Wednesday Deck Clearing

14 03 2012

Yes, I spent an evening in my hotel room clearing the deck to empty out my stack of stuff.  No time to deal with any of these stories individually, not only because of work, but because of beef brisket.  For some reason, I have decided against loitering around East High School.

The area does make an appearance in this post.


Man shot across the street from Roosevelt HS’s football field.  If you read the piece, you’ll walk away with the implication that it’s unusual for there to be crime near a football field.  Yeah, that’s the thing that makes me the most indignant, that someone tried to kill someone else in plain sight of an altar to teenage athleticism.

Attended Vashon, but lived in Wellston.  How does that work?

None of this was her fault, but by the same token, such an honor student should have known better than to carry on with such a questionable man.  Her life was mostly North City and Wellston, she should have known the score.

More razzle-dazzle distractions in ESL.  To bicker about whether black run nightclubs in black cities serving black clientele have “bad business practices” is like arguing over which water is the wettest.  If any ole regular nightclub has “bad business practices,” it will probably go out of business, but nobody tries to kill anybody else.

*  It’s the least wonderful time of the year.  Just as the dork in Orlando with a fax machine gets mentioned every mid-March, so locally will Dr. Raymond Slavin, probably the most prominent allergist within a 200 mile radius of St. Louis.  He was actually my first allergist, as back in those days, he maintained a juvenile allergy practice at Cardinal Glennon.

*  Wait a minute.  I thought John Brunner was the professional Danforth schill in this race.  Apparently, if he was, he’s not anymore, and Danforth is now begging State Auditor Tom Danforth to throw his hat in the ring.  Now you know why I recommended a vote for Susan Montee in 2010, just to keep a Danforth pawn out of the bullpen.

And yes, I’m for Todd Akin all the way.

Shocked that an Arcola, Illinois cop could have a name like “Rogelio Javier Gutierrez?”

I’m not.  I’ve known for a few years that Arcola has a lot of Hispanics, mainly as cheap labor for a broom factory in town.

He was the first “undocumented” student in Belton, Missouri ever to face “deportation” (such as it is, or rather, isn’t).  As many illegal aliens as the Kansas City area has, he should have been far from the first.

One more thing:  He lives in Belton, as in Missouri, yet he went to Johnson County CC, which is in Kansas.  An out of stater, so I’m sure the tuition was steep.  Who paid?

Next up is Illinois.  The consensus is that Romney wins Chicagoland, Santorum cleans up downstate, and we won’t know the winner until the next sunrise.  Somewhere, Bill Brady is grimacing.  Brady won the collars, but Quinn won because he cleaned up in Cook.  Cook generally has its way with these things.


*  The Chicago Police Department has been wanting a new in-city outdoor firing range for a long time.  How anti-gun is Chicago’s city government?  Of course they don’t want civilians to own firearms, but they don’t even want the POLICE to have a firing range.

Just when they’re on the verge of getting one?  Here come some bald eagles.

I can see how that worked:  Rahm asked Obama to have some Interior Department official to release a few bald eagles at that site.  Yeah, Rahm claimed to be in support of the range, but I doubt he wanted to deal with the grief from the anti-gun kooks if the range actually opened.

Dick Durbin wants to beef up the US-Mexico extradition treaty so that Mexicans who commit violent crimes in the U.S. can be extradited to face “justice.”  Of course, that’s the same Dick Durbin who kept the border wide open for these Mexicans to get into the country in the first place and commit these violent crimes here, but that little secret is just between you and me.

What will the Mexican government want in return?  Answer:  Amnesty and open borders.

*  The irony is that this five-cent bag tax is probably a result of enviro-greenie pressure.

Because calling Mexicans “Mexicans” is so racist.  Except we have so many non-Mexican Hispanics in the country that they might not actually be Mexicans.  That’s probably what they’re grinding over.

*  I have a theory which is not really mentioned here.

So many younger teachers, the Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbats, come into the job with a head full of egalitarian bromides, and with such high hopes that they’re going to be the ones that finally get rid of that pesky achievement gap, (as if they’re so much better teachers and human beings than the ones before them who couldn’t do it), that when black and brown reality bitch-slaps them in the face (sometimes literally), it shell shocks them and they give up teaching.  Even for teachers who are more jaded and more prepared for reality, the modern urban education system is a grind that gets to you after awhile.

Then again, young people are generally full of hubris and starry-eyed expectations, that balloon eventually winds up getting popped.  They’re going to make a difference, they’re going to change the world.  Except when they actually get to the world, they find out the world is a hell of a lot more stubborn than they gave it credit for in their college term papers.

*  Dummy Duncan:  There won’t be “educational equity” until every student has a laptop.

Was there educational equity before laptop computers were invented?

*  Because the United States has a paucity of scammy lawyers, we had to import some.  Though he is a citizen because he was born in PR, and he wasn’t really a lawyer.

The saga of the raw milk farmers of Ventura County, California.

We already know the county’s sheriff is butt buddies with the ADL.  I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

*  Obama’s Presidential re-elect Super PAC, the House Democrat Super PAC, the Senate Democrat Super PAC and a Democrat state election Super PAC are merging into a Super Super PAC.  Why?  My theory is that neither one of them individually has been able to raise much money, so they’re merging for spending flexibility, so that money can be sent to the most vulnerable places.  For instance, if it looks like Obama’s going to lose, then the Super Super PAC can send money that people sent to Obama’s Super PAC to help marginal House or Senate Democrats.

*  Of course Romney would never pick Santorum as a running mate, because Santorum is too credible a candidate himself too late in the game.  Nominees really don’t like picking their credible opposition as running mates, because every third conspiracy theory about the JFK assassination involves LBJ, who himself had a very credible candidacy himself in 1960, and would have been the Democrat nominee in all probability if Kennedy faltered.  (Remember, too, DNC 1960 was a brokered convention, yet JFK still won in the fall.  As Rush said today, the DNC in 1932 was also brokered, with FDR winning, though the way things were that year, it didn’t matter who the Democrats nominated, he would have won easily against Hoover.)

*  Duh, Longshoremen love the Chinese.  That’s because Longshoremen work at ports.


PJB’s latest is about Japan.  Sorry, I can’t agree with the pessimism and alarmism, which is very atypical for the person of Patrick Joseph Buchanan.  Japan’s population density on its arable land is akin to shoving almost the entire U.S. population into the state of Iowa.  Fewer people would do Japan a lot of good.  Just as long as they’re almost all Japanese, that’s the most important thing.

Frankly, I would rather have an America with 100 million people, virtually all of them white, than an America with 300 million people, 200 million whites and 100 million non-whites.

*  Australia:  Don’t you dare import guns, but do import the Middle Eastern gang thugs (code words for Southwest Sydney) that commit “gun crimes.”

Boys and girls, this is what we call “bassackwards.”


Tide laundry detergent is the big new “hot” item.

Why?  It’s the most expensive kind.  The largest container of liquid Tide for HE machines is now over $22 at Target.

I’m sure P&G is actually loving this news, for the same reason Microsoft really doesn’t mind people pirating Windows — It’s called the Network Effect.

Photoshop.  Lions and tigers don’t cohabitate peacefully.  Neither do lions and human children.

Lovie Smith:  What a genius.  Wants blacks to vote Obama in 2012.  He also wants the sun to rise in the east, for water to be wet, etc.

*  Speaking of which, the Rams have taken cornerback Cortland Finnegan off the free agent market.  You may think “good Irish boy.”  But in reality, he’s nothing more than a trash talking loutish black goon who’s going to get himself shot and maybe killed if he doesn’t put a cork in his smart mouth.

African Idol:  Why wasn’t this picked up in the background check before he got this far?  Why did it take until now for some cop to recognize him?

On the other hand, he is now the favorite to win Penitentary Idol, the grand prize being one whole week free of being buggered.




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