Timothy Dolan, Kingmaker?

5 03 2012

It just might be the native St. Louisan that will be the person most singularly responsible for getting Barack H. Obama, Jr. out of the White House when all is said and done.

I said in this space a few days ago that the Democrat-Left was on the suicide track with this “Force the Catholic Church to pay for contraception” business.  It will be all Obama and his party needs — Cardinal Dolan and every Catholic Priest in America will use the occasion of Mass on Sunday, November 4 to imply that Catholics and others shouldn’t vote Democrat.  And when Catholic Priests speak, a lot of people take their words as having otherworldly inspiration.  The whole “Vicar of Christ” thing, though the theology of that is far more complicated than I suggest.




One response

6 03 2012

I don’t know …

From Ann Barnhardt (barnhardt.biz), see the posts titled:

On Cardinal Dolan (And It Ain’t Good)
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – February 18, AD 2012 10:01 PM MST

On Bishops, Sanduskys, Showers and Decisions
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – February 19, AD 2012 8:13 PM MST

And then reflect on whether some in the list below should be church sponsored groups:

Parish Groups and Activities
Parish Groups
General Information
Adult Activities
Catholic Lesbians
Gay Catholics
Youth Ministry
Young Adults Group
Zen Meditation Group
Xavier Shelter Soccer Program
The Inner Life Registration Form
Family Faith Choir

And then decide who side Dolan is really on.

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