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4 03 2012


Politico uses the occasion of Olympia Snowejob’s retirement to interview our very own Claire McCaskill about the disappearing moderate.

This is why I get paid the big bucks, to tell you the truth about these sorts of things.

The reason American politics has no substantial middle anymore is basically the same reason there are no moderates in Mississippi state politics.  R-A-C-E.  Since elections are quickly becoming little more than racial headcounts, one party is implicitly the white party, and the other the non-white and fellow traveler white party, there is no room for moderation.  You’re either black or white, pun intended.

*  Obama calls for it, so you knew Illinois would poodle right along.  If you’re going to be 17 after this bill passes and want to drop out, don’t worry — The state doesn’t have the resources to enforce truancy laws.

St. Louis’s newest necklacer.

Missouri’s death penalty law is not “too broad.”  The only way you can get the death penalty is if you commit first degree murder and are at least 18 years old.  Missouri’s premediated murder law is pretty cut and dry, and 18 is pretty easy to prove as well.

The real scandal is that the last time one of the most murderous judicial circuits in the state, St. Louis City, handed out a death sentence, was 1994.

They’re only here to steal the credit cards that Americans won’t do.


Rush apologizes for “slut,” I would have too, because I wouldn’t have used the word “slut.”  Everything else was fair game.

This apology should get this conversation back on the level, and that is, the Democrat-Left’s attempt to force the Catholic Church directly or indirectly to pay for contraceptives and aborticide.  As far as that goes, the Democrat-Left won’t comprehend how suicidal they’re being when they try to start a war with the Catholic Church until November 7.

*  Once upon a time, the Southern Baptist Convention had an (undeserved) reputation for “racism.”  Not only are they beyond that, they’re almost entirely on the other side now.  The next leader of the SBC?  Guess…

*  How do you like your three cups of tea now, neos?  Even Rush Limbaugh is having second thoughts.  We’ll know his mind is completely changed when he calls any given major neo-con political or media figure you’ve heard of a “slut.”

Even under perfect circumstances, Afghanistan is impossible.  But our circumstances are less that perfect because our military is run by a bunch of left wing kiss-asses who would rather see a thousand American soldiers dead than a Muslim offended.  Any military effort against Afghanistan all along should have been non-stop bombing and air raids, and absolutely zero ground involvement.

*  Irony time:  Committed mail fraud, yet he’s on a stamp.

No to bacon, yes to mustard greens.  Because mustard green-fueled soldiers won WWII.

Democrats in the Iowa legislature temporarily turn into fleebaggers because they didn’t want to debate Iowa adopting the castle doctrine/stand your ground.  Of course they don’t want those things — Their most loyal constituents (blacks) wouldn’t find it so easy to have “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa State Fair.

Someone please take Rahm aside and explain to him that the reason these principals were top flight principals is because their schools were full of top flight students.  They won’t be top flight principals anymore if they have to run schools full of low IQ black students.  Hopefully, these top flight principals will grasp that and not fall for Rahm’s bribes.  Hell, Rahm said it himself — One in four (probably more than that) of CPS students will never amount to anything except taking up prison space.

There are a few things about this story that don’t add up.

First, they were kicked out of their house, even though they were still able to pay the $950/month rent, because the landlord couldn’t make the mortgage payments on that house, and the bank foreclosed, and then the bank had their stuff tossed out on the street.  The problem with that story is that they had a lease, so the bank foreclosing on the landlord would mean the bank is the new landlord and would have to abide by the lease.

Second, if the parents were still able to pay $950 a month rent, why couldn’t they rent a different place for that amount, instead of living in a $155 a week motel room?

Here we go again.  And he’s supposedly a Republican.  He has to know that in spite of him, his people will vote mostly for Democrats in Federal elections.  Why would he hurt his own party?  Answer:  Blood is thicker than party registration.

*  Translation:  Please don’t blame Obama.

*  Point of order:  The AR-15 could not have been his possession legally, because he was under 18.

*  I suppose now that every retired well known black athlete has to run out and start a Charter “Skoo.”  One of the University of Michigan Fab Five (Jalen Rose?) has started one in Dirtrot.

*  Says it, plain as day:

A Hemet High School graduate, Ramirez was a ninth grade English teacher with the district since 2007, according to district records. She worked in a program with incoming ninth graders to become acclimated into high school, Deputy Superintendent LaFaye Platter said.

She certainly did get certain Freshmen acclimated to high school.

This little piggy gets “deported,” this little piggy stays home.

John Culberson should have more sense than this.  You want them turned away at the border to be “home in time for dinner.”  If they’re brought into the interior of the country and “prosecuted,” their lawyers will be able to use endless technicalities and hangups to keep the criminal case going as long as possible.  And the longer they’re here, the more likely it is that they will get to stay here.

*  Mississippi going from Haley Barbour to Phil Bryant as Governor…turned out to be an upgrade.

*  “Undocumented and unafraid.”  Why should they be afraid?

*  One of the unfortunate unintended consequences of Arizona SB 1070 is that blacks from Southern California are under the false impression that Hispanics are being run out of the state, so they’re moving in.  As a result…


More Wikileaks “Water is Wet” Duh.  Earth to Julian — Those of us with three-digit IQs already figured this out by implication the moment we found out that the SEALs knocked off OBL in Abbottabad.

Burkina Faso…yet another superpower-in-waiting that is just waiting for us whites to take our foots off their necks.

*  No matter where you go, no matter where you are, the natural habit of non-blacks is to put blacks in some sort of cage.

I deem it to be accurate.


*  Months after the SEALs send OBL to his 72 virgins, and days after Act of Valor is a big hit in the theaters, Tiger Woods’s former caddy claims that his ex-boss entertained thoughts of becoming a SEAL.

And if you actually buy that, I have a golf course on the Golden Gate Bridge to sell you.

Timing is everything when it comes to public relations and image repair.

*  Damn you autocorrect.  Really damn you.

The next great Dominican ball player prospect/suspect.  They’re fighting over his real age, and with Dominicans, you never really know for sure.  (Yes, Albert Pujols, I’m looking at you).  Just to show you how old we’re getting, the most credible paperwork lists his birthday as Christmas Day 1995.

I remember that Christmas Day.  Art Bell’s first book was one of my presents.  Unfortunately, the book was sort of a disappointment.  How could I tell?  I finished it before December 25 became December 26, among other things.

Paul Huebl takes us back to a school shooting of yoreSpeaking of…

I’m going to force this story into hypothetical gender neutrality to be fair.

A woman who would seriously trade some of her IQ points for bigger boobs, or a man who would trade some of his IQ points for a bigger dick, probably doesn’t have many IQ points to begin with.

*  No wonder NASCAR didn’t want the General Lee car to be shown at today’s race in PhoenixLook at the goon they picked to be the Grand Marshall.

And yes, I mean “goon” quite literally.




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4 03 2012

NASCAR is trying to destroy itself, and doing a pretty good job.

Going to races is an expensive hobby and getaway for White people who want nothing to do with blacks. Half-drunk hillbillies (I can say that, I am one) are not like DWLs and don’t mix with coloreds.

It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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