Pfleger Is Right

15 03 2012


Pfleger fires on toy guns in Easter baskets

There was a time when kids wanting toy guns had limited media images of cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers to emulate. Today, not so.

So the Rev. Michael Pfleger said he is challenging the sale of the toys — in Easter baskets — to a generation plagued by more violent and rampant use of guns in their own neighborhoods.

“I am writing to express my concern and outrage that Kmart is selling Easter baskets, which are obviously for children, with toy guns in them,” Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church in Auburn-Gresham, wrote to officials at the big box retailer, in a Mar. 9 letter obtained by the Sun-Times.


“As a Christian I’m insulted that Kmart or any store would use this celebration of life to have images of guns in Easter baskets, encouraging parents to buy them for their children. But equally important is that any psychiatrist will tell you a child who gets comfortable playing with toy guns and pointing them at people as a child becomes comfortable picking them up as an adult. In a nation that’s plagued with gun violence, neither Kmart nor any other store should be selling guns in Easter baskets to our kids.”

He’s right, you know.  I had all sorts of toy guns when I was a kid, a few of them actually looked real.  I got comfortable with them, and pointed them at other kids, and they pointed theirs at me.  As a result, I did become comfortable picking up real guns as an adult.

Only I’ve never gotten around to killing anyone.


Let’s See the Tea Party Movement Try to Defend This

15 03 2012

I thought states rights was one of their big issues.  Their big hero just pissed all over them.

From an Allen West press release:

Rep. Allen West Supports National Graduated Driver Licensing Legislation
Bipartisan bill will help save lives and taxpayer dollars

WEST PALM BEACH, FL., Representative Allen West (R-FL) spoke to local law enforcement leaders, educators and students today in Jupiter as he announced his co-sponsorship of the Safe Teen and Novice Uniform Protection (STANDUP) Act – H.R. 1515.

West announced his support of the STANDUP Act at a teen driving event at Jupiter High School, after taking part in a driving simulation showing the affects of texting and driving on a driver’s coordination. Joined by teens, law enforcement professionals and victim family advocates, West expressed his concern for strengthening teen driving laws in Florida and across the country.

“As the father of two teenage daughters, I am personally concerned with the dangers of young people on the road,” West said. “The STANDUP Act will do exactly that- ‘Stand Up’ for our children, by taking a bold approach to strengthening the laws on teens and driving. I encourage my colleagues across both sides of the Congressional aisle to support the STANDUP Act.”

The STANDUP Act creates minimum Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) standards for all young drivers to protect them on America’s highways and roads. GDL programs allow young drivers to gain experience under supervised and less risky conditions, addressing several major facets of the teen driving problem.

Underscoring the benefit this legislation has for communities and families is a recent study conducted by the National Safety Council on the financial and human impact of such laws. The report indicates that if all states implemented comprehensive GDL laws, an estimated 2,000 lives could be saved. Further, if all 50 states were to enact these laws, it could generate savings of $13.6 billion per year. In Florida alone, 181 lives and more than $1.2 billion could be saved.

More than 50 Members of Congress from both political parties have signed on as co-sponsors of the STANDUP Act, further emphasizing the need to pass this bipartisan legislation. Elements of the bill have been included in the major federal highway funding legislation currently before Congress. Allstate Insurance Company has also been a supporter of this legislation and continues to work toward advancing the strongest national minimum GDL standards possible.

GDL laws allow novice and/or teen drivers to get on-the-road driving experience gradually, and under lower-risk conditions. GDL laws vary by state but the STANDUP Act has the following optimal provisions:

• Three-phase licensing process before full licensure that includes a learner’s permit issued no earlier than age 16, an intermediate stage, and full licensure at age 18;
• Ban on cell phone use and other mobile devices, including texting while driving;
• Nighttime driving restrictions; and,
• Restrictions on driving with teen passengers.

Whether or not you support GDL schemes is not the point.  The point is that states should have latitude.  There might be a good reason why California might want to make it harder for 16-year olds to drive and Wyoming easier.  We don’t need a de facto Federal policy, the same way get got an effective 21-yo drinking age as a matter of the old “highway money” carrot-and-stick trick (brought to you by Reagan, incidentally).

But you won’t hear a peep from most of the TPM.  Can’t go against the grain of their big black hero.  No way anyone should be allowed to be that “racist.”  It’s almost as bad as using the word “Negro.”

Eighteen Is Enough

15 03 2012

Anti-gun nuts show off in Atlanta:

Goddard and local members of groups such as Georgians for Gun Safety spoke in hopes of defeating the legislation, saying many who are 18 years old are not mature enough to make the kinds of decisions that carrying a gun could engender.

Smoking tobacco, sexual intercourse, voting, purchasing and owning long guns, joining the armed forces, where one has access to all sorts of firearms (except when the Secretary of Defense comes to visit), signing contracts, getting married, buying porn, having full privileges to drive automobiles that weigh multiple tons.  These are all decisions that almost all American jurisdictions entrust to eighteen-year olds, sometimes to 16- or 17-year olds.  A few states let 18-year olds serve as state legislators.

Progress = Cheating

15 03 2012

Apparently, it is in the SLPS.

We can take comfort in the fact that “Herzog” in Herzog Elementary probably doesn’t refer to Whitey Herzog.

The article insinuates that this scandal will have no bearing on whether DESE relinquishes control.  But if they were cheating on science testing, why wouldn’t they cheat on math and reading?

BBC Does The STL

15 03 2012

Delmar isn’t the dividing line it used to be.  Believe me, (and also believe Matt Quain), there is plenty of “North of Delmar” far south of Delmar, more and more by the year.  The only reason there are some nice neighborhoods just to the south of Delmar in the Central West End is because almost all of those houses are big, expensive, exquisite and owner-occupied, (exceedingly few rental units), therefore, the white liberals of that area have been able to hang on, in spite of the “diversity” they love so much staring them in the face.

Remember, Delmar is a regular urban boulevard, not a 50-foot wall or a 10,000-volt electric fence.  Anyone can cross at anytime.  White liberal yuppieville and the ghetto are eyeball to eyeball, and the people in the former are more than happy to “break down stereotypes.”  Yet, “integration” still failed.

The corner of Kingshighway and Delmar holds a special place in the heart of one of my regular readers.  He will instantly know why, but for those of you who don’t and who need a hint, think about what used to be southwest of that junction.

Think, Part II

15 03 2012

Following up on my observation yesterday.

Another problem with this mentality of convicted criminals “thinking about what they did” while doing a long prison stint is that most convicted criminals don’t think they did anything wrong.  They won’t spend even the five seconds it would take most of them to “think about what they did” because they “didn’t do nuttin.”

Let’s say 20-year old Dontrell shoots and kills 17-year old N’D’Mario (*) on the corner of College and Carter in North St. Louis City, for one of the many reasons why a 20-year old named Dontrell would murder a 17-year old named N’D’Mario — N’D’Mario moved in on Dontrell’s steady girlfriend, Dontrell saw N’D’Mario engaging in amateur pharmacology in the area where Dontrell himself likes to do the same thing, N’D’Mario accidentally kicked up some dust on Dontrell’s new $220 Jordan shoes, N’D’Mario owed Dontrell a few hundred bucks from what looked to be a game of street Yahtzee a month or two ago, or whatever.

The Circuit Attorney tries for the death penalty against Dontrell, but circumstance forces them to bargain with Dontrell’s FOOLS (Fresh out of Law School) public defender, Dontrell pleads guilty and accepts life in prison without parole, in exchange for the CA dropping the death penalty.  At sentencing, N’D’Mario’s mother, among other things, including making a fool out of herself and showing the world what kind of woman would name her newborn man child a name with two apostrophes almost two decades ago, shouts with glee that Dontrell will have the rest of his life to “think about what he did.”  Meanwhile, on the other side of the court house at the same time, Dontrell’s mother is telling the media that her son “fell in with the wrong crowd.”  Yep, it’s that wrong crowd.  It’ll get ya’ every time.  It goes around pulling down people who share something auspicious in common.  Between N’D’Mario’s old lady and Dontrell’s old lady, you’ve got a serious case of dumb and dumber.

Assume two years from murder to sentencing, and Dontrell is now 22.  If he lives out to the average life expectancy for American black men, 68, this means he will have 46 years to “think about what he did.”

Do you think he’s actually going to spend 46 years holed up in a cell in Jeff City thinking about what he did?

Hell no.  Because he didn’t actually do it.  Racist SLPD cops, racist ACAs, racist judge, they arrested the wrong guy, self-defense, his lawyer fucked him over, he was abused as a child, mama said he just fell in with the wrong crowd.  That’s how he’s going to spend the first year or two of the next 46 “thinking about what he did.”  And, on the side, raping white men doing time in the same hoosegow for producing and selling raw milk.  By three or four years into his bid, he’s going to hook up with the Farrakhanites, who will by year five or six have him convinced that the white racist system, the one where the Zionist KKK have their tentacles into everything, deliberately wanted to deprive this former honor student of a successful rap career, (and he WAS an aspiring rapper, aren’t they all?) so they planted all the evidence and framed him.  Just because they’re racist and shite.


To this day, I bet Bernie Madoff still won’t admit that he did anything wrong.  He can’t blame anti-Semitism, because two of the four AUSAs on the team that prosecuted him had obviously Jewish last names, and since they were in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Southern New York, it’s safe to assume that they were actually Jewish.  Probably his bromide is that he’s blaming the victims for being suckers and schmucks.

Just in case you’re lost, anger is the one of the seven deadly sins to explain Dontrell murdering N’D’Mario.

* – There is actually a young man in St. Louis named N’D’Mario, or he was in St. Louis as of about two years ago. How do I know that? I could tell you…