Super Letdown

8 03 2012

It wasn’t the best night in the world for Mitt Romney, but it was a good night.  He’s up to 85% on Intrade, and the delegate math is a severe uphill climb for Santorum.  We’ll probably look back on March 6 and figure that it was the day that he effectively won the nomination.

Newt Gingrich needed to win Tennessee to stay credible, but he finished in third place.  Time for him to call it a campaign.

I’m a Ron Paul guy, but there’s no sugar coating Tuesday.  In the three states where he spent the most time and money, ND, ID and AK, he finished behind Santorum in all of them.  It’s time for Rand to take his father aside and gently break the news that it’s over.  Best to use his time he has left in Congress and as the head of the Fed Oversight subcommittee to grill Bernanke et al., to give Romney some campaign material in the fall against Obama.

Still, Romney has not won a stereotypically Southern state.  Also for the record, his wins in VA and MA on Tuesday were the first time he won a majority in any contested non-caucus plebiscite.  Though MA is one of his home states, and VA was a result of his surrogates moving the goalposts halfway through the game to kick everyone but Romney and Ron Paul off the ballot, so I really don’t put much credence (clearwater revival) into that.

You betcha’.  Musical segue.