Damned If They Leave

21 02 2012


Emanuel mounting challenge to census showing dip of 200K Chicago residents

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is mounting a challenge to 2010 U.S. Census estimates that Chicago lost about 200,000 residents.

Big city mayors regularly contest the once-a-decade census results, which determine how much federal funding flows to different parts of the country. Chicago would gain about $1,200 annually for the next decade for each person added to the official population, according to Emanuel’s office.

Emanuel’s predecessor, Mayor Richard Daley, launched an unsuccessful bid to get Chicago’s 2000 population numbers increased. In 1990, Daley and other mayors tried futilely to get Congress to give them additional time to fight the census results.

The 2010 census estimated Chicago lost about 181,000 African-Americans and about 53,000 whites. Meanwhile, the Latino population grew by about 25,000 and the Asian population went up more than 20,000. Overall, the city’s estimated poulation in 2010 was 2,695,598.

Jaw dropping time.  “Encouraging” Southside blacks to leave Chicago proper and migrate to South Suburban Cook has been de facto Chicagoland policy for quite a few years.  And when it happens?  Rahm starts bitching about fewer people.

Maybe Rahm could take the Eric Massa tack to reverse this, though I doubt he would be thrilled about being naked in the same shower as some G-Unit pimp mack daddy ‘banga with the GDs.

Shades of Tom Sell

21 02 2012

This is still at the top of the Daily Kenn as I write this.

Notice this happened in California.  After the Nutbar of Tucson did what he did, the national media profiled California’s schizophrenia public health program.  It is funded with the proceeds of a relatively small top marginal tax rate on high income earners, and at least if the national media are to be believed, it has a good track record, and the program’s trust fund is so healthy that politicians are looking to dip into it.

I could imagine Mr. Dewitt was a beneficiary of this program.

Here’s the interesting part:

Photos on the wall of his bedroom show a boy who loved to fish with his dad. The son of Alameda’s first African-American city councilman, the late Al Dewitt, Daniel played football at Alameda High School and was headed for college when he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic at age 18.

“Our system is such that they go in, they shove them full of all kinds of antipsychotics and put them back out on the street again,” said the suspect’s mother.

Candy Dewitt said she saw her son the day before the attack and that there was no indication he was violent. However, she said he had been getting worse since July after trying to medicate himself not with drugs, which he hated, but with a healthy diet and exercise.

“What needs to change in our system is people need to be made to take meds before they get to this point,” said Candy Dewitt.

Yeah, sure, that will go over well.  It’s not as if Mr. Dewitt was totally out in space, because he did realize that he had a problem, but he wanted to take a non-pharmacological tack to mitigating it.  And of course the system is designed to give paranoid schizophrenics the requisite drugs then set them free.  That’s the point — The drugs are meant to straighten out your brain so you can function as a competent adult in an open society, in as much is there is any competency or openness left.  Do you really think we want to confine Mr. Dewitt to 100 or so square feet for the rest of his life when there are easier and more humane alternatives?

Of course, now that he’s facing a murder rap, a hundred square feet will be the extent of his personal latitude for the rest of his life.

Not Random

21 02 2012

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Because he must actually think there are civilized people who believe that there are some people fire who fire AK-47s directly at and into houses for no reason at all.

Sentient Prisons

21 02 2012

I hope this convinces those (few of) you on the racial right that started out having at least a little bit of sympathy for the Occutards that they’re hopeless.  Otherwise, I’ll have to conclude what I have always thought about some of you, that you reallly hate Jews more than you love Whites.

Where to start?  Hmmm.

Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered in Harlem Monday to protest what they call mass incarceration of minority men by a racist prison system.


The crowd rallied against not only the racial disparities in the prison population, but also against immigrant detention, the use of solitary confinement in detention facilities, the NYPD’s high rate of marijuana arrests and stop-and-frisks, and the mass unemployment and disruption to families caused by imprisonment.

Occutards want no “use of solitary confinement” in prisons (which they don’t think should exist, see below).  What they mean by that is that no blacks and Hispanics should ever go to prison.  But if they do, they should be able to rape white men any time they want.

“While incarcerated, I really had no education, coming into the prison system as a kid,” said Crea. “Because my education is limited, my jobs are limited.”

I doubt you would have had much education even if you never went to prison.

Prison abolitionists demanded eradication of the entire prison system, while others, like Sammy Crea, called for better rehabilitation programs for inmates.

There’s an easy way to get rid of all prisons — Nobody should commit any violent crimes.  Several people in this article should have heeded that advice.

Crea, who called the prison system “modern day slavery,” said he was first arrested for selling drugs as a teenager and spent the next 16 years going in and out of the system until his last release when he was 32.

Don’t worry, he’ll be back. Life on the installment plan.

Others standing around him also chimed in about rehabilitation programs. Larry White, a Harlem resident who said he spent 32 years total in prison for armed robberies, believes it’s a joke to say prison reforms criminals.

Really.  You don’t say.  Duh, Sherlock — It’s not really meant to reform you or educate you, it’s meant to keep you confined and away from real civilization so that real civilized people don’t have to experience you shoving a gun in their faces.

“We can rehabilitate people better in the community than in prison, especially in an upstate prison,” he said.

Yeah, go upstate, for more white victims.

Many pointed to the more than 680,000 people who were stopped by the NYPD last year, 87 percent of whom were black or Latino.  Last year’s stop-and-frisk total represented a 14 percent increase from the year before.

89% of homicide suspects in NYC are black or Hispanic, so that’s not anything disproportionate.

But protester Laura Whitehorn said most people caught up in the criminal justice system simply grew up in the wrong neighborhoods.

Nobody actually does anything wrong, prisons and bad neighborhoods just stretch their tentacles and ensnares people, nine in ten of whom just happen to be black or Hispanic.

Newt Gingrich Wanted to Make This a State. The WSJ Wants Its Governor to be a Republican Vice-President.

21 02 2012

PR unveils Obama, LBJ statues on President’s Day.

Silly Me

20 02 2012

This is Jeffrey Osborne.  For the longest time, I thought the artist of the song that would become the basis of the Rickrolling phenomenon, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (1987), was the same Jeffrey Osborne.

Turns out the real artist wasn’t even black.

Another spin to make your night:

Nicolette Larson, “Lotta Love” (1978).  Art Bell used to use this as a rejoiner bump a lot, and he must have been a fan of the song, because he’d let it play for awhile, ASCAP be damned.

WMG is making you watch this one on YT itself.  I’m not going to bitch about it, because it wasn’t so long ago that WMG was as anal-retentive as can be about DMCA takedown letters.

Black Market

20 02 2012

The article claims that the CPD popped four men for a massive gun burglary at a suburban dealer on early Sunday morning.  But it looks to me like they arrested the same man four times.

Proving once again the burglary and theft rather than straw purchasing is the path that firearms take from the white to the black market.  Pun intended.

Make Your Own Caption

20 02 2012


I’ll break the ice:

“Like my cheerleaders, Bill?”

“Yeah, Micky.  I’m glad that one took her talents to South Beach.”

The Future Is Bleak

20 02 2012


Paul Babeu Is Gay

20 02 2012

So what?

Didn’t we learn anything from Seinfeld?

What I find amusing is that this whole non-troversy is a result of a Phoenix New Times expose.  The PNT is the Valley’s alt-weekly, the equivalent to the Riverfront Times locally.  In fact, the same parent company that owns all the New Times papers in various cities bought the RFT from Ray Hartmann a number of years ago.  So if the PNT is anything like the RFT, a third of its newsprint is either ads for “alternate orientation” establishments and services, or articles glorifying that lifestyle slash bashing people who might have moral qualms with it.

I only wish he would have stayed in the race, just to see the left make a fool of itself in the process of bashing him for months on end.

Speed Limit: Once Every Three Days

20 02 2012

H/T Daily Kenn.  BTW, if you aren’t visiting the Daily Kenn every day, then what the hell is wrong with you?


California counties get federally-funded teen mail-order condom program

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Teenagers in several counties can get condoms in the mail for free under a program launched this week and supported by state public health officials.

Budget deficit?  What budget deficit?

The Condom Access Project allows youth between the ages of 12 and 19 to order a package of 10 condoms, lube and health brochures online at TeenSource.org, a website run by the nonprofit California Family Health Council. The package will be mailed to them in a nondescript yellow envelope.

Again, like I said when a similar story came out of Philadelphia, (there, 11-year olds could get mailed condoms, now thanks to the controversy, the age minimum was raised to 13, “what a relief,” huh?), a 12-year old asking for condoms means a 12-year old is wanting to have sex, and by definition someone else is having sex with that 12-year old.  That should spark a statutory rape investigation.  According to my secret squirrel source, the AoC in CA is de jure 18 but de facto 15, and the reason the authorities rarely prosecute 15-17 yos for stat rape is because of the whole Quinceañera thing with young Hispanic (esp. Mexican) women.  But…12, 13 and 14 are still younger than 15.

BTW, you better make sure those health brochures are in about 50 different languages, none of them English.

Supporters say the program — aimed at reducing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among teens — will benefit young people who cannot afford to buy condoms or are too embarrassed to go to clinics where they are distributed for free.

If you don’t have seven bucks to buy condoms, and/or you’re too embarrassed to show your 12-year old face in a room to get a handful for free, then what are you doing having sex?  You think it’s perfectly okay to engage in the kind of behavior which might in nine months result in a whole new human being, one that is totally helpless and dependent on more mature human beings, if you don’t have a measly seven bucks?  (Of course, there’s always the EBT, viva the same taxpayers giving you the condoms).  You’re 12 and want to have sex, that doesn’t embarrass you, but walking into a public health clinic to get condoms is embarrassing?  Loco.

The condom program is supported by the California Department of Public Health’s STD Control Branch and will be paid for with federal funds.

What fun.  I get to pay for my own condoms AND those of the 12-year olds of central California.

Teens will be limited to one package of condoms per month.

How prudish, limiting the sex lives of 12-year olds to once every three days.  How dare you try to impose your “morality” on them!

Related:  Without God

New to the Blogroll

19 02 2012

HBD Chick.  I wish you people that had me on your blogrolls would tell me so I can reciprocate.

Sunday Wrap-Up

19 02 2012


RFT.  Nails it.  (PDF)

Why do St. Louisans get so hung up about high schools?  Ask someone where they went to HS, then work this flowchart in reverse.

Aw, hell no.  What next?  Are they going to say that dead people won’t be allowed to vote?


I’ll send you over to JAY to get the scoop.

Something similar happens in St. Louis once every few years, only it’s black-on-black, and the penetrative weapon is something like an ink pen, marker, or smooth wooden pole.

They should realize that men don’t have a G-spot, in spite of what you read in all those spam e-mails.

Be all you can be, while in the family way.  Don’t we like have an enemy to fight, before men should be made to wear the sympathy belly?

*  “Sherwin Shayegan of Bothell, Wash., a 28-year-old man…

…who won’t grow up.  Either that, or another Jerry Sandusky in the making.

A Queens fifth grade teacher made her students write Christmas cards to the teacher’s kiddy-porn-hearting boyfriend in prison.

After they did, the teacher probably had to send the cards over to the 2nd grade classroom to see if the letters were on those students’ reading level so her boyfriend could read ‘em.

*  This is usually a black thing, right down to the rims and tinted windows, but the suspects are described as three white men, two of them blonde.  That probably means “white” is really white, not a PC way of saying “Hispanic.”

*  Paying your taxes on time:  It’s only for the little people.  Sherrod Brown?  Can’t be bothered.

What is the interest that a co-founder of the Esprit clothing label has in “glow-BULL (not) warming” fanaticism?  I bet it’s something business and China related.

The 2020 Census might have questions about how often you shower and have sex.  The 2030 Census might combine the two and ask how often you have sex in the shower.

NYT profiles the growing Rmoney-Paul friendship.  That’s probably why the official Ron Paul camp isn’t screaming bloody murder about Romney stealing Maine.

*  Not good news for Rickroller II:  The King of the Republican Left (who lost to the aforementioned tax scofflaw above in 2006), Mike DeWine, is defecting from Rmoney to Rickroller II.

Unintended consequences:  If the gang bangers in Newark follow through, then these gang leaders that called for this truce could be held criminally responsible for every gang-related crime that happened before now because they didn’t call a truce.  If they have that power, why not call for a permanent truce?  While we’re on that subject…

You have to go deep down into the paragraph count to find out that the first pictured and younger man once worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

*  Of course.  You might be “anti-racist,” but the blacks who run your school and the CPS aren’t.  Their favorite pastime is playing games of whack-a-honkey.

Most expensive cities for car insurance:  Dirt-Rot, Kill-A-Delphia, Chocolate City, New Port-au-Prince, and Whitney Houstonville.

Searching for a commonality.


Here’s your answer, Steven.

If they were serious, the sign should have read, “Impeach Obama.”

Lost the URL, but Obama’s DOA budget lifts the restrictions on Gunrunner-type operations.

*  From the mouths of ‘babes.

That’s how a much more sane society would classify his words.

But it’s not a sane society.  It’s modern day “Anti-Racist” Britain.

Cause?  Incest?

*  The Honduran prison fire has brought light onto the fact that the various gangs bing-banging each other in those prisons started among Houndruans in the United States.  If MS-13 and Mara 18 did start in Southern California, and not Central America, that pretty much borks the theory that those gangs were basically CIA-provoked assets to combat the Soviet Union in the 1980s.


*  The copywrong extremists’ worst nightmare has come true:  Truly decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing.

*  I know you need a lot of money to score an apartment in New York City, but this is ridiculous.

Speaking of…

I think it’s highly possible that the people who wrote this, edited this and approved this didn’t know that “Chink” is a racial slur.  People, especially PC media people, news or sports media, are so wrapped up in their PC non-racist culture and sheltered world that they literally don’t know which words are slurs and pejoratives.  It’s not too dissimilar to what did the Martians in at the end of War of the Worlds.

Pekin (Ill.) H.S. (near Peoria) used to call its sports teams the Chinks, playing off the city’s name alluding to Peking, China.

*  Go seagull!  Too bad the bird didn’t plop a shit at just the right moment.

Now there’s a real Angry Bird.

Divorce Papers

17 02 2012

PJB consummates the divorce between himself and MSNBC.

What has always mystified me about the way MSNBC tossed him out the door is that MSNBC suits all of sudden have supposedly gotten a case of the red ass over PJB’s latest book.  Yet, Suicide of a Superpower isn’t PJB’s first book — He had numerous books under his belt on the day MSNBC hired him, most of them with similar themes and social-political-cultural pronouncements, and they had to have known it.  If the MSNBC politburo is fuming over “that,” then all I can say is he wrote A Republic, Not an Empire before MSNBC brought him on.  Suicide has absolutely none of the controversial historical opinions about GNSWP-era Germany and WWII that Republic does.

I think the only interest MSNBC ever had in PJB is that he often criticized other Republicans.  The analogue on Fox would probably be Pat Caddell.  And I think the dismissal has far more to do with MSNBC and Media Matters being locked at the hip, with the latter prostrating to the former’s maniacal need to kill big game.  I think MSNBC just used Suicide as the rationale for outward consumption.


17 02 2012

Either way, it wasn’t going to end well.

Like Knows Like

17 02 2012

The top four countries that the American public trust?  Three are majority white and English-speaking, and the fourth is a country that contributed to the majority of the White American gene pool.

I find it a little curious that Israel isn’t too close to the top of the list, and is sandwiched between a bankrupt country of welfare dependents on the verge of turning upside down and a gigaperson shitty river slophole/stinkhole where “Mark” takes your customer service calls but doesn’t understand a word you say.  Not being “Pro-Israel” might not be the third rail that certain interested parties would like us to think.

A bit disturbing is that the year-over-year trend is that Egypt, Cuba and Mexico have gotten a little more trustworthy.

God In 47 Feet

17 02 2012

H/T JewAmongYou.  Someone posted a link to the numerous rules that the LDS Church has set out for Mormon missionaries.  I think this document is a little dated, though.

Look at Rules #56-59:

56.  Do not play full court basketball.

57.  Do not play basketball in leagues.

58.  Do not play basketball in tournaments.

59.  You may play half-court basketball.

Full court is off limits, but half court is okay.

So they’re trying to tell us that what God abhors in 94 feet, he’s okay with in 47 feet?

Community Chest

16 02 2012

NYT profiles the growing phenomenon of the “community gun” among NYC ‘bangas.  It hints that one of the clues this was going on is when a given seized firearm turned up as a ballistics match in many other firearms-related crimes.

I have to warn you about the statistical legerdemain that’s about to ride over the horizon — Since one “community gun” will be used in many shootings and homicides, this mean all the crimes will be pinned on that gun, and more importantly, the original retailer which sold the gun to the buyer that passed the background check.  How it got from there into the NYC Gangland community chest will be irrelevant, but we all know that either it was stolen from its legitimate owner, or the legitimate owner was a straw purchaser.  Also “not releveant” all of sudden is the sheer number of Federal, state and local gun control laws, this being NYC, emphasis on the local, that are violated in running this communal gun scheme.

In related but better news, Canada is doing away with the long gun registry, which was a public promise of Prime Minster Stephen Harper during the most recent election cycle and a fait accompli of his Conservative Party winning an outright majority in Parliament.

Final Exam

16 02 2012

One of these days, you will learn how to put on a condom while you’re drunk, and you’ll also marry your boyfriend.

Then and only then will you become a man, my son.

Thursday’s Tidbits

16 02 2012


*  I despise Kansas, but not that much, and certainly not as much as one Mykel Dantae Karlyle.


The doers are probably graduates of a school so named.

*  What does corrupution in the CPD look like?  Well, you know.

As a result…

Philly eighth grader whacks his teacher.  The President of the PFT blames cutbacks in support staff, i.e. fewer PFT union members.

Funny, when I went to middle and high school, I don’t remember there being way too much in the way of support staff, and not once did I see an on-duty uniformed cop at school.  (There were off duty suit-and-tie cops who came for various assemblies).  For some reason, I don’t remember students whacking teachers.

*  Lesson learned:  The bottom 80% need to start paying their fair share.

D.C. gentrification is not resulting in an enrollment surge in the DCPS.

No shit, sherlock.  The yuppies that aren’t childless send their children to private schools.

Krispy Christie orders flags in NJ to fly at half staff.  I’m guessing someone from New Jersey did something heroic and died in the process or some time later.

We now literally have the food police.

I’m not surprised this happened in NC, and that the food police in question are NC state agents.  Beverly Perdue (Obamabot) is the Governor, so she would poodle along with any Obama fad.

Ironically, the school’s lunch was probably less healthy than the one her parents packed.

Still think I’m kidding when I say that Islam is the official religion of American public education?


*  “There are lots of drugs in Mexico.  But for some reason, people are still going.”

Need me to spell it out for you, Captain Oblivious?


Athletes and marriage proposals have been in the news lately, so here’s one that suits me a lot better.

She pretty much had to say yes, seeing as her boyfriend was half naked while on bended knee.

Tort litigation over concussions could kill football, so goes this theory.

I doubt it.  Football is one of the lynch pins of Black Run America, and also the opiate of the American white man, especially the southern white man.  TPTB aren’t going to let it die so easily, no sooner than the Emperor would have cancelled the chariot races.

I do think that football should take a season off while we do a collective catharsis of crimes committeed by and against football players, and also our collective ignorance of the same, prostrating ourselves to that cult.

Thanks for sharing, Steven.

We need a better running back.  How about that?

The headline is:  “Behind the locker room doors before and after Lin’s game-winning shot against the Raptors.”

The byline is:  Holly MacKenzie.

Why are we still allowing that?

Then again, in light of recent news, there are a lot of men that shouldn’t be allowed in locker rooms, either.

Don’t be fooled.  It’s easy to take a quick glance at this article and think that the students voluntarily forfeited.  Wrong — It was the school, and the students are protesting.

It’s probably the first time in their lives when some adult in a position of authority over the public schools they attend have transmitted the message that there is a purpose to public education other than team sports.


15 02 2012

Now I finally know the time of day around here.

There are some St. Louis drivers whose driving skills are so questionable that their licenses restrict them to driving only when there is light rain or light snow occurring.  It has to be that, for these lousy drivers never seem to drive when the weather is good, fair or bad, to fuck shit up for the rest of us.

I Forgot to Go to Starbucks Yesterday

15 02 2012

I’ll go today.

Yesterday was supposed to be the buycott, to counter the anti-gun nuts’ boycott of The Generic Coffee House Whose Cup Has the Visage of a Suggestively Naked Long-Haired White Woman (TM).

There are lots of businesses that welcome people that carry, yet the left is only bitching a fit about Starbucks.  Why?

It took me awhile to figure it out, but I finally did this morning.  Coffee houses are supposed to be the domain of the left, from a cultural and sociological standpoint.  If Starbucks allows CCW, then all these good arty-farty libs have to cavort with the kind of people that carry concealed, and they don’t want that.  They don’t like people who carry any more than they like people who smoke cigarettes.

Survival of the Smallest

15 02 2012

One of the world’s smallest reptiles.

Of course, it begs the obvious MUSICAL segue, to one of the most nonsensical music videos in the history of the genre.

Islam: The Latest Fashion Accessory

14 02 2012

Oliver Stone’s son converts to Islam, but downplays the religiosity of it all.


In case you haven’t noticed, Islam is the official religion of American public schools.

It’s Even in the Constitution

14 02 2012

Washington Times:

Va. Senate approves property rights constitutional amendment

RICHMOND — The General Assembly on Monday signed off on a major priority of Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, approving a constitutional amendment stipulating that private property can only be taken for public use.

“Private property can only be taken for public use.”  Next thing you know, Cuccinelli will be wanting just compensation for the owners of such seized property.

Hey Virginia, time to party like it’s 1791.

The Long View

14 02 2012

What do you do when you’re losing an argument or not winning it as decisively as you wish here in early 21st Century Official America?


Editorial: Sinquefield sets public school debate ablaze with KKK talk

When St. Louisan Rex Sinquefield starts a fire, he uses a flame-thrower.

Mr. Sinquefield is a retired investor and philanthropist who has spent millions of dollars trying to convince lawmakers to let individuals divert taxpayer dollars from public schools to help them pay for private education. Last week, he poured gasoline on the combustible public education debate. Then he tossed a very big match.

In a speech at Lindenwood University, the founder of the libertarian Show-Me Institute think-tank said this, quoting from a column in an Osage County newspaper about the alleged beginnings of the public school system:

“… he said a long time ago, decades ago, the Ku Klux Klan got together and said how can we really hurt the African-American children permanently? How can we ruin their lives? And what they designed was the public school system.”

In other words, Regal Rex is going into full SPLC mode.

Really, Rex.  I doubt the K-people were thinking about “permanent damage to African-American children” when they did what they did.  They didn’t exactly have the reputation of taking the long view.  It should also be noted that American public education far predated the Klan, in fact, the legal foundation for the St. Louis City Public Schools was laid even before Missouri became a state, and the SLPS’s first schools opened in 1838.  The Klan started in 1871.  Just a little bit of inconvenient historical timing for the towering intellectual there.

The P-D Editorial Board goes on to denounce Regal Rex hauling out the K-weapon.  But remember, this is the same P-D Editorial Board which in the late 1980s and early 1990s, drew editorial cartoons of anti-deseg members of the St. Louis City School Board wearing Klan robes and hoods, and a paper whose editorial bias isn’t one to reject the SPLC “linking” everything to the “Klan.”

You See a Bug

14 02 2012

Democrats see a feature.


Voter Rolls Are Rife With Inaccuracies, Report Finds

WASHINGTON — The nation’s voter registration rolls are in disarray, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Center on the States. The problems have the potential to affect the outcomes of local, state and federal elections.

One in eight active registrations is invalid or inaccurate. At the same time, one in four people who are eligible to vote — at least 51 million potential voters — are not registered.

The report found that there are about 1.8 million dead people listed as active voters. Some 2.8 million people have active registrations in more than one state. And 12 million registrations have errors serious enough to make it unlikely that mailings based on them will reach voters.

The NYT sees the voter rolls in “disarray.”  Really?  Any time someone proposes doing something about it, NYT is first in line to whine about “racial profiling” or “voter suppression.”  Why do you think there’s no real push to purge dead people from the polls?  Answer:  Because someone will make sure they vote Democrat.  Getting as many unwilling people as possible to register to vote, and keeping them on the rolls even after they die, is the sine qua non of voter fraud.  Eric Holder’s latest hobby horse is the auto-magic registration of people who turn 18 years old, even if they don’t want to register or vote.  You get one guess why.

One man’s feature is another man’s bug.  One man’s disarray is another man’s path to victory.


14 02 2012

Today is the Centennial anniversary of Arizona statehood, and therefore the hundredth anniversary of every part of the real estate now called the Lower 48 being part of a state.

Here’s hoping that Arizona lives long enough to celebrate its bicentennial, or even its sesquicentennial.  The way the demographics are going, it’s far from a sure thing.

Incidentally, I found out on AR that one of the unfortunate side effects of SB 1070 combined with the subprime housing busts is that a lot of former California blacks pissed off at Hispanic dispossession have moved to Phoenix, not only for the suddenly cheap housing, but also because they falsely assume that SB 1070 is resulting in the state becoming a Hispanic-free “paradise.”


A few interesting Arizona MSM stories.

How Arizonans celebrated statehood, i.e. some 13,000 Tucsonians and 11,000 Phoenicians.

The Confederacy actually recognized a territory called “Arizona” before the Union.

The February 14, 1912 front page of the paper now called the Arizona Republic.

On the semicentennial, Sen. Barry Goldwater predicts what his state would be like on the centennial.  He got a lot right, but one thing he thankfully got wrong.  That one thing speaks to his tragic and sometimes reality-blinding dogmatic libertarianism.  As you read in the first article, his family’s department store was one of only three in Phoenix at the time of statehood.


New to the Blogroll

13 02 2012

Daily Kenn.  What you get when you cross AR with the Drudge Report.

Detective Shaved Longcock.  Second City Cop’s partner in Thoughtcrime.

Don’t Think They Needed Much Prodding

13 02 2012

The Blaze:

Kindergarteners at a Texas elementary school were sent home with lyrics to a pro-President Barack Obama song that included such lines as “Barack Obama is the man” and “He’s our man, yes we can!”

The song, part of a Black History Month program, was forwarded from a parent at Tipps Elementary School in Houston to Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, a nationally syndicated radio host and frequent fill-in for Glenn Beck. Included with the lyrics was an apparent memo to kindergarten teachers that said kindergarteners would be “required” to learn the chant for the program [all spelling errors below are original].

GreatSchools.com:  Tipps Elementary School is 62% Hispanic, 20% Black, 11% White and 7% API.  The school is Pre-K through 5th, so I imagine that there is an inverse relationship between grade level and Hispanic percentage, based on Texas’s demographic future, i.e. KG is more Hispanic than 5th Grade.

Sure, Malia and Sasha are going to Yale.  I wonder if their father is going to wield any undue influence on the Yale admissions committee.  Hmmm.


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