Kony Phony

11 03 2012

Now all the libtard celebutards of the world want us to march boots into central and eastern Africa in order to apprehend the leader of what is little more than an enhanced black street gang whose power is on the wane.

Whatever happened to “give peace a chance” and “instead of war?”

What’s the scam here?  Cui bono?

Don’t forget, if we invade Uganda, The Congo or South Sudan, then we’re liable to take in thousands of citizens of those countries as “war refugees.”  Years later, they and their progeny will be forming gangs here.

If any white conservative politician, media figure or activist proposes any sort of public behavior of the same sort against our own domestic black street gangs, all these good libs would be first in line bitching about racism.  Of course, that’s something we will never have to worry about in reality, because today’s “conservatives” are too busy scheming on how to get a brokered Republican convention to nominate Allen West for President.

If you must:


Welcome to Bracketville, Pop. 68

11 03 2012

I’m looking at this thing they call a “bracket.”  And whaddaya know, there’s no Oregon State in it.  I don’t imagine their coach is going to have a job much longer.  With any luck, we’ll fire his brother-in-law in eight months as well.

Auspiciously, they put Mizzou and SLU in the same region.

Also, we will probably be hearing from the dork in Orlando with a fax machine some time this week.


Okay, I’m getting too many e-mails asking me who I mean by the “dork in Orlando with the fax machine.”  I have updated the FAQ in earnest.

Fun With Sunday Headlines

11 03 2012

Free Beacon:  Obama likens himself to Mandela, Gandhi

I can hear Nelson Mandela talking to someone one day soon:  “I knew Barack Obama.  Barack Obama was a friend of mine.  And you’re no Barack Obama.”

Free Beacon:  Roc-A-Fella Republican

Convert the video to black-and-white and lower the resolution, and D.W. Griffith would recognize it.

FNC:  Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence

Imagine the ghetto applications.

HuffPo:  Garry McCarthy, Chicago Police Chief, Pledges No NYPD-Esque Spying On Muslims

That probably means the upcoming show “Good Muslim Bitches” won’t be filmed or set in Chicago.

CofCC:  New Bombshell: Obama’s nanny was a transvestite.

Whaddaya know, a tranny nanny.

Yahoo Canada:  Texas for third year warns against spring break Mexico

A Texan travelling to Mexico is redundant, when all they have to do is open a window to see Mexico.

P-D:  Transfer law would negate St. Louis schools’ progress, superintendent says

And if there’s a drought, my crabgrass won’t grow.

Sunday Wrap-Up

11 03 2012


Wasn’t me.  But I’m glad to know that there is one fewer accountant in Ballwin as of this past week.

At what age or grade level did your teacher(s) stop caring about cursive writing?  While my second and third grade teachers were obsessed with it, my fourth grade teacher didn’t care either way.

Again, don’t get your hopes up.  I know how this is going to end, the way it ends every year.  The anti-gun nuts from Chicagograd will gum up the works with useless anti-gun bills that would have had no chance to pass anyway, even in Illinois.

*  Before the scanning machines, court house security guards and officers weren’t allowed to do physical searches of the briefcases of attorneys, (and they still aren’t), because it is presumed there is privileged information relating to a pending case inside.


Another WikiLeaks “shocker” — Democrats steal (or try to steal) elections.

*  Pro-Life activist Randall Terry, making a quixotic Presidenital bid as a Democrat, did well enough in Oklahoma versus President Obama that he will earn a delegate, meaning Obama’s second nomination in Charlotte this summer won’t be unanimous.

The media are making a little bit of hay over the fact that Obama only got 57% of the vote in Oklahoma, even though he has no serious competition.  However, Oklahoma was the reddest state in the blue wave years of 2008, so I doubt Obama is much worried.  By the same token, people are making too much about Romney’s inability to win a Southern primary or caucus:  If he’s the nominee, he’ll win most of the South because the other guy is Obama.

*  I know why the Obama White House wants to shut down NGIC, and I don’t like any of those reasons.  I agree with the action, though, even though I have a different reason.  A concurring opinion, to use the jargon of the judiciary.

First, there is a propensity to scapegoat gangs for all black and Hispanic crime.  It’s too “easy” an answer, almost like a crutch, or a canard, that Official America limps around on because it’s too lazy to do “rehab,” so to speak.  Second, even if the NGIC collects all this data and intelligence, so what?  Almost all legislation to deal with black and Hispanic (especially black) gangs gets knocked down in the judiciary (justifiably so) for substantive due process concerns.

What’s so secretive about all this?  Trying to hide the bullshit methodology being used to keep the “official” unemployment rate artificially low in order to get Obama re-elected?

Nailed for stealing $11k worth of cell phones, i.e. 20 phones.  That figures to $550/phone.  Isn’t that a little high?  I know that most people don’t see what they really pay for a cell phone, because the true cost of the device is hidden in the carrier service contract.

Hold off on your outrage until you get to the ninth paragraph.  Other than that, we don’t even know for sure that the other two suspended students are white.  And other than the fake Twitter account being named “Lake NoNegro,” the actual tweet isn’t necessarily racially tinged per se.

*  Almost everything the liberals of San Francisco say and do and advocate for is “for the children.”  Yet, San Franciso’s share of population that is under 18 is the lowest of all major cities in the country.  As an aside, the neighborhood listed here as affordable was the one where those post-game riots took place after the 49ers pre-season game last August.

*  Today’s Marine Corps:  Social workers with rank.

Four of the five richest counties in America are in the Washington, D.C. area.  Isn’t freedom great?  And April 15 is coming up, shut up and pay your taxes, honkey.

*  Just wait.  Telling black men who use D.C. public transit that they can’t masturbate and grope women will be “racist.”

*  It’s called arguing about draining the swamp while you’re up to your ass in gators:  If I hear one more politician fawn over the American Founding era and the documents written at that time, I’m going to throw up.  Maybe it would be a good idea to solve the most pressing problems that modern day Philadelphia are known for before you fawn over what happened there more than two centuries ago.

Bring ’em on.  They’ll put cameras in these classrooms to catch abusive teachers in the act.  What they will find most of the time are wild and abusive students.

The SPLC’s new worry is “misogyny.”  I take that as proof that this whole Democrat-Left manufactured bullshit NONtroversy about “war on women” has been in the works for even longer than we thought, and is more coordinated and widespread than we thought.

Grover Norquist:  Getting more idiotic by the day.

“If we treat illegal aliens like illegal aliens, then they’ll have to spend money to get legal.”

You don’t say.

I’m reading this and laughing.  Remember, throughout most of 2007, Barack Obama wasn’t black enough to be black.  The whole “Barack the Magic Negro” meme came from a long feature article from that city’s major newspaper.


I’m glad they won, but they, referred to in this article as “hard leftists,” should realize that they created this petard of witch hunts over “racism” on which they were hoisted for awhile.

*  Really?  If you’re 14-year old Mexican, and you start running with one drug gang, you run the risk of another drug gang cutting you up into little bitty pieces.  When will Mexicans finally grok the deterrent factor of their own gangs’ brutality and quit ganging up?

Aren’t you glad we liberated Iraq?

*  Czech is one of the major components of my ethnic constitution, so I read this article with some interest.  It’s about the rise of the “far right” (read:  conservatives who want to conserve more than just low tax rates) youth culture.

In passing, the article states that one of the reasons the politically organized Czech “far right” is weak is because the Czech Republic hardly has any non-white immigrants.  This coming from the same mentality that advocates “contact theory.”  IOW, they’re admitting that non-white criminality and folkways beget “far right” reactionary politics.  Maybe our diversity is not our strength.

The other unstated reason is that the current Czech government already fairly right wing, the closest you’ll find in Europe to our ideal paradigm.


Last I heard, the MLB offices relented.  But I really can’t add more than what the article already says.  I will say that the MLB offices are in Manhattan, and like most people there, they kinda sorta think the world’s boundaries are the Hudson and East Rivers.  Someone working at the MLB offices probably saw these throwback unis, and reacted the way any New Yorker would react, not giving a thought that someone would think differently.  After all, everyone they know thinks like they do.

Glenn Beck vs Louis Farrakhan.  I have no dog in the fight, but it should be fun to watch.

WordPress puts up with a lot, but it won’t put up with everything.  Therefore, I won’t say exactly what I think about this feud.  I will admit that it involves a racial pejorative, and the word “lover.”

Why married men make more money than single men, ceteris paribus.

Theory number two is the George Gilder thesis.

I can advance a fourth theory:  Firms who are looking to hire for relatively high paid positions will throw the resumes of single childless men into the trash can, because they think that married men with children will be better and more productive employees.  In recessionary times like ours, firms that are hiring even for mediocre work of middling pay grades will do the same.

*  Yeah, so?  Those who can do, those who can’t dream about it while teaching.

The problem with bragging about inventing the paradigm of tablet computing is that it’s not profound.  A lot of people thought about it, and in fact, AAPL tried it before in 1992 with the Newton.  It was an idea lying around waiting for the right time and place and infrastructure and economy to be viable.  When Steve Jobs struck while the iron was hot with the iPad a few years ago, his timing was right on.  The reason AAPL’s Newton flopped in 1992 and AAPL’s iPad flew in 2010 is because the internet, much more wireless networking, existed in 2010 when it did not in 1992, and therefore, a tablet computer in 2010 was far more useful for the average person than a standalone non-networked tablet computer in 1992.

*  Speaking of AAPL, its word processing program, Pages, is really politically correct with its grammar-checking engine.  The story is about gender, but surely Pages doesn’t want to be “racist,” either.

I never use a word processor’s grammar checker.  First off, it’s often wrong.  Second, even when it’s literally correct, it’s verily wrong, for making the change it suggests would alter the meaning of what I’m trying to communicate.  Third, they often crash your word processing program.