Short Distance Call

5 03 2012

In the second part of its expose of the Politician-Gangbanger continuum that are Chicago politics, Chicago Mag exposes how various black and Hispanic state politicians from Chicago’s black and Hispanic sections use their power to force the Illinois Department of Corrections to transfer incarcerated gangbangers to lower security prisons and/or prisons closer to Chicago.

There is one thing about this that the writer doesn’t seem to grasp — If a given hard core ‘banger is in a lower security institution near Chicago instead of a maximum security joint downstate, it makes it far easier for him to coordinate with his peeps on the streets.  That’s the whole point of these transfers, not “being closer to family.”



2 responses

6 03 2012

I am surprised you read Chicago Magazine. Actually I am more surprised they actually write stories. I used to have a subscription, but there was so little of value in it when I cancelled 10 years ago that at $10 a year it was over priced. Maybe they have discovered that magazines without acticles, only restaurant listings, of merit don’t sell.

6 03 2012

I don’t, but SCC and DSL do. The only Chicago restaurant I care about that much is Ballydoyle.

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