Sunday Wrap-Up

18 03 2012

My dear state was the laughingstock of the nation yesterday.  And no, it wasn’t my fault, because almost all of my yesterday was spent either working or driving back across the state.

I kinda figured that this would happen, but I wouldn’t have guessed how chaotic the caucus scenes would become.

The last time Missouri did caucuses was in 1996.  As you know, I was a participant, helping Pat Buchanan win the day.

The way the Missouri GOP sets up the rules for caucuses, it makes things smooth if one candidate has a clear majority of participants at a caucus site, and impossible if not.  Usually, by the time the Missouri caucuses came around in a given Presidential primary and caucus season, the Republican nominee was already known, so nobody’s caucus goers but those for the presumptive nominee would show up.  What happened in 1996 was just the opposite — Dole effectively won the nomination by then, but we Buchananites not only crowded the caucus sites for our honorary native son, but we did a crash course on Robert’s Rules of Order to make sure that the Dole flunkies wouldn’t play any fast ones on us.

For the record, in 1988, 2000, 2004 and 2008, Missouri held binding primaries, and held them early enough in the process for our votes to matter.

Yesterday was a clown scene because neither candidate had a majority at most caucus sites.  Not even Romney plus Ron Paul combined, assuming that secret deal exists in reality.  Certainly not Santorum by himself or Gingrich by himself.  Nothing could happen because not even the most basic opening business could get started.

I expect that the RNC will eventually relent and distribute the Missouri delegates based on the February primary.  Which is what they should have done all along.

*  Crime Lawn, as we locals call it, is an almost all black municipality in St. Louis County that shares a boundary with North St. Louis City.  However, it has its own PD, but it doesn’t have a residency rule.  Therefore, you have a significantly, but probably not majority, white police department patrolling black neighborhoods.  To the locals, the Pine Lawn PD might as well be foreign occupiers.

*  The C-Trib publishes some prison survival tips written by another former politician who did time in Federal prison, for the benefit of 40892-424.

Who wrote these tips?

St. Louis’s very own Jeff Smith.

You’ll notice he said nothing about rape.  For good reason:  For Jeff Smith, getting buggered in prison was probably a feature, not a bug.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

ESL is at war with itself in earnest of the recent spate of nightclub shootings.

Worry not, it’ll all be over when those clubs stop selling alcohol after 1 AM, and end their bad business practices.  Don’t you feel it, too?

*  The most baffling part about the arrest of this suspect for the cops was this — Do they book him into the men’s or the women’s jail?

*  I guess this is our answer to the Decorah Eagles.  It would be a good answer, except the peregrine falcon isn’t our national bird.

Of course he did.  He’s in for a murder rap.  He’s got nothing to lose.  The last St. Louis City death penalty case was 1994, and at this rate, it doesn’t look like there will be another one ever again, so he’s probably not that worried about being executed.

*  Razzle Dazzle ‘Em:  That murder of the Vashon honor student is focusing attention on…

…Teen domestic violence.

Al Sharpton spoke at Harris-Stowe on Friday morning.  That’s all you need to know.

A Lake of the Ozarks school district can’t filter its internet access.  As a purveyor of “hate,” all I have to say is:  HOORAY~!

Has anybody seen “Mike-Mike?”  Shouldn’t be hard to find a man who calls himself by his first name twice.

*  Really now.  Racial gaps in achievement, suspension, or whatever, is such frequent news and such common knowledge that it’s dog bites man.  Man bites dog would be a place where there are no racial gaps.

*  Another day, another hate crime in KCMO.


*  Damn, I wish I would have thought of it first.

*  When the temperature goes up, and the sun goes down, the stars come out.

*  Presidential primary day in Alabama was also its partisan primary election in advance of November.

Unfortunately, Spencer Bachus survived.  I still haven’t been able to corroborate or debunk the rumor that he was once an intern for the SPLC.

Mitch Daniels is worried about debt all of a sudden?  Wasn’t Mitch Daniels, Bush’s OMB Director, the architect of the biggest pile of government red ink in world history up to that point?

*  Ironic.  The NYT is buying local spots on WABC during Rush’s time slot, so I guess they’re a “Rush advertiser” now.

The NYT was a direct advertiser for a few months on Rush’s nationally syndicated TV show.  And I’m not talking about buying the time from the local stations during whatever time they aired his show.  I mean it in that they paid Rush to be an advertiser so their ads appeared everywhere his syndicated show did.

I can’t find it on YouTube, but I remember it involved Rush himself being portrayed inside a NYC yellow taxi.

They’re only here to do the homosexual harassment that Americans (err, most Americans) won’t do.

This goes to show you what kind of radical kook we have inhabiting 1600 Penna. Ave. at the moment.

I could understand if he said these things in 1950.  Of course, since he was born in 1961 (as far as the “where,” well, that’s still an open question), that would have been impossible.  But he popped off about America being “mean spirited” in 1990, after we passed several civil rights acts, at least one voting rights act, an immigration act to favor non-whites, one subsequent immigration amnesty, affirmative action out the wazoo, all sorts of welfare programs.  And in that year, 1990, we would pass another civil rights act that meant even more affirmative action, and another immigration amnesty, which included the H-xB and J-x visa program.

This downloadable essay is about “Poverty Law.”  That piqued my attention, certainly.  Isn’t there some “center” in the “South” which deals with this sort of thing?  I thought they would publish research like this.

Barely a peep outside the valley media.  It’s as if Democrats never cared about civility and politics, especially Arizona politics.

*  How detached is Richard Lugar from his supposed home state?  He can’t even vote in Indiana.

I’m sure this news was big in Indiana the day it came out, and it was effectively millions of dollars worth of free campaign advertising for Richard Mourdock.

PJB’s latest.  It’s his best column in a long time, and ends with a shout out to Sam Francis.  The title suggests it’s about Rush Limbaugh, but it’s more about how the cultural zeitgeist has migrated from right to left in recent decades.  Though as James Edwards so aptly points out, just because Official Hollywood wasn’t showing official sexual debauchery in 1946, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t primed for egalitarian cultural revolution.

*  A public school in a heavily Irish state discovers that St. Patrick’s Day has a lot to do with Christians and the Irish.  So it had to be renamed.

*  Look up “Kappa Alpha Psi” on Wikipedia.  You’ll have your answer in a few moments.

A militia is being naughty.  Funny, I don’t think Morris Dees will fund-raise off of it.

But he will fund-raise off of this.

*  Haven’t you noticed that there have been a lot of imagery showing anti-Obama protests and uproar from the Muslim world in the media in recent weeks?  And now this.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was an election year, and the media are trying to bolster Obama’s anti-terrorism credentials, and pour cold water over “Obama’s a Muslim” gossip.

I’m sure his teachers were indignant, as they filled out their own brackets and attached a fifty-spot.

*  If you’re a non-American, you’re not allowed to visit this country if you’re a Nazi.  Communists?  They’re good to go, err…come.

If I were anti-Semitic, I would parlay this into social commentary about who’s running the State Department.

But I’ll pass.

Free condoms for 12-year old public school students in Springfield, Assachusetts.  (sic)

Most of Springfield, Sodom’s census tracts are around 90% black and Hispanic.  Jus’sayin.

They’re saying he could be deported to India after he does whatever prison time he’s gonna get.

If he’s actually deported, I’ll eat my favorite hat.

I won’t bust Sherrod Brown’s chops for using “niggardly.”  That’s because I’m not a pseudo-conservative enforcer of political correctness just to expose leftist hypocrisy.

*  Be warned:  Kill a cop in Washington State, and everyone will be looking for you.  Kill just a plain ole regular person?  You’re good to go.

*  Do you ever yawn and get goose bumps?  You just might be a terrorist.

You might also be a terrorist if you don’t want the CIA gawking at you through your TV.

Co-founder of the outfit that produced the Kony vid picked up for pubic indecency.  (Sic)  To listen to his apologists, he must be the only person on Earth who has a stressful job.

Wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t let the Taliban immigrate into the United States

Someone at a protest used the “N” word.

Certainly not the Tea Party.

Ironically, in one fell swoop, this makes the Occutard movement more racial than all the Tea Parties that have ever existed.

Why is it the official position of D.C.’s city government that people should be crime victims?

Answer:  D.C.’s city government and almost all D.C. common violent criminals share something auspicious in common.  You figure it out.


I wonder what Brit jargon is for “a thrill going up one’s leg.”

In this article about Sweden going cashless, we find out that:

Three percent is still too much if you ask Ulvaeus. A cashless society may seem like an odd cause for someone who made a fortune on “Money, Money, Money” and other ABBA hits, but for Ulvaeus it’s a matter of security.  After his son was robbed for the third time he started advocating a faster transition to a fully digital economy, if only to make life harder for thieves.  “If there were no cash, what would they do?” says Ulvaeus, 66.

Answer:  They would make you buy something with your debit card, otherwise they would kill you.  Sounds to me Sweden has an armed robbery problem.  That’s what you get when you import Africans.


The prevalence of electronic transactions — and the digital trail they generate — also helps explain why Sweden has less of a problem with graft than countries with a stronger cash culture, such as Italy or Greece, says economics professor Friedrich Schneider of the Johannes Kepler University in Austria.

Wrong.  The prevalence of Swedes in Sweden rather than Italians and Greeks is why Sweden has less of a problem with graft and corruption.

*  Fan of Dante?  Get it while you can, because his works are now officially guilty of every “ism” ever invented.

*  “As if it were a liberating army.”

Want real freedom?  Vote BNP.


Uh, yeah, I do.  You think most of them would be students at those schools but for basketball?

But don’t tell that to the dork in Orlando with a fax machine — He and only he has some secret plan for college football and men’s basketball “student”-athletes to be both black and high IQ geniuses.

*  Bonk.  If your wife looked that good, it probably wouldn’t have mattered to you whether she got her clothes off in a socially proper fashion.  Just as long as she eventually got her clothes off, so you could, as they would have said in 1937, “exercised your rights as a husband.”




One response

18 03 2012

When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” for demanding that Georgetown Law School subsidize the $3,000 women students annually require for birth control to exercise their sexual freedom, the media that piled on Rush objected less to the term than to the target he picked: one of their own.

PBJ needs a (better?) fact checker …… it was $3000 over the normal three year law school stint.

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