Monday Reading Material

12 03 2012

I’ll be in Kansas City for the rest of the week, so expect only sporadic posting until Sunday.  I have a temporary job between Wednesday and Saturday.  I figured out why I got this job now:  The college basketball tourney.  I suppose the firm for which I’ll be working is expecting a sharp dropoff in productivity from its permanent employees on Thursday and Friday, and to a lesser extent, Saturday, because watching Kentucky beat Southwest Idaho State 125-62 is more important than trying to hold on to your job in a recession.  As T.S. Eliot might have said, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a sneaker squeak.

Before I go, I’ll clear out my stack of stuff:


He isn’t the first mayoral son to think that the city’s traffic ordinances don’t apply to him.  My mother could tell you tales about Corey Cervantes, son of mayor Alfonso Cervantes.

MU’s student government wants a smoke-free campus post haste.

Wait’ll they find out that smoking weed falls under the aegis of “smoking.”


*  I guess in this case, they really didn’t want to taste the rainbow.

Black and Jewish students at Berkeley are at each other’s necks over Farrakhan.  However, Farrakhan was never in any danger — If he really wanted to make enemies at Berkeley, he would have made an Asian crack about Jeremy Lin.

*  All I can say is, this is what happens when you get your freak on.

They made him stand on a street curb and hold a sign that read, “I’m a thief.”

The sign was redundant.

Speaking of being a thief.  Can you spot the one obviously white person?

Why wouldn’t Angela Davis be included?  After all, not so long ago, she quit the Communist Party and became a plain ole Democrat because, paraphrasing her own words, the Democrats gave her enough of what she wanted.

*  And why do “About 11 percent of Hispanic voters reportedly lack state-issued identification?”

Illegal aliens.

Truthfully, it’s probably higher than that.

Another one in the mold of Mike Tyson that likes biting ears.

Actually, not long after Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear, Marv Albert was accused of doing the same to at least one woman, though in that case, it was a subtext to much more serious allegations.  I thought at the time that Mike Tyson and Marv Albert should go together on a “Bite Me” T-Shirt.

I bet black diamond miners in Zimbabwe weren’t so mistreated when Ian Smith was in charge.  Most of the same SWPL white liberals who are complaining about “blood diamonds” now were also bitching about apartheid and colonialism not so long ago.  Do they not see the contradiction?


That Didn’t Take Long

12 03 2012

Well, whaddaya know.  I knew we would hear from him this week, but I was thinking more like Wednesday or Thursday.  The dork in Orlando with a fax machine must have started work right at 7 PM when the selection show was over and worked all night.  His home town paper was first with the news.

I’m not going to bother responding to any of this, because I have already done so numerous times in the past, after Dorky Dorkenstein runs his mouth every mid-December and mid-March.  I did notice that if the new Academic Progress Rate proposal was in force right now, SLU wouldn’t be allowed in the tournament.  (It’s just as well, they’re one and done in my bracket anyway).  Too, if it is ever implemented, then it might make Dorky Dorkenstein’s brain blue-screen when he realizes that it will result in less diversity (i.e. fewer blacks) in college basketball.

Now, we won’t have to hear from him until December, when the BCS Bowl teams are announced.  Except the Summer Olympics are coming up in August, so he might take the chance to pop off about how the swim teams are too white.  What’s that you say?  The sprinting squads on the track team are too black and decidedly non-diverse? (*)  Naw, you won’t hear a peep from him about that.

* – Yes, I’m pulling for Christophe Lemaitre.  But I think he has a better chance to medal in 2016 or 2020.

Last Call

12 03 2012

Did you know?  The ability to buy drinks at Fraley’s on Manchester and Clarkson after 1 AM is causing a huge crime wave in Ellisville.

It isn’t?

Well, East St. Louis is having that kind of problem.

And for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the big difference is between East St. Louis and Ellisville

Unless I can, and have.