Wednesday Wrap-Up

21 03 2012


*  Don’t get on his case too much.  He was only here to do the domestic violence that Americans won’t do.

Tom Danforth passes.

I’m actually wishing he would have run.  As someone who is for Akin, the more credible contenders there are, the better Akin’s chances are to win that primary.  Remember, Akin won the Republican Primary for his current office of MO-2 in August 2000 because it was a huge field of credible contenders.

Maybe John and Bill Danforth can talk him into running.

Personally, I can’t stomach her, the main reason being her shrieky fingernails-on-the-chalkboard suicide solution voice.  Though she sounds better on TV than on her local talk radio show on 97.1.


*  “Really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

To wit:  Gunrunner.

You probably deduced the smarmy idiocy in the first four paragraphs.  But just in case you didn’t grok it by then, the fifth paragraph should clinch it.

*  In reaction to the violent weekend in Chicago, CPD Superninentdo Garry McCarthy says that he and Chicago’s Finest have a plan.

Other than blaming Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties, I don’t know what it is.

Actually, they can’t.  Even though they’ll try.  First Amendment issues are about the only ones about which the Federal judiciary issues unanimous rulings.

I didn’t know there were enough Italians and Poles left in the CPS to mount a challenge.  The CPS can’t let Columbus Day and Pulaski Day be school holidays, not only for the racial and cultural angle, but also because it’s a zero sum game:  They need to clear a holiday to give one in honor of some civil rights hack.

And yes, I have both Italian and Polish as part of my ethnic constitution, Italian major, Polish minor.

*  Those were the days:  I remember when I was an unsupervised teenager with nothing to do and easy access to guns.  Boy, did I murder a lot of people.

Unless I didn’t.

IRS to assemble a “swat team” of accountants to put a dent in profit-offshoring scams.

Here’s the problem with what they’re doing:  They’re relying on the help of at least two of The Big Four.  That presents a huge conflict of interest, because the same corporations that are running these profit-offshoring scams also hire The Big Four to audit their financial statements.

NPR is framing the support and opposition to ObamaCare in racial terms because it is in racial terms.

Easy button.

Yeah, graffiti.  That’s the big problem.

OTOH, I view graffiti as a symptom rather than an underlying cause.

*  Peter Schey must live a pretty charmed life, if the matter of the “the hole” is such a big damned deal to him.

What’s the whole upshot of this?  Natural selection isn’t working as fast as it should.

The angle is that La Raza is beneficiary.  That’s bad enough, but what’s just as annoying is that the Federal government has to spend money to teach people how to pay bills.  I learned how to pay bills from watching my mother pay them, though I had to make the quantum leap from her paying them by check (and sometimes by money order) to me paying most of mine online.  One of which, my internet service, just went up again, thank you Charter.


Oh no, don’t blame Islam.  But the world media damned near had three bent cross advocates indicted, convicted and executed, and if they would have turned out to be the doers, this clod wouldn’t be so cautious and conciliatory.

*  I’ve been trying to figure out the “Cui Bono” scam behind all this Kony obsession.  Natural resources is the practical angle, Alex Jones thinks it’s global governance skid greasing, and various social commentators think that it’s helping white liberals and white conservative Christians engage in an orgy of moral superiority.

Jim Goad thinks it’s all three.

*  Like I have been saying for a long time, “effective world government” is the end game, environmental alarmism is simply the excuse.


This will be the most difficult test of the personal constitution of one Timothy Richard Tebow.

It was one thing when the cobras were rattling their sabres at him from a distance.  Now he’s practically going to live in their den.

TV favors “unqualified attractive young women.”

No shit, sherlock.

After all, television IS a visual medium.

And if the medium is the message, then the message from watching Fox News is that you can get laid tonight.  Just not with Megyn Kelly.

I’ll include it, but without commentary.




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21 03 2012

One of which, my internet service, just went up again, thank you Charter.

If Clearwire was good in your area and unlimited still, I would recommend it.

TV favors “unqualified attractive young women.”

TV news favors negroes and faggots in Chicago. I am on the last station here, ABC7, and when it turns, I turn the local news off for good.

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