conservatives (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts) will find for Miss Fischer.  The only possible grounds are “disparate impact,” but conservative jurists deplore that reasoning, and I don’t think they would start now just because the tables are sorta turned.  Only liberal judges use it and make rulings based on it, in regards to police and firefighters’ exams, and what not.  Ginsburg-Kagan-Sotomayor will find for Texas, consistency be damned.

Vinyl Interlude

21 02 2012

I had eight newsy posts today, but I couldn’t work a musical segue into any of them, so I better do my DJ thing in a separate post.

This was from about the same time as Top Gun, and since Kenny Loggins had the most popular song from the TG soundtrack, and this song has lyrics that suggest being airborne, a lot of people assume that this song is also from TG.  It is not — It’s really from Stallone’s worst movie, about how he drives a truck and has an estranged 12-year old son.  At one point, he lets the kid drive his truck.  But that’s about all I remember from Over the Top.

Speaking of TG:

Oh, the tales that guys now in their mid-40s could tell about joining the Air Force after seeing TG, who expected to fly MiGs, but wound up being medics, or sweeping tarmacs in July.

And now, her:

Yeah, they’re still pressing new releases on vinyl.  Really, I think Adele’s schtick really lends itself to good virgin vinyl plus a new stylus plus a direct drive turntable plus quality amps plus quality speakers.  You’ll really be able to feel the jilted lover.  Unfortunately for her, as RJP said, her schtick won’t lend itself to a long sustained musical career.

What Should You Do Next After Locking Two Protected Minorities in a Cage?

21 02 2012

Answer:  Make sure popcorn is hot and the beer is cold:

Hyun responded that Floyd was a “subhuman, ungrateful APE,” and then started spreading vitriol about the black community in general. She insinuated that Whitney Houston’s recent passing wasn’t such a loss because of “all that baggage” she came with, and referred to African-Americans as “disgusting, violent, arrogant, and stupid.” Then, in an even more frightening twist, she repeatedly called for the eradication of the entire black race.

Gee, where would anyone get silly ideas like these? The rest is even hotter.

Piled High and Deep Throat

21 02 2012


Anyone with three working brain cells deduced that Felt’s motivation for singing to Woodward was that he was mad about Nixon standing him up when he thought he was the obvious replacement for Hoover as FBI Director, the moment that Felt outed himself and Woodward confirmed a few years ago.  It’s one of the seven deadlies, plain as day even to morons.

Where this goes wrong:

It wasn’t until 2005, when nearly every senior official of the Nixon White House was dead and Deep Throat himself was disappearing into the mists of Alzheimer’s disease, that the reporters revealed that he was Felt. Even then, Woodward insisted Felt’s motives were pure, that he was a freedom fighter in “a war — organized, well-practiced and well-funded by President Richard Nixon — a war aimed at the system of justice. Mark’s great decision in all this was his refusal to be silenced. He was a truth-teller.”

As I recall, Felt outed himself.  If the reporters did the work, it’s probably because Felt gave them the go-ahead.  And I don’t think the timing as magnanimous and altruistic, waiting for “everyone else” to kick off — I think Felt was waiting for the statue of limitations to run out, because he knew he was illegally leaking material that was gathered as part of a confidential FBI investigation.

For a long time, a lot of people fingered PJB as Deep Throat.  The only problem with that theory is that PJB’s Achilles Heel through most of his professional life was his insane and blind loyalty to the political party that did everything it could to toss him out on bum and baggage.  Remember, PJB is a D.C. native, but his first journalism job was with the Globe here in STL, not with any D.C. paper, especially not the Post.  I can ill imagine that PJB, loyal to the Republican Party to a fault, wouldn’t want to turn against his party on behalf of people working for a paper that wouldn’t have considered hiring him out of J-school, such that he had to move away from his native city where he had spent his whole life, and a third of the way across the country.

Just Another Day

21 02 2012

Not so long ago, many conservative theoreticians, including the organization which assembled this graph and the underlying report, would have called this a feature, not a bug.  And some of their policies have resulted in this.

The more people for whom April 15 is just another day, the less important a wise tax policy is to the body politic.