Never Make Jokes About What Liberals Will Do

22 03 2012

It only gives them ideas.

Some of us in our niche of the blogosphere have been making jokes for months that apologists for the individual mandate of ObamaCare would dig up the Militia Act of 1792. The reason we thought it was just a joke, and we didn’t take ourselves seriously, is because that act requires certain people (white men within a certain age range) to own firearms, ammunition and certain other kinds of deadly weapons, and that it would be too much of a contradiction for the modern day left to bear. I’m sure “white men gun militia” really gives most leftists the creeps, and I thought they wouldn’t want to go there in having to defend ObamaCare.

I’ll be damned. They up and did it.

Why did they go there?  Answer:  While left-wingers surely hate white men and guns, they want ObamaCare even more, because it’s the keystone to redefining permanently the relationship between citizen and government in favor of government.  That, and they don’t much care about the consistency of their legal jurisprudence.

Note:  This is the 9,000th post on this medium.  I’ll probably hit 10,000 later this year, though I doubt anyone will be throwing me a party.




One response

23 03 2012

Using articles of national defense to support government mandated health insurance …. that’s kind of pushing it.

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