Sentient Prisons

21 02 2012

I hope this convinces those (few of) you on the racial right that started out having at least a little bit of sympathy for the Occutards that they’re hopeless.  Otherwise, I’ll have to conclude what I have always thought about some of you, that you reallly hate Jews more than you love Whites.

Where to start?  Hmmm.

Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered in Harlem Monday to protest what they call mass incarceration of minority men by a racist prison system.


The crowd rallied against not only the racial disparities in the prison population, but also against immigrant detention, the use of solitary confinement in detention facilities, the NYPD’s high rate of marijuana arrests and stop-and-frisks, and the mass unemployment and disruption to families caused by imprisonment.

Occutards want no “use of solitary confinement” in prisons (which they don’t think should exist, see below).  What they mean by that is that no blacks and Hispanics should ever go to prison.  But if they do, they should be able to rape white men any time they want.

“While incarcerated, I really had no education, coming into the prison system as a kid,” said Crea. “Because my education is limited, my jobs are limited.”

I doubt you would have had much education even if you never went to prison.

Prison abolitionists demanded eradication of the entire prison system, while others, like Sammy Crea, called for better rehabilitation programs for inmates.

There’s an easy way to get rid of all prisons — Nobody should commit any violent crimes.  Several people in this article should have heeded that advice.

Crea, who called the prison system “modern day slavery,” said he was first arrested for selling drugs as a teenager and spent the next 16 years going in and out of the system until his last release when he was 32.

Don’t worry, he’ll be back. Life on the installment plan.

Others standing around him also chimed in about rehabilitation programs. Larry White, a Harlem resident who said he spent 32 years total in prison for armed robberies, believes it’s a joke to say prison reforms criminals.

Really.  You don’t say.  Duh, Sherlock — It’s not really meant to reform you or educate you, it’s meant to keep you confined and away from real civilization so that real civilized people don’t have to experience you shoving a gun in their faces.

“We can rehabilitate people better in the community than in prison, especially in an upstate prison,” he said.

Yeah, go upstate, for more white victims.

Many pointed to the more than 680,000 people who were stopped by the NYPD last year, 87 percent of whom were black or Latino.  Last year’s stop-and-frisk total represented a 14 percent increase from the year before.

89% of homicide suspects in NYC are black or Hispanic, so that’s not anything disproportionate.

But protester Laura Whitehorn said most people caught up in the criminal justice system simply grew up in the wrong neighborhoods.

Nobody actually does anything wrong, prisons and bad neighborhoods just stretch their tentacles and ensnares people, nine in ten of whom just happen to be black or Hispanic.



One response

21 02 2012

“… it’s meant to keep you confined and away from real civilization so that real civilized people don’t have to experience you shoving a gun in their faces.”

Yup, plus it’s easier on the conscience, and likely the wallet, than having to do unto him.

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