Behind You, All the Way

19 03 2012

This image has been on the Drudge Report all day.  Yeah, the angle that Santorum was for Romney in 2008 is the most obvious.

What grabbed my eye is who is in the background.  I won’t blame you for not knowing who he is, because most of you aren’t supposed to know.  But I won’t even blame you even if you’re supposed to know and don’t; he’s been that passe and irrelevant for a long time.

He’s very relevant to me.

Pop quiz:  Who is he, and why is he relevant to me?


Six days of nobody having the answer is enough.

It is former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt (2004-8), son of current U.S. Senator Roy Blunt.

Why is he relevant to me?  All this St. Louis Countian have to do is look at my drivers license with the CCW endorsement.

While it was under his predecessor as Governor, Bob Holden, that CCW was passed (over his veto, that was the subject matter of the very first post on this blog), the bill that ultimately got passed forgot to require the collection of a permit fee.  St. Louis City and St. Louis County hid behind the Hancock Amendment curtain to deny issuing anyone permits, even though every other county in the state had no Hancock problems.  It was just an accidental legal loophole that St. Louis City and County exploited not to issue permits.  It wasn’t until Matt Blunt’s first year as Governor that the General Assembly passed the fix and Blunt signed it.  If Claire McCaskill would have won Governor in 2004, (yes, her), she probably wouldn’t have signed the fix legislation, or the General Assembly would have had to try to override like they did CCW in general in 2003.




2 responses

20 03 2012

He got to be the brother that saved you from the left.

20 03 2012

And if he were one of my projects, do you think he would be hanging around Rick Santorum at a Mitt Romney rally?

Bonk. Try again.

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