C’est La Vie

22 02 2012

“Mademoiselle?  Non!”

Thereby, making this song illegal in France:



Reporting For Duty

22 02 2012

That is, your handy human libtardspeak-to-English translator.

What Erika Christakis wrote in Time:

The cost of living in a democracy is tolerating moral judgments we don’t always like. For those who object, there’s a clear alternative. Protesting the Mexican-American War in the 1840s, Henry David Thoreau withheld his taxes with the understanding that he would have to go to jail for his principles. In reality, he only served one night in jail, but he was willing to pay the price for his convictions. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela paid a much higher price for theirs.

Let’s see what our society would look like if we all had the luxury of imposing our unfettered will. At a minimum, the Catholic bishops and employers resisting contraceptive coverage should be willing to pay for the care of all those unwanted children. Or perhaps they’d be willing to spend some time in jail in protest. At my taxpaying expense, of course.

What she really means:

Hispanics are procreating too much.  Yeah, we thought we would love them, because we all thought they would be good little slightly tanned white liberals who cleaned our McMansions and tended their landscapes for low wages and never complained, and also vote Democrat.  But we sorta got punk’d.  Therefore, it’s all the Catholic Church’s fault for not giving them free contraceptives and aborticides, therefore the entire priesthood should go to jail.

I contend that this manufactured contraception NONtroversy should be taken as a clue that Obama’s internal polling numbers versus a generic Republican or any of the named remaining competitors are really bad, that the “close race” stuff for public consumption is all bullshit.  If Obama were really very close to, tied with, or had a narrow or above the margin of error lead over a generic or real Republican, there’s no way he and his political and media sycophants would be trying to infuriate the Catholic Church.  When the hornets are asleep, you don’t poke sticks into the nest.  Therefore, the only thing I can conclude is that Obama is really way behind, and anticipates being way behind for most of the season, and is throwing this anti-Catholic Hail Mary (no pun intended) out of pure desperation, and for fund raising — Rush said yesterday his precious gigabuck SuperPAC only has $58,000.

Saved by the Bell

22 02 2012


Cameras, ID Tags Part Of New East St. Louis Public Housing Safety Plan

Five months in the making, a new set of security measures for East St. Louis Housing Authority properties was unveiled Wednesday by U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly.

“We’re going to put in place starting in the next few months security cameras,” Durbin announced during a mid-morning press conference outside the Orr Weathers Senior High Rise at Missouri Ave. and 14th Street. “So we can monitor those coming and going and have the information necessary to keep these places safe.”

In addition, a system involving photo I.D. tags for residents will be instituted “so that those who shouldn’t be hanging around will be leaving, or if they don’t, charged with trespass,” Durbin explained.


Durbin used that story to renew his call for East St. Louis mayor Alvin Parks to enforce the 1 am cutoff for liquor store sales, something the Senator called a “contributing factor” in the growing number of violent crimes.

Sure, because East St. Louisans who have signed leases to live in public housing projects and buy booze at 12:59 AM never cause any trouble.  I mean, those Drug & Gun Free Zone signs really worked wonders.

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Would You Hire a Nurse Who Graduated from “Malcolm X College?”

22 02 2012

Rahm and Co. are betting a quarter gigabuck that you will.

Maybe those nurses will specialize in gunshot wounds:

“Danger of Losing an American City”

22 02 2012

The meat is 0:37 to 0:52.

Sorry, Newt.  Too late.  We’ve already lost most American cities.  Black undertow, not Muslim terrorism, por favor.


22 02 2012

It’s gonna.