Saturday Wrap-Up

25 02 2012


A 41-year old great uncle of a 10-year old boy.  My, how the generations roll by quickly.

East St. Louis’s Sandusky?  He was a track coach, so there is probably going to be more than just this one vic before all is said and done.

Yes, I’m reading between the lines.  I’m guessing she was a young Can’t Teach for America dingbat, who thought that she was going to be The One that finally got rid of that dastardly achievement gap.

Native St. Louisan who writes for PJ Media sings the praises of Steak-n-Shake.

Count me out.  The prices get higher and the portions get smaller as time goes on.  Not only that, the burgers don’t seem to be as good as they used to be.  I haven’t eaten in one in more than four years.

I referenced this DoR Office a few weeks ago — This is the one with all the fly by night insurance joints operating near it, and now one is operating on the inside.  So this news does not surprise me at all.

I’ll link to it, but I’ll leave the social commentary to James Edwards.  We have this nice division of labor in our segment of the blogosphere:  I get all the political statgeek stories, he gets Chuck-E-Cheese.  I think he came out ahead in that bargain.


*  Chicago:  Sanctuary City for Al Qaeda.

This all sounds so familiar.  Oh yeah, that’s right — 25 years ago, Japanese was the language of the future.

I don’t think the school wanted to suspend her.  It’s just that insurance companies have a mighty painful whip.  As an asthma sufferer, she did the right thing.  Yeah, there was a small chance of her having a negative reaction to that particular inhaler, but on the flip side, it’s more important to be able to breathe.

Sure, John Conyers cares for “dah communitee.”

Blood gold.

Working class whites — They’re the crucial swing demographic.  Almost every time.

Doodling and giggling is probably the worst thing that could have ever happened at the University of Cincinnati.  Meanwhile, the black undertow in the neighborhoods around the University of Cincinnati are so bad that nobody will deliver pizzas to the UC dorms.

Darwin Award winner, for sure.

I have the hunch that the gun was never really his to begin with.

*  In 1978, California voters rejected a referendum, Proposition 6, aka the Briggs Initative, which would have prohibited known homosexuals from teaching in public schools.  Liberals opposed it for obvious reasons, and the the movie Milk portrays the real life Harvey Milk’s opposition.  But one of the underreported stories from that time was that Ronald Reagan, who was a few years away from losing the humdinger to Gerald Ford and a few years before becoming President himself, also opposed Prop 6.  His reasoning (paraphrased) was that enacting Prop 6 into law would empower the culture of J’Accuse, witch hunts, and sticking our noses where they don’t belong.  Reagan’s opposition is probably the singular reason why Prop 6 didn’t even win in Orange County, the home base of the initiative’s best organized support.

Now what was California want to do?  Bring back the culture of J’Accuse, witch hunts, and sticking our noses where they don’t belong.


*  Canada is kinda on a roll.  No more long gun registration, and now no more national “hate speech” laws, (though that won’t automatically reverse the provincial ones, which in some cases are more onerous than the about-to-be repealed national ones).

*  No matter how well the white liberals of New Zealand treat the Maori, they’ll always bitch about “institutional racism.”  If whites ever abandon NZ in one fell swoop, and the conditions for the natives return to what they were before whites arrived, the Maori will still find some way to blame whites.

Britain discovers that the Laffer Curve is real.

*  Here’s a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice to the producers of The Amazing Race on CBS — Next time, you might not want to route the contestants through Missionary Stew country.

*  Obama always did talk about redeployment.  Turns out the redeployment was to Africa

*  Poverty causes terrorism.

Okay, but Hot Pants, aka Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire was one of the wealthiest young men in Nigeria.

*  We’re coming up on a solid week of consecutive days of Afghans (read:  ignorant seventh-century throwback religious fundamentalists) rioting and killing because some Korans were accidentally burned.

How do you like those Three Cups of Tea now, neo-cons?

Muslims in Switzerland are looking to form a parallel government to match their parallel society.  In other words, they’re abjuring the realm.  If and when they ever win the demographic battle, the “alternate” government will become the real one.


“Too Much Man?”  He sure looks like it, though I really don’t want to know what “too much man” means precisely in his case.

One simple application for dating my daughter.  His daughter better be happy with either cellibacy or an arranged marriage.

*  “BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP)—Earvin “Magic” Johnson is launching a basic cable television network targeting black viewers with positive, uplifting images of African Americans.

This network will premier, then an hour later, it will have already showed all those positive, uplifting images.  What happens next?  It can’t show the same hour over and over again 24-7.  After all, it’s not ESPN.




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