Yeah, Sure

18 03 2012

Early returns out of Puerto Rico shows that Ron Paul is getting 1% of the vote from PR’s “Republicans.”

That there will probably be only a few thousand people on a Afro-Chicano island in the Caribbean who agree with libertarian small government principles shouldn’t shock you.  I think food stamps constitute a majority of Puerto Rico’s GDP.

CNN says about PR’s Republican Primary that:

In order to vote in the GOP presidential primary in Puerto Rico, voters must sign a “Republican Party of Puerto Rico Affiliation Form” pledging commitment to the ideological principles of the Party.

That’s the good thing about signing a piece of paper:  You can do that with your writing hand, then use your other hand to cross your fingers behind your back.  When they don’t wind up agreeing with the “ideological principles” of the Republican Party (whatever those are anymore), can the RNC sue them for contract violation?  If Democrats try to woo these people who signed this “affiliation form,” can the RNC sue them for tortious interference?

And if Puerto Ricans won’t wind up “standing with Israel,” it might make Glenn Beck, Allen West and Kevin Eder go ballistic.

This whole exercise with this “affiliation form” is stupid to the power of stupid, then again, as Sam Francis would say, it’s the Stupid Party doing it.




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18 03 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

I was stationed in that 3rd World hell-hole in 1980-1981. Food stamps were still coupons in those days, and were a second currency on the island. And, one really DID see people using Cupones de Comida in the stores, then walking out to new Oldsmobiles and Mercurys. Bear in mind that the customs on cars in that place meant that a car that was $6500 on the mainland came out close to $14K there.

The island also appears to be populated with what was, on average, the most stupid people I ever encountered in my life, before or since. The only thing that could be said in their favor was the fact you could buy off someone cheaply to get done what needed getting done. No having to butter up an alderman, supervisor, or congresscriminal.

18 03 2012

Vieques? Some PR “activists” are mad that we still have a Navy base there. Probably many of those are on food stamps.

19 03 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

No. I was at Sabana Seca. Four months before I got there, some of the local separatists shot up one of our buses, killing 7 (8 if you count a late-term pregnancy).

Our captain’s solution was to put a standard license plate and paint job on his sedan, and get us an escort for the bus. The local politicians raised hell about the escorts traveling locked and loaded; the captain compromised. The escort would still run, but with unloaded weapons.

19 03 2012

From HuffPo: SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Mitt Romney scored an overwhelming win Sunday in Puerto Rico’s Republican presidential primary, trouncing chief rival Rick Santorum on the Caribbean island even as the two rivals looked ahead to more competitive contests this week in Illinois and Louisiana.

Gee, you would have thought Rick would have done better after saying they should learn English if they want to be a state.

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