The Afghanistan Shooter

14 03 2012

The American soldier suspected in the rampage that killed 16 Afghanis?

Curiously, they’re holding back his identity.

That probably means he isn’t white, or they would have plastered his face all over the media by now.  My money is on Muslim, maybe another Afghani.


He is white.  He just didn’t want to be deployed again.

What’s surprising is that they held off so long in IDing him, knowing he has no PC brownie points.  Can’t say gay, because he’s married with two children.




7 responses

14 03 2012

I am going to disagree with you here, he is most likely black.

He is a 38yo Staff Sergeant (E-6). Unless this guy’s initial enlistment was when he was in his early 30s (in that case he is white), he is not making rank – unless he has been busted down a couple of times – and he is probably looking at being let go after this tour ends with the reduction in troops.

14 03 2012

Difficult to believe that a reporter hasn’t divulged the identity. There must be tens of thousand of troops who know who it was by now.

I’m not really that interested in the story. It is one of those things that will happen when you go to war. There will be worse and there will be better. But there will be. Don’t go to war, and you stop it from happening.

14 03 2012

That’s my point. I’m sure they know, but the truth is a hot potato so the reporters that would and could know are sitting on it. You’re right, it will eventually leak even if the Pentagon is trying to sit on it. If all else fails, there are always those Lady Gaga CDs.

16 03 2012

They’re saying he’s “from the Midwest, married, with two young children.”

Doesn’t sound like a Muslim or a kaffir to me.

Will we see a follow-up post that you were wrong?

16 03 2012

uh, no. I’ll just update this post.

“From the Midwest, married with two young children” probably also means he’s not black. How many black men does that describe? Then again, I said the Beltway Snipers couldn’t have been black because the operation was too sophisticated. Boy, was I wrong.

16 03 2012

How many black men does that describe?

Probably more in the military than not considering what happens to a paycheck in a military divorce.

16 03 2012

You were right.

I want to know more. Bronze Starred 38yo E-6?

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