Fun With Headlines, Hump Day Edition

21 03 2012

Thy Black Man:  Yes Black and Illiterate: We Can’t Read, But We sure Can Watch TV.

Soon to be parlayed into a book, tentatively titled, Why Can’t N’Deshawntavious Read?

WaPo:  Condoleezza Rice rejects Mitt Romney vice presidential possibility

Because it would create a conflict of interest for her:  If she’s Romney’s running mate, her vote for Obama would be a vote against her becoming Vice-President.

Billboard:  Shots Fired After Tyga Concert in Omaha

I’m guessing it’s the same genre as Celtic Woman?

Denver Post:  Bill to hold students back a grade for poor reading moves ahead

I haven’t read the article yet, but I bet it contains at least one of these four words:  Racism, disparate, discriminate, disproportionate.




One response

21 03 2012

And though opponents of the bill said it would disproportionately affect ethnic minorities, Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, who is black, and Rep. Robert Ramirez, R-Westminster, who is Latino, argued in favor of it.

Spot on.

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