Racism in North Dakota

6 03 2012

Williston (N.D.) Herald:

North Dakota residents who will be at least 18 years old on Election Day, Nov. 6, may take part. Participants must have identification, such as a driver’s license, to be eligible to vote in the caucuses, said Matt Becker, a state GOP spokesman.

Jesse and Al, time to pack your bags for North Dakota.  It needs some social justice.

Though this being North Dakota, (unlike South Dakota, it has relatively few Native Americans), I don’t know what kind of minorities there are to “disenfranchise,” especially in a Republican caucus.  However, I have heard that one of the unfortunate side effects of the oil boom is that various mostly Lutheran liberal do-gooder refugee resettlement dorks are flooding some ND towns with Somalians faster than you can say Mogadishu.

The backdrop of this article is that ND is Ron Paul’s best chance for a win tonight, and I agree, because it’s a kinda-sorta western state shot through with a curious political populist verve historically speaking, and it has very few Mormons.  RP is also trying in Idaho, which also votes today.  Trouble is, Idaho has a lot of Mormons, so Romney will probably win it.




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